12 year-old Maisiri died of ‘carbon monoxide poisoning’

Maisiri hut

Police examining the hut in which 12 year old Christpower Maisiri died

By Tichaona Sibanda
27 February 2013

The results of a post-mortem examination into 12 year-old Christpower Maisiri’s death show that he died of ‘carbon monoxide poisoning’ after a raging fire destroyed the family’s home on Saturday.

Christpower will be buried on Thursday in Dzikiti village.

Smoke inhalation is the number one cause of death related to fires. It damages the body by asphyxiation (lack of oxygen).

It is believed Christpower was sleeping when the fire, thought to have been caused by a petrol bomb, broke out at his father’s Headlands home. All other siblings in the same hut were rescued by an elder brother, who unfortunately failed to reach the grade 4 pupil because of the intense heat and thick smoke.

Police have said they’re still investigating the cause of fire although Christpower’s family is treating it as an arson attack, allegedly targeting his father Shepherd Maisiri, a well known MDC-T official in Headlands.

Following this tragic death the MDC-T has come out guns blazing, taking the unprecedented step of taking the graphic photos of the charred remains of Christpower to the weekly Tuesday cabinet meeting, chaired by President Robert Mugabe.

The party’s secretary-general, Tendai Biti, took the photos and showed them to Mugabe and other members of the cabinet, and this ignited a heated debate over the upsurge of political violence in the country.

According to sources, Biti blatantly accused Didymus Mutasa, the ZANU PF MP for Headlands, of instigating most of the violence against MDC activists in his constituency.

When Mutasa tried to defend himself, he was told that his constituency has recorded the highest incidents of political violence, that have never been investigated.

The MDC-T also blasted the police force, saying that the latest violence is being fueled by police inaction and partisanship and by a failure on the part of ZANU PF leaders to take an unequivocal stance against violence.
Biti called on the authorities to hold perpetrators of violence accountable, starting with those behind the arson attack at the Maisiri home.

‘We hold ZANU PF responsible for the death of Christpower and we unequivocally hold Didymus Mutasa responsible with the attacks on Maisiri’s home. We also going to hold the police to account so that they arrest the culprits,’ Biti added.

There have always been accusations that political violence in the country, mostly blamed on ZANU PF, is openly encouraged by party leaders. Human rights activists say the inclusive government should send out a clear message that violence by activists from any party, including the former ruling party, will not be tolerated.

But if the police are partisan, who’s going to stop it?

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  1. Yepec says:

    In a Cabinet debate by Minsters, “Biti blatantly accused Didymus Mutasa, the Zanu PF MP for Headlands, of instigating most of the violence against MDC activists in his constituency”, says the article. This is not the dossier sent to SADC on the political violence against the MDC members in the country. The question is again asked you, “Can you sue Biti on the defamation of character on the dossier and win”? In case, you do not perceive the difference between the dossier sent to SADC and a debate in a Cabinet meeting chaired by Mugabe, the two are not the same. However, everybody, including you Chimbwido Warvet, knows who instigated the political violence in Headlands.

    • dumbu says:

      You are very right, Chimbwido Warvet truelly knows who instigated the political violence in Headlands

      • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

        Dumbu uchaita shamwari yangu zvakare here? Let us put politics aside and behave like we are all Zimbabweans. My roots in as much as yours are in Zimbabwe. We all love our people and nobody can tell me that he loves this unfortunate boy more than Chimbwidos Warvets. I sure your brains are not as weak as those of my former friend Yepec who mind is slowly degenerating, maybe due to old age or dementia who knows. I want to be your nice friend and teacher, young man. I am sure you can learn one or two things from me. You have a choice to make here.

        • dumbu says:

          Thank you very much my friend. I also want to be your nice friend and teacher, old man. Lets get together and stop making unwise comments on events happening in our country.

  2. GBZ says:

    The hangman is here, the rope is ready, the tap door is oiled…we need to try it out..they have the names including ndidi.

    • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

      It is the rhodies who escaped the hangman in 1980 against the advice of the war veterans of Zimbabwe. This doctrine of ‘reconciliation and conciliation’ which was introduced by Robert Mugabe to pardon criminals was one of our failures when we got into government. It allowed war criminals like you to escape the hangman and now you want those who pardoned you to go before the hangman. What an unrepentant and ungrateful rhodie. Anyway no criminal crime is a spent crime, as you can still be tried for the crimes you committed when rhodies were governing the country against the will of my people. I can assure you that your days are numbered as we are in the process of rounding up all rhodies for crime against humanity, including your Roy Bennett who is in hiding in South Africa. Mugabe was a gentleman by setting you free, but we are not going to do that – it is a tooth for a tooth because this is the language that you understand, you sausage.

  3. wordwriter says:

    God will reply from heaven on the lives of all who went to the hut to throw that petrol bomb. Poverty, social exclusion and insanity.

    • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

      If God existed, he should have touched all rhodies, including the late Ian Smith and Roy Bennett who murdered my people but now wants to come back to govern the country through the back door. Unfortunately it is just a mirth and one of the greatest deceptions that has been propagated to mankind for thousand of years and yet people still believe in this crap which has no scientific basis.

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