Political leaders urged to preach peace, not violence

Jaison Matewu

Jaison Matewu

By Tichaona Sibanda
1 March 2013

Political leaders in the inclusive government must reaffirm their commitment to a peaceful and tolerant election campaign and appeal to their supporters to do the same, an aspiring MDC-T parliamentary candidate has said.

Jaison Matewu, who is eyeing the Buhera West seat currently held by Constitutional Affairs Minister Eric Matinenga, expressed the hope that both the participants and electorate would reject inflammatory rhetoric, violence and fraudulent actions in the forthcoming poll.

Matinenga is stepping down at the end of this parliamentary term. His chosen successor, Professor John Makumbe, died recently forcing Matewu to join the race at the last minute.

Speaking on SW Radio Africa’s Election Watch program on Friday, Matewu, one of the few cadres from the MDC-T UK to go back home to contest the primaries, said the recent spate of violence in the country has raised more concerns about the preparedness of both the government and the citizens of Zimbabwe to conduct the upcoming election peacefully.

There is deep concern about the latest developments in the country. Memories of the 2008 election-related violence are still fresh, where over 500 people lost their lives, tens of thousands were tortured and 500,000 were displaced.

At the time the regional SADC bloc and the African Union brokered the shaky unity government that has been in place till now, but analysts believe there is no guarantee that this year’s election will not be as bloody as the one in 2008.

‘Insecurity has taken centre stage in Zimbabwe again, said Matewu. ‘We want calm before elections.’

Matewu said this year’s election will be regarded as one of the most significant events in the history of the country: ‘The elections are also significant because they will be the very first to be organized under a new constitution, which provides for safeguards against unfair, insecure, non- transparent or inefficiently administrated elections,’ explained Matewu.

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  1. wilbert_mukori says:

    ‘The elections are also significant because they will be the very first to be organized under a new constitution, which provides for safeguards against unfair, insecure, non- transparent or inefficiently administrated elections,’ explained Matewu.

    What is he wittering about? Why is he then calling for peaceful elections if he is so sure the new constitution “provides for safeguards against unfair” elections!

    We are still talking about over 500 murdered in 2008 and an innocent 12 year old boy burnt to death in Zimbabwe’s culture of violence. It is disappointing that anyone should talk of the electorate “rejecting violence” as if the victims had been courting violence. And he is aspiring to be an MP; we really are in trouble!

    • Yepec says:

      There is a big difference between the person in power and,also, respects the Constitution and the one who does not. The Constitution may guarantee, “provides or safeguards against unfair, insecure, non-transparent or inefficiently administered elections” but coups occur irregardless of what is in them. So Matewu was comparing the Copac Draft contents to those in the present Zimbabwean Constitution. It is pathetic for a so-called Political Analyst not to understand the difference to the extent of posting the above comment publicly.

      • wilbert_mukori says:

        Yepec I know you have tried and failed to get your head round this point but I will try again. This Copac constitution already grants Mugabe the dictatorial powers this is why it is critical that the agreed reforms MUST be implemented. The nreforms will cut the unhealthy umbilical cords linking Mugabe to the ZRP, Judiciary, etc. These cords must be severed if these institutions are to be free to carry out their statutory duties in a none partisan way.

        This Copac constitution was written to accommodate the reality that Mugabe did not want these cords cut. In other words this Copac constitution grants Mugabe dictatorial powers already he will not be violating this constitution when he exercise these dictatorial powers so you claim of him not “respecting” the constitution is nonsense.

        Yes Mugabe has the history of disregarding the law but that should be the argument for making sure we have a watertight law and not this wishy-washy Copac constitution. We needed a constitution that would spell out what the president can and cannot do; with strong checks and balances; with sections of the constitution ring fenced so that a two third majority or a referendum is required to amend them and not just a simple majority as is the case here; etc.

        Having failed to get even one reform implemented Tsvangirai has adopted this Copac Constitution, with all its serious shortcomings, with the zeal single mindedness of the madman Chindagwinyira who would seat by a camp fire on a roasting hot day because once his mind is set on doing something nothing, absolutely nothing, will stop him seeing it through.

        Sadly there are millions of Zimbabweans who are totally dependent of what leaders like him say because they have been denied all these years the opportunity of self-enlightenment which only a free press and freedom of expression can give. These people will follow blindly Chandagwinyira and vote yes in the referendum.

        As soon as Mugabe has the yes vote safely in the bag he will unleash his thugs and then “there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth”. Only then will the people realize too late their folly of following Chandagwinyirai!

        • Yepec says:

          Never in one’s lifetime, can one meet a person called a Political Analyst but pulls quotations from the air and say they are truths because one wrote them down. That is why in journalism they have the rule of the source of one’s source of information. Surprisingly, Wilbert a journalist by profession, disregards that and writes what he wants to win an argument, for instance, “In other words the Copac Constitution grants Mugabe dictatorial powers already”. This is totally false and as a journalist you should know it, unless you are mentally deranged. Whatever you say here, readers will put it to scrutiny for its authenticity. How can readers be safeguarded against what this Political Analyst writes? Matewu or Mwonzera, etc, be on your guard, you are fore warned.

  2. Chimbwidos Warvets says:

    Chisu kunge munhu akadakwa nemasese emanginde. Iwo mazino kubuda pachena kunge mbira dzenjari.

    • dumbu says:

      Vanhu veZANU(PF) hamuna chakanaka , ko murume uyu akutadzirei waunodaronyomba? ZANU(PF) yakaora kare , gore rino bye- bye, chaireee ! Asi wati kugona kuuraya vanhu vasina mhaka kanhi. Idzo ngozi kune vanotumwa nemhondi idzi ndidzo dzichavakaurisa. Tichaona zvedu nhamo nokudzana kana nyika yagadzikana mazivanhu eZANU(PF) obika madoro okugadzirisa mweya yevanhu vayaiponda.

      • Chimbwidos Warvets says:

        Iwe dumbu, nyatsotarisa chiso chemurume uyu. Ichokwadi kuti anenge akatozvidakirwa ne seven days chikokiyana kana kuti masese emanginde. Ukatarisa mazinoake ungatofunga kuti munhu akuda kufa nekuti ndizvozvinoita munhu kana oda kuenda kudenga kunosangana na Jesu Kristu. Mazino kunge mbira chinongodiwa apa ihosho nengoma dzekuridza kuti mutambo upfumbire. Zvino ndiye munhu wamudo kuti ainde kunokwikwidza ne ZANU PF, munorwara nechirwere chegwembe here vana blazo? Haangetore masimba kubva ku ZANU PF, ivosekuru ava vari munhu akatozvifira hake kudara.

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