Gorden Moyo denies being ‘ditched’ by MDC-T

Gorden Moyo

By Violet Gonda
9 April 2013

MDC-T provincial chairman for Bulawayo Gorden Moyo has not been ‘ditched’ by his party, contrary to press reports.

State media claimed several heavyweights, including Moyo and national youth chairperson Solomon Madzore, had been “sidelined by their national council” from contesting in the MDC-T primaries because their respective constituencies are reserved for female candidates.

In a full list seen by SW Radio Africa showing the approved and disqualified candidates, not only is Moyo endorsed but he is running uncontested in Bulawayo’s Makokoba constituency. This is after deputy party president Thokozani Khupe chose not apply to retain her seat, preferring to wait for the proportional representation of 60 seats reserved for women as provided for in the draft constitution.

Madzore will contest in the Dzivarasekwa primaries after the current MP Evelyn Masaiti chose to go for the proportional representation seats.

Moyo, who is also the Minister of State Enterprises and Parastatals, confirmed he was the only candidate in the Makokoba constituency and is now waiting for the party’s confirmation exercise for sitting legislators to begin sometime this month.

“Contrary to the sewage and the trash that is flowing out of the Herald newspaper this man was endorsed by the national council of our movement, as the candidate for Makokoba constituency,” Moyo told SW Radio Africa.

The minister said he was appointed the caretaker MP for Makokoba in 2009 following Khupe’s elevation to become the Deputy Prime Minister in the inclusive government.

“Therefore Makokoba is not a female constituency. I am not female. I am a man. I have all the tools of a man,” Moyo revealed.

Out of the 1000 candidates approved to contest at primary level there are at least 35 current parliamentarians who are not being challenged, but will go through a confirmation exercise conducted by their respective district councils.

Those who will go through confirmation include Ministers Tendai Biti, Elton Mangoma, Nelson Chamisa, Tapiwa Mashakada, Jameson Timba, Speaker of Parliament Lovemore Moyo and party spokesman Douglas Mwonzora.

They will automatically skip the primary elections, if confirmed, and become the MDC-T candidates for the forthcoming general elections. However, the current MPs will be subjected to primaries if they fail to get a two thirds majority via this vetting process.

Disgruntled members accuse the leadership of giving special treatment to some party heavyweights by not putting them through primaries.

In Manicaland, scores of placard carrying MDC-T protesters demonstrated on Saturday against the disqualification of Regai Tsunga from the Mutasa South primary elections. Tsunga was challenging former Mutare Mayor Misheck Kagurabadza. The former mayor is one of those unchallenged candidates waiting for confirmation.

Some of the posters by the protesters read: “Let the people decide, don’t impose candidates,” and “We do not want another ZANU PF within our party. We want democracy.”

Party spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora reportedly said Tsunga was disqualified because he had organized a golf tournament at Hillside Golf Course in Mutare, where he is the chairman, to celebrate President Mugabe’s birthday.

200 people were disqualified for not having been members of the party among other reasons. But the former opposition party is accused of ‘double standards’ after endorsing individuals like ex- ZANU PF Deputy Minister of Labour Tracy Mutinhiri who only joined the MDC-T in 2011.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara has been abandoned by five lawmakers he saved from losing their seats in parliament after they were expelled by the MDC led by Welshman Ncube last year.

The five including Deputy Speaker of Parliament Nomalanga Khumalo (Umzingwane) had been accused of supporting the Tsvangirai led party but Mutambara insisted they belonged to his faction.

This new development means a significant number of legislators who had won the 2008 elections on a Mutambara-MDC/Ncube-MDC ticket have now crossed over to the Tsvangirai camp. This includes three legislators  who were challenging President Robert Mugabe in the High Court to hold by-elections after they were fired by the Ncube camp.

Ncube-MDC spokesperson Nhlanhla Dube said the MPs were fired because they violated the party’s constitution and because they were “sleeping with the enemy.”

He said: “We started galvanizing party support and having people working in those constituencies in readiness to take over the role of MP if they should be elected in the next elections. So we didn’t fire them and then go back to sleep.”

“We fired them so that the toxic toxins that they were emitting in the political space, when they were supposed to represent our party, was stopped – so that our political party can start to function on the basis of principle, on the basis of truth and on the basis of the party’s value system,” Dube said.

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One Responseto “Gorden Moyo denies being ‘ditched’ by MDC-T”

  1. Tanonoka Joseph Whande says:

    Why should any constituency be reserved for men or for women?
    This is stupidity. That’s not the way to go about it.
    This cowardly Gordon Moyo should have contested against any other aspiring candidate instead of going crying to ma for protection.
    Truthfully, I don’t expect the likes of Gordon Moyo to understand that running unopposed is not a victory or an indicator of popularity or relevance.
    Running unopposed is cheating the voters and no politician worth his salt, unless you are ZANU-PF, should feel regaled or honoured by such a stupid and
    contradictory party directive.
    Moyo is not man enough to contest on his own account but has to be carried to the polls in an MDC-T crib.
    This is absolute nonsense.

    The MDC-T should not take people for fools. Now they are shepherding the women into seeking proportional
    representation seats. This is utter bull.

    That is not empowering women.
    The MDC-T should give deserving women the backing and resources to fight elections properly not to nominate them for this or that where elections are due. We want people of substance, men or women.
    Now all these women are going to be beholden to Tsvangirai and his MDC for being chosen as non-constituency parliamentarians or senators while
    egoistical appendages like this Gordon Moyo run “unopposed” yet we know there is plenty of opposition everywhere.

    Opposition is a sign of healthy political discourse and that is something that ZANU-PF never understood and
    never will…now the MDC-T is on it too!
    We want people of substance, men or women, not those who go places unopposed. This is sick.
    MDC-T must vigorously support and bankroll women of
    substance and not have women for political window dressing. People like this Gordon Moyo have already shown us that men are most useless when it comes to
    enterprise, innovation, leadership and originality.
    Is it possible that the MDC-T is serious?
    State Enterprise my foot!

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