ZANU PF denies Mugabe ‘collapse’

Baba Jukwa

The mysterious ZANU PF “insider” Baba Jukwa reported the story of Mugabe’s alleged collapse

By Alex Bell
SW Radio Africa
06 January 2013

ZANU PF has strongly denied reports that Robert Mugabe’s health has seriously deteriorated, in the midst of rumours that the soon to be 90 year old had ‘collapsed’.

The party’s deputy director of information, Psychology Maziwisa, told the News24 website that the reports came from “prophets of doom who were motivated by malice”.

“Certainly there is nothing new about these reports as we hear about them every year. Our president in very much alive and we will be celebrating his birthday in a month’s time. He is as fit as a fiddle,” said Maziwisa.

The internet rumour mill was sent into overdrive on Sunday after claims that the security presence at Mugabe’s official residence, State House, had been increased in the wake of his ‘collapse’.

All reports were based on claims made by the still faceless online ‘whistleblower’ Baba Jukwa, a social media character who alleges to be a ZANU PF insider. Baba Jukwa rose to internet notoriety in the run up to the elections last year by revealing ‘insider information’ about ZANU PF officials.

But since the elections, Baba Jukwa has been all but silent.

Meanwhile, speculation about Mugabe’s health has been rife for years, amid reports that he has been struggling with prostate cancer. His party has denied all reports of ill-health, despite the ZANU PF leader turning 90 years old next month.

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5 Responsesto “ZANU PF denies Mugabe ‘collapse’”

  1. Shumba says:

    I don’t know what kind of fools who follow this baboon called Baba Jukwa.Are Zimbabweans this desperate?????.

  2. Yepec says:

    One can scoff at Baba Jukwa’s story on Mugabe’s collapse. Whatever the truth may be but Mugabe is old and is not immortal neither is he getting younger, sooner than later; he is going to die. What is Zanu PF going to do when he dies since he is 90 years now?

  3. dumbu says:

    He is going this year ,whether likes or not.

  4. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    It is the wishful thinking of Mugabe’s detractors.. At his age, he is still in good health and may even contest the 2018 general elections, if he will still be interested. Mugabe still enjoys the support of the broad masses of the country and is unstoppable.

  5. Takura Muserere says:

    hands off our president

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