Chindori-Chininga family insist fatal ‘accident’ was murder

Edward Chindori-Chininga

Edward Chindori-Chininga

By Alex Bell
SW Radio Africa
27 June 2013

The family of the late ZANU PF official Edward Chindori-Chininga, who died in a car accident last week, has insisted that his death was deliberate.

The Guruve South MP was buried at his Mudhindo homestead this week, amid ongoing speculation that the fatal crash he was involved in was no accident. More fuel was added to the fire during the burial ceremony, when his relatives said the MP had been killed.

“Politics kills, you are killed by a stupid person,” Chindori-Chininga’s nephew John Chanetsa said, adding that his death was celebrated by political rivals in ZANU PF.

“After I heard about the death, I ran around and realised people were celebrating the death. You killed him to pave way for yourself,” Chanetsa said.

Chindori-Chininga’s death followed the release of a damning parliamentary committee report about Zimbabwe’s diamond sector, with details about the involvement of ZANU PF officials and allies in the industry. That report has exposed the level of corruption evident at the Chiadzwa diamond fields, where millions of dollars in profits, meant to be earned by the national Treasury, are unaccounted for.

Chindori-Chininga was the chairman of the committee that authored the report, but even before the report was released he was known as a man who tried to shine a light on the murky practices at the diamond fields. Alan Martin from Partnership Africa Canada, who communicated extensively with Chindori-Chininga, said last week that the ZANU PF MP knew he was a “marked man” and that his work as chairman of the parliamentary committee on mines and energy had ended his political career in the party.

The report lends credence to the concerns raised for years by human rights groups about the goings-on at the diamond fields. Its findings back up previous reports by groups like Partnership Africa Canada and Human Rights Watch, which have accused ZANU PF of controlling the diamond trade and illicitly using the trade profits to run a ‘parallel government’.

In its report, the parliamentary committee said it had observed with concern that the government had not received any meaningful contribution from diamonds because there are “serious discrepancies between what it receives and what the diamond-mining companies claim to have remitted to Treasury”.

The car in which Edward Chindori-Chininga died

The report quoted the Mbada Diamonds mining firm as saying it had paid $293 million to the government since it started mining in 2009, including $117 million between 2011 and 2012. This is in stark contrast to figures released by Finance Minister Tendai Biti, who said the government had received only $41 million in diamond revenue last year.

The report also questioned the serious lack of transparency in the diamond sector, pointing a finger at Mines Minister Obert Mpofu, who they said had secretly chosen various investors with a clear conflict of interests.

Other revelations include the ongoing presence of the military which, according to the report, still controls much of the diamond fields. This is despite the insistence of the Mines Ministry that the military has no role to play, after concerns were raised that there were military-led abuses at the diamond fields.

Farai Maguwu, the Director of the Centre for Resource Governance, said the lack of transparency seen in the diamond sector is the major challenge in trying to resolve the issues there. He said the problem is a political one, and a lack of political will was a key failure in turning the diamond sector into an honest trade.

“The problem also goes beyond just corrupt politicians. Unfortunately Zimbabwe is operating in a corrupt international system that is taking advantage of situations like in Zimbabwe,” Maguwu said.

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11 Responsesto “Chindori-Chininga family insist fatal ‘accident’ was murder”

  1. dumbu says:

    There is nothing hidden under the sky which does not come out at the end. You see , ZANU(PF) ministers were enjoying Chiadzwa diamonds money as the country is theirs alone

    These people enriched themselves with people`s resources while the majority was suffering . This is the beginning of it all, they are going to kill each other for their looting. God is not for one group but for all. Rine manyanga hariputirwe mumushunje , rinotukudza. Redyoredzero ndere mugonera rinoyarutsa ngozi yegombero. Kumatundumadzanwa kuchabuda nhototo, nhokwara kwami, handeiiii. The election days are around the corner.Dzimwe mbavha dzichazvisungirira ,dzimwe dzichinwa poison dzimwe dzichitizira kuChina. The doomsday is around the corner.

  2. Wilbert Mukori says:

    It is a great pity that the family and friends of the late MP should feel so strongly that this was no accident and yet go ahead and bury him. There should have employed an independent investigator and have the whole matter looked into BEFORE they buried him.

    • The_Black_Aristocrat says:

      Sadly, while i agree with your view, in reality such a move would likely have put their own lives in jeopardy.

      To request an autopsy carried out by an independent medical professional of their own choosing would have been unthinkable – since it is very likely that they were told in no uncertain terms that it would be resisted by the Military Dictatorship in the interests of party ‘unity’, unless they could control the ‘findings’.

      • Wilbert Mukori says:

        Whilst I cannot dismiss your argument still I think you would agree that by publicly stating that this was not an accident but murder the family and friends were sticking their heads above the pulpit. That being the case, then why not stand up; if they can shoot the head, exposing the rest of the body is not going to increase the risk to one’s life.

        Beside, are you sure we are not being sucked to the same tiresome Tsvangirai and MDC leaders have been dishing out to the nation when asked why they had failed to get one single democratic reform implemented. “Mugabe refused the reforms,” they will say. But look closely and it is evident they never even tried to have any of the reforms implemented!

        Are you sure anyone even tries to have an independent autopsy carried out?

        I too suspect that Chindori-Chininga’s death was no accident. I fear he is not going to be the last one; there will be many more politically motivated killings. I am certain of that because by failing to have these murderers properly investigated and those responsible punished we are sending a clear message to these thugs and murderers that they are above the law. They can continue to terrorize and murder with complete impunity!

        Considering Chindori-Chininga may well have been murdered precisely because he stuck his head and demanded accountability the least we could have done to thank him was to at least try to find out what happened to him.

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          That is why you work for a pirate radio station in London that beams its hopeless and illegal broadcasts to Zimbabwe. Your idiocy is legendary as you continuously spread falsehoods to the world with the hope they will listen to this crap. Of course, fools of the like of GBZ, Yepec, Common Sense, Mr Bean Dumb and the Black Aristocrat will readily have your audience as their heads are all full of bananas, beans, matapiri and nuts.

          The late Chindori Chininga was appointed by the ZANU PF leadership to be the chairman of a Parliamentary Select Committee whose terms of reference were to investigate the strange going-ons that had been reported by the local news media and the international ones at some of the mines in Zimbabwe. Of course, one of his terms of reference was, indeed, to demand accountability on how the extraction of our minerals were being conducted and their proceeds thereof. Why anyone would have the wildest belief and suspicion that ZANU PF and its leadership murdered their appointee they tasked to carry out this responsibility, is beyond me, as it is quite frankly, very ridiculous and foolish.

          • Wilbert Mukori says:

            Chidori-Chininga was one of the Zanu PF Mafia and you lot did not suspect that he would turn against the syndicate and reveal its dirty secretes. The system had him killed but by then the cat was already out of the bag. You are trying you best to limit the damage by claiming it was in fact the Mafia that authorized his report. Whatever next?!

            It is most ironic that PM Tsvangirai himself has been involved in the cover up in that he was the last senior Gvt official to visit Marange and say everything was fine. A few weeks later he was on a no-expense-spared sea cruise in the Seychelles with one of his frolicking floozies. (No wonder they were fighting like wild cats to marry Tsvangirai, after being spoilt rotten at great public expense!) Who paid for the cruise; is what the nation will want to know!?

            Mugabe was of course very pleased that Tsvangirai and his MDC friend could be bought so cheaply so they would see-nothing, hear-nothing and say-nothing. What the tyrant has found impossible to fathom is that there are a few people even in the mafia with a conscience and a sense of justice. And that conscience will compel them to break rank and denounce the dictatorship and all it stands for, as Chidori-Chininga did!
            Now with the dictatorship on its last legs, there will be no doubt more Mafia operatives who would want to break rank, more to save their own skin than that they have a conscience! Even spin doctors like you Chimbwido will soon be abandoning the Zanu PF ship before it sinking!

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