Heart of the Matter – Year starts badly for Zimbabwe

Tanonoka Joseph Whande

Tanonoka Joseph Whande
Monday 06 January 2014

Here comes 2014 and I do not know how many Zimbabweans out there expect a new beginning, especially burdened with the kind of brainless leaders we have on both sides of the political divide.

We did not notch any achievements in the just ended year. Now we have to start a new push. We wipe the slate clean and set some new goals to achieve during the year just started.

It is traditional that, at the beginning of each year, people who intend to make the New Year better than the previous one make resolutions. This might be in terms of improvements at work, health, personal issues or any other matters of notable interest to individuals.

Unfortunately, however, most New Year resolutions are forgotten as soon as hangovers dissipate.

Be that as it may, making New Year resolutions gives a glimpse of what one would have liked to achieve in the following twelve months and, from that, we might get an idea about what someone is up to.

So, I am just wondering what New Year resolutions Robert Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirai and other political and government leaders made silently to themselves.

Zimbabwe, as usual, was off to a bad start when Mugabe did his disappearing act and left the country, presumably for a holiday. Some opposition politicians cried foul, saying Mugabe was being insensitive to go on holiday when the country was gripped with economic tensions and when there was so much else to be done.

The MDC was quite vocal about it with its spokesperson, Douglas Mwonzora, saying Mugabe’s going on holiday at this time was “immoral and abnormal”.

As the Daily News reported, the MDC pointed at the “biting liquidity crunch, cash flight and unfulfilled constitutional requirements” as situations that would force any serious president to postpone a holiday and deal with the issues at hand.

But Mugabe, who has always been as arrogant as the wind, left like he has always done since becoming Head of State.

That, however, does not preclude him from listing a few items for his New Year resolutions. But it appears to me that Mugabe has never known what is good for Zimbabwe. If we were to look back on Zimbabwe’s last 34 years, we would be hard pressed to find a year that was better than the one before it.

Each year has steadily, without fail, been worse than the one before it. Mugabe’s heart is no longer in Zimbabwe. Maybe in Singapore, but not in Zimbabwe. The man seems to have lost his marbles and is no longer in control of either his party, government or family.

What is being used is his name and it is being used in worse ways than what he himself did at his prime. Mugabe is now more of a shield than a spear, with many in ZANU-PF and government hiding behind him. ZANU-PF is in for heavy self-cannibalising starting with protocols at his funeral.

I do not see what resolutions, apart from decimating Zimbabwe and its people, Mugabe might have.

The New Year could not have started any worse for Emerson Mnangagwa. I do not think the man is thrilled whenever Joyce Mujuru becomes Acting President. I, therefore, can only imagine what Mnangagwa’s resolutions are, having taken a battering from Mujuru’s faction in 2013.

Did he plead and reminded the gods that this has to be his year, that the year 2014 is written his name all over it?

Conversely, I wonder what Mujuru’s own resolutions are. I hope the public relations victories she enjoyed over Mnangagwa last year did not lull her into a false sense of security, knowing ZANU-PF as we all do.

But did she also tell the gods that 2014 is her year? Did she plead her case asking the powers yonder what else they want her to do? What was her shopping list, I mean the one she gave to Father Christmas? Did the list include ownership of a certain piece of real estate somewhere along Borrowdale Road?

And what about Mr Tsvangirai; what was his Christmas wish and what did he resolve to prioritise in 2014?

I fear the man has too much on his plate to worry about fairy tales. My wish for him, however, is that he gets control of himself. The bad things that have happened to him in the past continue to be the same ones dogging him today, albeit with different actors.

Mr Tsvangirai’s New Year resolution must be to clean up his image because he is making it difficult for his own supporters to take him seriously. He should slow down and let things settle. He should not even bother fighting to mend issues with his current wife but should stop right in his own tracts and give himself time.

It is not a secret that his personal life has persistently done him bad and has eroded a lot of support and trust from his personal self. Many doubts have been created about his judgment after he found himself embroiled in romantic dogfights with women he wanted to marry and that he married. Of course, of concern also is how he ended up with women who are so close to ZANU-PF’s top echelons of power.

The first time around, it was understandable and accepted as it was but the second time raises a lot of questions.

And yet these are not issues about his advisors; these are issues that require his own personal decisions and judgment.

Mr Tsvangirai must respect his followers and supporters and clean up his act right away, whether or not he remains as party leader.

The heart of the matter is that our political leaders in both government and parties are so polarised against each other that I do not see anyone of them working well with the others.

There is evidently a lot of friction and ill will among our political leaders and this puts Zimbabwe in great danger. Whatever Christmas wishes and New Year resolutions all these politicians made, names of all the others did not appear on anyone else’s list. I am convinced that all our politicians are totally fed up with each other to the extent that they wish each other ill.

Yes, would Mugabe not breathe easier if Tsvangirai was not there anymore? I mean “not there anymore” in the real sense.

What of Mnangagwa and Mujuru? Would their “get well soon” messages to each other be honest ones were one of them be lying in an intensive care unit of a hospital somewhere?

Our demise has always been the inability of our politicians to put Zimbabwe first and their inability to work together for the good of the nation.

But what do we expect when more than half of our legislators were not elected by anybody. Many more are not answerable to anyone except to Mugabe who appointed them to parliament, which, to me, is criminal.

Zimbabwe is starting off 2014 badly. Cabinet ministers confess to attempted bribery. There are unacceptable reports of escalating deaths during childbirths. Poaching. People are unable to withdraw they money from the banks. And threats of strikes are already ringing.

Zimbabwe is being run by organised crime.

I am Tanonoka Joseph Whande and that, my fellow Zimbabweans, is the way it is today, Monday, January 6th, 2014.
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3 Responsesto “Heart of the Matter – Year starts badly for Zimbabwe”

  1. Wilbert Mukori says:

    “But what do we expect when more than half of our legislators were not elected by anybody,” you wrote. Spot on.

    And the “more than half” you are talking about are the Zanu PF MPs and they constitute the majority. Not that the last parliament were MDC had the majority of MPs achieved anything of course. The Junta, the Joint Operations Command (JOC) led by none other than Mugabe, the corrupt and murderous tyrant himself, has been the real power house in Zimbabwe for decades now.

    In my view, the heart of the matter is Zimbabweans must finally stop expecting any good to come out of JOC and start focusing their minds of
    how to dismantle the dictatorship.

    Mugabe rigged the elections and he is per se illegitimate so why are Zimbabweans accepting him? If Mugabe did not rig the elections then the onus is on him to prove that beyond doubt by releasing the voters roll for
    public scrutiny.

    People keep talking endlessly that they want democratic change but will not match their actions with what they say. How can you say you want democracy but willing let a tyrant get away with vote rigging!

    The voters roll is the smoking gun to the vote rigging, Mugabe knows it and hence his stubborn refusal to make it public. People must stand firm and demand that Mugabe release the voters roll or else resign – that is not asking for too much!

    Mugabe is a murderous tyrant; people should stop expecting him to come up with anything that is for the common good. You do not get a silk purse from a sow’s ear!

  2. Yepec says:

    Looting and corruption are the other names of Zanu PF. The country could never improve with the National Legislature filled with clowns and thugs like Chinotimba. The syndicate looted the Chiadzwa diamonds dry to the bone. Rigging of the elections in July 2013 gave them the license to further loot Zimbabwe’s economy from the legislature as well as the State House. They unashamedly stole from the War Veterans’ Fund, so will they do to the country, how can any good be expected from them?.

  3. BLACKHAMMER says:

    ——-who advises? There is nothing really to discuss or
    learn from Zanu. Learn in the sense that they will give the nation something
    new and worthwhile. Absolutely nothing. They abdicated responsibility years
    ago. It’s the opposition who have a case to answer, stupid! They take four
    years for a 100 metre sprint and in 10 seconds on the day it is all over. What
    do we have now? Utter chaos. I did state a couple months ago, in defence of
    Tsvangirai, that we needed time to reflect the events of July 31st
    2013 without resorting to knee jerk reactions. Reactions have been plenty and
    we have even had time to discuss whether Mugabe will return from the Far East
    in good health. Who cares? God help us! Talking of God, what’s it with
    Tsvangirai? Who does advise this chap? He is hard to defend. In my ideal world
    religion and politics would never ever mix. Let us keep our faith in the mosque
    or church. It seems, wherever Nigeria goes we follow. Prophets, my backside!
    Apologies if I have offended any believers but if you are in touch with these
    charlatans could you please let me in on the next few days’ lottery numbers.
    Will be much appreciated and I might even send you a card from somewhere hot.
    Wish you were here! Happy new year!

    Simon M Tozvireva.

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