SADC calls for 14 day Zim election extension


SADC calls for 14 day Zim poll extension

Regional leaders adopted an extension of elections in Zimbabwe by 14 days at the extraordinary SADC summit on Zimbabwe in Mozambique. Political parties in the inclusive government have agreed at the SADC Summit that the Minister of Justice Patrick Chinamasa will approach the Constitutional Court and request that the election be held on 14 August. If they succeed with the court challenge it will mean the election will be held close to the United Nations World Tourism conference set for August 24th.

The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition said some of the SADC Heads of State and Government who were present included Presidents Jacob Zuma, Hefikepunye Pohamba, Joseph Kabila, Ian Khama and Deputy President Guy Scott.

“President Mugabe came through with the biggest entourage as compared to other heads of State. We are informed that President Mugabe and his delegation informed the summit organizers that they had come prepared for a very short meeting, behavior which could be interpreted as somewhat bullish as the Zimbabwe issue may need more time,” a statement by the Crisis Coalition said.


Below are some of the comments made by the different stakeholders on their Facebook pages during and after the summit:

MDC-T Secretary General Tendai Biti:
Good people, good good people, it has been an incredible and unbelievable day here in this great beautiful coastal capital of Maputo. SADC rose to the occasion and scuttled the evil and Machiavellian machinations of the chaos faction of Zanu PF. The decision of summit was clear; all the recommendations of the facilitator President Zuma were adopted with the net effect that the Proclamation of elections made on Thursday is rendered null and void. The key operative decisions of SADC are that:

1) Government through the ministry of Justice is ordered and directed to make an application to the constitutional court following consultations by all political parties, seeking to move the date of the election from the 31 July 2013

2) that the agreed amendments to the electoral act which had been purportedly been made into law by the President using the Presidential Powers (Temporal Measures) Act be brought to parliament this Tuesday for debate and adoption.

3) that the SADC facilitation team and the troika team appointed in Livingstone sit in Jomic and not merely receive reports as demanded by Zanu PF

4) that an Inter Ministerial Committee be appointed to deal with implementation of agreed issues on media reform and the monitoring of hate speech in all media

5) that the security forces publicly state or restate their commitment to the rule of law in particular their complete adherence to section 208 of the constitution.

6) That within the time parliament has remaining the parties negotiate and make the necessary amendments to POSA, AIPPA, the Broadcasting Act, section 121 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act etc.…

7) that SADC observers be deployed immediately consistent with the SADC Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections

8) that any other issue and the implementation of the above be overseen by the facilitation team.

Theoretically SADC have therefore effectively ordered a return to constitutionalism and not the current situation where hiding under the cloak of compliance with a court judgment illegalities and atrocities were now being committed.

I have been to all summits on Zimbabwe since 2007 and there have been many. I want to thank and acknowledge the electric delivery of Dr. Morgan Tsvangirai our party president, what a delivery. Simple straight forward passionate and effective. I liked it when in his conclusion he asked President Mugabe why it should be about power and not the people. Tsvangirai you made us proud today.

Perhaps the most marvelous thing was the tag teaming and complementarity between MT and Prof. Welsh Ncube. I have seen Welsh in court and on countless times we have fought on opposite sides (of course he always lost). Today the man from Vungu fought like a lion. Whilst MT was the godfather speaking like a statesman Welsh was a bull terrier flooring Zanu with erudite legal submissions.

As for Zanu PF, I think that the chaos faction of this party must take blame for humiliating and embarrassing President Mugabe the way they did today. He is clearly too elderly to be subjected to the barrage he faced today. Fortunately he quickly wisened to the folly of the chaos faction’s machinations and sclerotic schemes. He therefore quickly conceded to the need of a court application ,thus saving summit of continuous further debate.

I want to say that we Zimbabweans want an election yesterday. However it must be legitimate and credible. The election must on the people s terms and not on the bloody hands of a cruel and horrible faction of Zanu PF.

We are ready. Our primaries are almost done, JUICE and ART are out.

Trust me this winter we will finish it off.

Thank you SADC, thank you President Zuma, thank you Tsvangirai, thank you Welsh.

Zikomu kwambili

MDC President Welshman Ncube
All the parties have agreed that the Minister of Justice will approach the Constitutional Court and request that the election be held on 14 August. The Summit also adopted the President Zuma’s report, which insists on the implementation of the agreed roadmap before elections are held. Thank you to SADC for standing firm.

MDC Spokesman Nhlanhla Dube:
For 30 to 40 minutes Prof. Ncube had the SADC leaders spell bound, punching holes into Mugabe’s early poll case. To conclude he looked Mugabe in the eye and said. We ask u to act as our President, Zimbabwe’s President, not a Zanu PF President.

MDC Secretary General Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga
Am sitting in this summit and so conflicted, I have listened to President Mugabe, heard Prime Minister Tsvangirai, listened to Prof Ncube give a plain and simple explanation on the unconstitutionality of the proclamation, I am glad we can put our case but do we have to get here where a group of people drag their leader here, advise him wrongly therefore embarrassing him in front of his colleagues, how do people set their leader like this, I can’t even look at him, but more so am so angry with this group who want President Mugabe to end his career this way.

Prime Minister Tsvangirai’s legal adviser Alex Magaisa:
To colleagues who are asking for updates from Maputo, a Communique setting out the recommendations of the special SADC Summit will be issued. Please wait for that as it is the authoritative piece on what went on. We are gracious in any circumstance.

The most important thing is not the dates but to ensure that we all, as a collective, do what’s right to have a credible and legitimate election that is free of contestation. We are sometimes too quick to judge SADC but on this occasion, please take a bow …

But to move on, we need everybody working together for a free, fair and transparent process, whatever one’s political affiliation. Today is a reminder that inclusivity and consultative processes remain critical to resolving what is essentially a political and not merely a legal challenge.

Commentator Maxwwell Saungweme:
I think this thing called SADC is just worsening the crisis in Zimbabwe. What reform can be done by these parties in government in two week, which they failed to do in five years. What is the difference between 31 July and 14 August as far as reforms and preparing for elections is concerned. If SADC genuinely wanted an extension they should have extended the election date by a much longer period. I don’t see this stupid decision as a victory at all to anyone or any organisation. The decision takes Zimbabwe back. What if Mugabe refuses to go back to court to seek extension? What if the courts cling to their earlier ruling? This is just adding confusion to an already existing crisis. There is really nothing to take home with this misguided decision of SADC, methinks! A solution on Zimbabwe will only come from Zimbabwe!


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  1. Baba Jukwa Desciples says:

    SADC has rediscovered itself. Zimbabwe has the potential to destabilize Southern Africa. True Zimbabweans thank you. Most of the problems bedevilling Africa are a result of inaction on the part of AU and SADC.

  2. Charles V says:

    More confusion – what can be achieved in 2 weeks which they were unable to do in 5 years? ZanuPF can easily say no to reforms what happens then? Commentator Max Saungweme stole my thunder. How are they going to reform the security sector in 2 weeks?

    • denny says:

      Those two weeks are just there to bring Mugabe down and work with others period.It’s not so much about what can be achieved in those 2 weeks but for him to cooperate with others as stipulated in the GPA. Saungweme is just emotional because his pay master Mugabe has been made to bit the dust.

  3. Charles V says:

    Fawning Biti nauseatingly says “Dr Morgan’s delivery was electric” and Nhlanhla Dube equally fawns “For 30 to 40 minutes Prof. Ncube had the SADC leaders spell bound, punching holes into Mugabe’s early poll case. To conclude he looked Mugabe in the eye and said. We ask u to act as our President, Zimbabwe’s President, not a Zanu PF President”. These 2 will certainly get positions in govt if their parties win. Licking the bottoms of their leaders. Electric delivery is one thing but ZanuPF delivering on the resolutions of the summit is quite another.

    • Wilbert Mukori says:

      This is just the lizard praising itself for jump from “the highest branch”! It catch nothing so what is all the farce about, you would ask!

      • Yepec says:

        You know what the fuss is all about and its real – not bluffing like Zanu PF and its Legal Team of advisers does. Despite what the Constitutional Court now says or does, except for Wilbert Mukori and Chimbwido Warvet, everybody can see that Robert Mugabe has a broken egg on his face.

        • Wilbert Mukori says:

          Are the reforms going to be implemented or not? I say no meaningful reforms are going to be implemented and Mugabe will only have “broken (rotten) egg(s) on his face” if any reforms are implemented.
          Stop wittering for once Yepec and come out and say where you stand. I will ask you again; are we going to see any meaningful reforms implemented so we have free and fair elections?

  4. Nyikayaramba says:

    MUGABE has been humiliated. Mutambara, Madhuku, Jonathan where are you now. Matinyadzisa mhani.

  5. Basideo says:

    l agree with Saungweme to some extend. l dont really know whats the jubilation about. Mugabe has achieved his means he will move the date of election but no reforms. watch this space

    • denny says:

      But isn’t it Mugabe is asking for SADC funding for those elections? If he doesn’t follow the roadmap as proposed by SADC it means no funding.Then what? Mugabe is in a tight corner my friend.He risks isolation.

    • Wilbert Mukori says:

      Listen it is only the political naive who would think that after failing to implement any meaningful reforms for five years that can now be done in two weeks.

      Chinamasa has already said Zanu PF will have to agree to any reforms! Zanu PF’s greatest rebuff on this is that why did MDC not submit their proposed reforms all these last five years and not come up with these reforms scribbled on the back of cigarette pack on the flight to the SADC meeting.

      • Yepec says:

        This is the last time it will be said despite your heckling and sloganeering. Furthermore, Madhuku came out of the closet given all his fighting for social justice in Zimbabwe, therefore, when are you going to follow his lead, Wilbert?

        GPA Reforms are negotiated and agreed upon by the signatory Parties. For whatever reasons, if one of the Parties does not agree publicly or privately that particular Reform cannot be implemented. Going public or not, is a strategy that can be adopted if it is seen to bring political dividends to the organisation doing so.

        Implementing Reforms, goes the same way, rather, the closest analogy one can think of is the alignment of the country’s laws to a new Constitution, like the Copac Draft. Unless the new Constitution is in place first, one cannot start aligning the related laws in anticipation to its being in place.Therefore, the length of the time in a coalition government is not a yardstick of the effectiveness or deadlocks in government..

        • Wilbert Mukori says:

          I do not see what point you are trying to make here Yepec (frankly I do not think you know yourself)?

  6. Diamond Revenue says:

    It is the true spirit of saving Zimbabwe which should prevail, not for selfish gains. Unfortunately the Zimbabwe president is betraying his own people by bowing to the needs of a clique in his party. ‘You have abandoned your own people by ignoring the very constitution which the people adopted’.The true liberators of Zimbabwe never fought for selfishness, but for the liberation of all Zimbabweans. I am stuck in the diaspora because of a few greedy individuals like you who are amassing wealth at the expense of the rest.

    • Chimbwido says:

      You don’t have to be stuck in the diaspora as you can go home. It is the most wonderful thing to be with your own people other than be with those who do not appreciate your efforts even if you work so hard. It is a truism that blood is thicker than water my brother. Go home to be with your loved ones and feel the fresh air.

      • Mavara azarevhu says:

        It is about principles and not time. All groups are winners. For Zanu at least you go for primaries to choose new blood which can survive in a new Zim. The violent section, you will go to jail on 15 August. It is folly to be used. Judas regretted but it was too late. Do not fall in the same predicament.

        • Wilbert Mukori says:

          So all Zanu PF thugs “will go to jail on 15 August”! This is baby talk; but coming from an adult it is, well, still baby talk!

          • Jack Chan says:

            Hallucinations only go and read SADC Communique on Guardian Zimbabwe our visionary President Mugabe has outfoxed Tsvangirai and Ncube with the blessings of SADC. Gushungo Makaoma Ndatenda Hangu Njere dzakavandisa.

          • Wilbert Mukori says:

            You should not celebrate just because Mugabe outfoxed Tsvangirai and SADC because that is only a skirmish he has won. The fight for democratic change is yet to be fought and Mugabe and Zanu PF are doomed to lose it!

          • Squarebasher says:

            Now you are talking! wilbert.I am glad you have seen the light.Vana Chimbwido who were sexually abused nema-comrades should be fighting for compensation from the War Veterans.Surely this girls lost the respect and dignity and suffers from from a complex to the likes of Chinotimba and the lot.Chimbwido deserves better for being shagged without compensation,she needs medical help.She suffers from a whole complex of psychiatric disorders and thus been scarred for life.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Oh no no no no my gosh, Aah this pikinini boy is talking nonsense.

      • super mondo says:

        hunger poverty and mugabage awaits anyone from the diaspora.being arround family who are suffering no power no water,no jobs no future.yes you must return to zimbabwe.

    • Wilbert Mukori says:

      Do not tell me you have just discover that Mugabe “is betraying his own people” after all these 33 years of brutal dictatorship! This is great. It is no wonder we are in this mess!

  7. Squarebasher says:

    I think an attempt by Maxwell Saungweme to rubbish the glorious achievement made opposition parties is very much misplaced as Robert Mugabe’s subterfuge on the electoral process.Its not about time as Magaisa has noted.

    But what it has also exposed Mugabe as dictator living in the past whilst the world has moved on.How can he certainly take advice from Madhuku of all people and a look at this array of cacophonous advisors from Jonathan Moyo,Chinamasa,and sadly Arthur Mutambara and we see power hungry idiots whose mission is to fufill their egos at the expense of the poor and the down-trodden. Zimabweans, be it MDC,Zanu pf, Zapu,Mavambo are at the mercy of the military oligarchs who are now running the country.

    But despite of threats of violence and intimidation we should never give in to our democratic rights.Mugabe is old and should retire pass the reins to Joyce Mujuru.

  8. chamunorwa kamurosha says:

    It’s all not about political parties but doing the right, decent, moral thing. We want to begin to see leadership, not rulership in Zimbabwe’s governance. SADC’s decision, no matter how small its effect, has sent a message about the obscenity, zvinyadzi surrounding the court decision and the accompanying proclamation of the election date. President Mugabe should have known better not to stoop so low and embarrass himself before other heads of state most, if not all, of whom are younger than him. He must learn to be a leader not the feudal era ruler he is increasingly becoming by the hour at the advice of the uneducated but schooled Chinamasa, Madhuku and Jonasani Moyo. You need to see Chinamasa speak and act like a rabid dog to know how unthinking he is!

    • mike hondo says:

      great comments! i feel sometimes politicians get their minds all confused as to weather they should be working for the people or for the party luckily elections come round now and again and we the people can sweep the rubbish away .

  9. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Children and those with a mental disability can be given sweets and chocolates when they cry too much to control their anxiety. Those blessed with children and people with a mental disability know of the many tricks that can be adopted to stop them from crying or having anxiety. Sweets and chocolates are some of the tricks that can be employed to control the crying of children and those unfortunate of having a mental disability.
    Well, what is the difference between 31 July and 14 August 2013? For me, it will not cost ZANU PF a penny if it complies with the SADC ruling as it is very close to the date already set by President Mugabe. The jubilation by Tendai Biti is merely saving his face and that of Tsvangirai which have already been badly bruised by the cleverer foxes, ZANU PF. That Tendai Biti has said the above nonsense is expected as their faces have been punched too bad by Mugabe. Oh these (mafekizolo) politicians have nothing to show that they the brains to lead the nation of Zimbabwe when they can be taken for a ride both by SADC and ZANU PF like this. It was not a victory for the MDC formations at all as Mugabe must have come out of the Summit smiling and laughing at Tsvangirai and Welshman Ncube for having been duped by SADC.

    I do not see why Mugabe can not comply with the ruling of SADC because it will cost him nothing.

    • denny says:

      Don’t lie Mugabe has lost a lot by the decision made by SADC. Now Zimbabweans really know he doesn’t have the power he wants to claim to be having. It’s really embarrassing on the part of Mugabe to go back to the same Constitutional court to ask for a revocation. Tsvangirayi has showed really that he has the keys to the elections and Mugabe’s mistakes are actually doing the campaigning for Tsvangirayi. Tsvangirayi has scored and he came out victorious after that summit.Morgan just wanted to show Mugabe that he can not decide for everyone and even those 2 weeks are enough to prove that.

      • Wilbert Mukori says:

        How naive can you be!

        • denny says:

          Naive in what sense?Explain yourself and elaborate why you say I am being naive. Do you know the meaning of term naive?

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            You see, Wilbert has already given you an answer. It is not my intention to bash you again as Wilbert has done some lasting damage to you, mate.

          • denny says:

            Nonsense you have nothing to say.Empty vessels make a lot of noise.Unenge wakanga uridofo kuchikoro iwe.Try to bash me then you will see then I will show you what it means to really bash a fool and ignorant fool like you!!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Oh my God, there goes this fool. I did not mean to bash you physically. Why would I ever think of kicking you in the butt and for what? I am sorry that I am not that kind of a creature. May be Supper Mondo can do that as he wants me to bring a wheelchair to sit on when he will have done a lasting damage to Chimbwido Warvet. But you see, this guy called Chimbwido Warvet is the most peaceful and quietest creature you can imagine and not an empty vessel at all. Besides, Chimbwido Warvet has been to some of the finest universities of the world, just to learn how to give respect and courtesy to other creatures on this planet.
            Right now my condolences should be conveyed to the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, comrade Tsvangirai for the death of his grand designs of attempting to ambush political power from the ruling political party of Zimbabwe, ZANU PF. His political party, MDC-T has now been completely overwhelmed and can not rise again from its death bed. This is what is important and not bashing people for expressing their views.

          • denny says:

            Shame dedicating the whole night to me.I feel very much respected.You think I have time to read that vomit of yours?Grow up poor fellow.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Now I can really come over there to bash you physically for being unreasonable and foolish. You are insulting me for no good reason. I have shown you respect and courtesy but you want to take me for a fool, you f****ng bas***rd. I do not have time to dedicate to the absurd and foolish because I am not mate. Respect and courtesy are the key words you should keep in that head full of bananas and beans.

          • denny says:

            Nonsense Grow up!!Uribenzi remunhu,imbwa yembwa!!

          • Squarebasher says:

            KIkikikikikiki! i thought i was the only one who noticed it,Denny.Chimbwido is a simpleton.

          • Wilbert Mukori says:

            What Mugabe had feared, dreaded even, was that SADC would insist on the implementation of meaningful democratic reforms. Do you realize how glad he was that he had managed to get away without even having even one single reform implemented? He had guessed that MDC were corrupt and incompetent but even he must have been pleasantly surprised at how cheat and incompetent they had turned out to be!

            So being told by SADC that he did not have to implement the reforms but only delay the elections by two weeks was great news.

    • Wilbert Mukori says:

      After five years in which Zimbabwe’s political system was supposed to be rewritten it is amazing that Mugabe has managed to emerge with the Zanu PF dictatorship untouched. Yeah he did manage to out fox Tsvangirai, that was piece of cake, the people of Zimbabwe and SADC leaders too. I never thought he would out fox SADC leaders so easily but he has just done that! The Maputo meeting was the crowning moment!

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Which ever way you look at it, Mugabe has always been the winner. It is as if he connived with some of the SADC leaders to out fox all of them. It is incredible how he came out of that Summit unbruised, not a bit, mate. The guy is very smart and can never be beaten at the pools by any of the the mickey mouse political parties that have mushroomed in Zimbabwe.

        • Wilbert Mukori says:

          For once, I have to agree with you Chimbwido. But, but and this is a big BUT; Mugabe should never ever think that this is the end of the push for meaningful democratic change. He certainly bamboozled Tsvangirai and SADC leaders but he should know that not everyone was bamboozled. The next wave of demand for democratic change will hit him like a tsunami!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            I know for a fact that what you term as democratic change is for Mugabe to give in to the unreasonable demands of the MDC-T which call for the implementation of the so-called reforms which were only entered into by only three political parties of Zimbabwe at the exclusion of the other 25 mickey mouse political parties in the country. You know for a fact that I have indicated in the past that your views in this matter is unacceptable to most of us who believe in democracy and not your outdated and hopeless viewpoint that can not stand the test of time. It has to be challenged and resisted by all democratic forces in the country, including Chimbwido Warvet

          • Wilbert Mukori says:

            Demands for democratic change are not “unreasonable” but a must for the nation to get out of this hell-hole Mugabe landed us. No it will not be the incompetent Tsvangirai who will make these demands but some one competent this time!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            You mean the hellhole your masters in London and Washington DC have landed us, I guess. First by enslaving the African people, colonizing them, plunder, pillage their mineral resources, simply walked away from Zimbabwe without offering assistance to a newly independent country they had robbed of its resources for centuries, as if that was not enough, impose economic sanctions against Zimbabwe and above all using local idiots and fools like you to work for them to cause havoc in the country. The ills they caused against Zimbabwe are limitless. I could go on and on but as a fool you can not see what is glaringly obvious and continue to be used against your own people. You are a disgrace.

    • Squarebasher says:

      If you knew what Chimbwido is then you would change your name.Just do a bit of research and perhaps this may enlighten on you on the sort of people you are supporting.In fact if I were you I would start a movement and take Mugabe to court just like what the South Korean women who are now taking the Japanese to court for being treated as sex-slaves.Who knows you might get what is due to you and the many girls whose lives where ruined.Give it a thought love and there are thousands of girls waiting for you to make the first move who are silent or are afraid.

  10. kk says:

    Ndatenda hangu. Lets give Tsvangirai his term of office . People will always vote for a new leader if his governance is not OK. Dictators back to Malawi and join your Kamuzu Banda. Tsvangirai is original Zimbabwean with us at heart.

    • Wilbert Mukori says:

      Yeah as reward for five years of doing nothing. Tsvangirai will never bring democratic change and without democratic change this nation is going nowhere. Why is that so hard for you to comprehend?

      • Squarebasher says:

        You are a moron, Wilbert Mukoiri,a moronic moron,to the extend that you don’t even know that you are a moron.Smith is dead, Mugabe will die or be incapacitated but the constitution lives on.The constitution is what guides the nation’s laws and the fact that Mugabe did not follow due process of this law does not make him a hero at all.

        Your praise is of this dastardly act is foolish because you belief that Zimbabwe’s constituition belongs to the MDC is moronic.There is no limit to what Fascists in Zanu pf can do and if they can burn Gen Mujuru alive what makes you think you are safe.Dont be more idiotic than God originally made.

        Meanwhile you and Mugabe given a chance will commit genocide,because you misplaced belief that noone has better ideas than yours and no other person is capable of becoming President.Thats while you will try and use abuse of power,violence,murder,threats and vote rigging to win power.Please stop writing,just shut up,just go away.People have a right to choose their leaders and Sadcc has shown Mugabe that he should start treating his people like human beings.

        • Wilbert Mukori says:

          It is Mugabe who has won here. Your support of Tsvangirai is blinding you to that reality just as you refuse to accept that MDC have blundered by failing to get even one reform implemented. I hate Mugabe but I will not let that blind me to the fact that Tsvangirai is incompetent and he has just handed Mugabe power in a silver platter.
          If you cared to open your eyes you will see who is the moron here, me or you!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Your hatred of Mugabe is understandable as he has f..ked the lot of you through your backsides. It is not true that Tsvangirai has handed power to Mugabe because he never had any power to give to him. If anything, it is Mugabe who gave him very regulated and limited political power when he co-opted him to join this hopeless and useless inclusive government as his Prime Minister.

          • Wilbert Mukori says:

            Yes Mugabe has enjoyed absolute power the last five years but that was because Tsvangirai was incompetent and corrupt to let him!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Once again the above statement is incorrect. Yes, we all know that Tsvangirai is incompetent to hold the position he has in government and that he has no power to stop Mugabe from carrying out his grand designs. I have always characterized Tsvangirai as a lame duck Prime Minister who dances to every song played or sung by Mugabe and his political party, ZANU PF.

            My advice to Prime Minister Tsvangirai is to attend meetings with Mugabe when he has an adviser very close to him with view he could turn to him/her when confronted by Mugabe with a difficult question during their deliberations. I do not want to see Tsvangirai going down in history books as the most stupid and foolish Prime Minister and politician Zimbabwe has ever produced.

          • Wilbert Mukori says:

            Well that Tsvangirai has already done! Not that you could help in that field, you are good as a murderous thug nothing else! I keep reminding you, keep your hands below the level of your head.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Is that what you were told by your sponsors in London and Washington DC to have a go at me? You are a disaster at selling bananas and beans to the white folks, Wilbert. You should be ashamed for being f..ked by the white folks through your ba**side all the time. And f**ked for nuts can be a disgrace.

          • Squarebasher says:

            Shows you don,t understand what you are talking about Willy -boy Mukoiri.You are very confused and self-contradictory.

          • Wilbert Mukori says:

            It is easy to make a sweeping statement like “you are very confused and selfcontradictory” but quite something else to substantiate it.

          • mike hondo says:

            im so sorry for the harsh comments Wilbert im sure you dont need to hear about all this backside action from mugabe and his party and i share your concerns about mr t but there is an old saying that goes ,if it wasnt for the last minute nothing would get done, so we can only hope some reforms come forth in a very short timeframe

          • Wilbert Mukori says:

            @ Mike

            If anyone can keep they cool in a case like this one it can only be because they do not understand what is happening, if they do, then they be a saint.

            It is the voiceless masses who are going to pay the heaviest price of MDC’s failure and betrayal. Someone has to get angry for them; so I am sure you will excuse for venting the anger and frustration of millions!

            Mike, the only thing that makes the sacrifice the nation made in 2008 worthwhile is if MDC had carried out the democratic reforms as promised so that we would be saying right now; 2008, never again. As it happened they did not and here we are facing yet another election in which there will once again be the mindless violence and with no prospect of getting out of this political and economic mess.

            There is absolutely no excuse why MDC failed to get the reforms. They did not even try; even SADC leader have complained about this.

            There is no chance of meaningful reforms being
            implement now; take that one as read!

  11. denny says:

    Saungweme’s reaction is astounding.If Mugabe doesn’t follow what SADC has asked him to do,they will just not fund the elections period.And what will Mugabe do when he doesn’t have money.Mugabe will be isolated and what will he do next?

  12. Wilbert Mukori says:

    “Good people, good, good people, it has been an incredible and
    unbelievable day here in this great beautiful coastal capital of Maputo,”
    announced Finance Minister Tendai Biti. There is the one thing one can always count on when Minister Biti speaks; a flowery and colourful language.

    Minister Biti is what Chinua Achebe would have described as having the
    “art of conversation (where) proverbs are the palm-oil with which words
    are eaten”!

    Sadly for Minister Biti, often than not he is talking nonsense; not even the most flowery language can hide that the SADC resolutions are not going to change much on the ground.

    After the sham 2008 elections we set out to carry out a number of
    democratic reforms and write a democratic constitution with one end objection “to deliver free and fair democratic elections and prevent a repeat of the wanton violence of 2008″. We had five years to carry out these tasks.

    After four long years and at cost of $ 100 million this GNU produced the
    Copac constitution and MDC praised it to the high heavens with the same passion and flowery language as they are using now. They promised the new constitution will deliver free and fair election. It was all nonsense of course.

    Some of us said that Copac was too weak and feeble to deliver any of the
    democratic rights including the right to free and fair election. Before the indelible ink used in the referendum vote in which Copac was approved had worn off MDC were calling for the reforms they had neglected all along to be implemented.

    “I want to thank and acknowledge the electric delivery of Dr. Morgan Tsvangirai our party president, what a delivery. Simple straight forward passionate and effective,” said Minister Biti.

    As if whatever it was Tsvangirai had said could change the fact that after five years he had failed to get even one democratic reform implemented!

    “Today the man from Vungu fought like a lion,” said Minister Biti referring to Professor Ncube. What is it that the lions killed? Some ant-lion!

    The two additional weeks granted by SADC are not going to make any
    difference; none of the democratic reforms are going to be meaningfully
    implemented in that time!

    The Minister himself was very careful in all his praise to say nothing about free and fair elections because he knows nothing can be done now to deliver that.

    “It (life) is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing,” wrote William Shakespeare. All this MDC excitement and euphoria is just hot air signifying nothing.

  13. Zambuko says:

    Did the communique say 14days? I cant see elections before September

  14. Yepec says:

    Despite whether or not the Constitutional Court gives Mugabe the extra 14 days, however, the Regional organisation’s Resolutions proved that

    (i) Mugabe was knowingly breaking the Constitution and laws for which he was elected to defend,

    (ii) Chinamasa, the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister, did not give Robert Mugabe and Zimbabwe, the proper interpretation of the laws for which he was chosen to administer,

    (iii) Mugabe’s political opponents were correct in not being dragged into breaking the Constitution of the country.and lastly,

    (iv) SADC did not buy into Zanu PF’s political grandstanding and bluffing.

    As for the Professors (Madhuku, Mutambara and Jonathan Moyo). it will be another day and subject matter at which they will be found in the wrong and singing for their supper. It had to be proven by the outsiders (SADC), that they are selling the country to the highest bidder.

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