COPAC campaign meetings in full swing

A large Zimbabwean baobab tree 

By Tichaona Sibanda
27 February 2013

COPAC campaign meetings to canvas for a Yes vote are now in full swing countrywide, after they started on a low key owing to lack of publicity.

Douglas Mwonzora, the COPAC co-chair for the MDC-T, said they’ve now deployed teams around the country who are conducting as many as two campaign meetings a day in different districts. Our correspondent Simon Muchemwa said the program now seems to be in full swing despite facing teething problems in the first two days of the exercise.

He said lack of publicity meant people were not aware of meetings or venues for the campaigns resulting in some areas recording less than five people per meeting.

‘Things have changed now because all the media, both print and electronic, are now carrying adverts for the campaign as well as the venues and times. COPAC officials are now happy with the turnout and progress of the campaign,’ Muchemwa said.

Writing on her Facebook page Jessie Majome, the MDC-T’s deputy Minister of Women’s Affairs, said she had a fruitful day at a COPAC draft constitution awareness meeting in Lutumba Beitbridge.

She wrote: ‘I mean, literally fruitful…I didn’t know a baobab tree was so big that it could shelter all 280 women and about 270 men who attended the meeting from the searing Lowveld heat.

‘Today I saw more youths than at the Zezani meeting of the previous day. The meeting was attentive, rapt and lively. JOMIC, traditional leaders and councillors from both the rural and urban councils attended.’

Majome continued: ‘I explained the draft from the preamble to chapter 9, while Senator Tambudzani Mohadi, (ZANU PF) took chapters 10 to 18. We fielded questions, most of which sought clarification on the following issues, what the public seal is, confirmation that citizens by birth do not lose their citizenship by acquiring other citizenship, guarantees to the draft’s implementation, and war veterans’ benefits.

The deputy Minister said she urged the meeting to vote Yes, and asked them for their attitude to the draft, ‘at which there was acclamation that they would vote Yes.’

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