Tsvangirai finds unlikely ally in Job Sikhala

MDC99 President Job Sikhala

By Tichaona Sibanda
SW Radio Africa
07 January 2014

Outspoken MDC99 leader Job Sikhala has become an unlikely ally of MDC-T President Morgan Tsvangirai by insisting he will overcome his current marital crisis.

Despite their relations souring in the last few years, Sikhala had no kind words for people who are seemingly celebrating Tsvangirai’s marital difficulties, saying Tuesday such behavior was akin to ‘kicking a man when he is down’.

The turbo-charged Sikhala told SW Radio Africa that Tsvangirai, like any other person in Zimbabwe, has a right to his privacy despite numerous intrusions into his life by the state media.

“I think some people have lost their moral compass and as civilized citizens there is a time to know when to draw the line. Issues to do with a sensitive issue like an individual’s marital status have absolutely nothing to do with the whole nation where people want to poke their noses in other people’s relationships with their wives or husbands,” Sikhala said.

Tsvangirai and his wife, Elizabeth Macheka, have been in the spotlight after they both confirmed reports that they were no longer living together.

The MDC-T leader married Elizabeth, the daughter of a senior ZANU PF official and former Chitungwiza mayor, in 2012 amid controversy over his marital status and love life.

“We should distinguish Tsvangirai the public figure and Tsvangirai the private person. He is a public figure but also a private citizen in his own right and for people to celebrate his misfortune is really an anathema to our own culture,” he said.

He continued: “There are many people who are not as popular as Tsvangirai or Job Sikhala who have very serious scandalous marriage issues at the present moment, but there is nobody who has been shouting about them in newspapers or the social media.”

Sikhala urged people to give Tsvangirai space to so he can find time to work on saving his marriage, and threatened to expose those in the MDC-T party who have been celebrating his marriage woes.

“One thing that pains me most is people who purport to be close to him but who visit public bars and shout about his misfortune. This really irritated me and I warned one of them that I would expose him if he continued doing that,” he said.

18 Responsesto “Tsvangirai finds unlikely ally in Job Sikhala”

  1. dumbu says:

    I really support you Job Sikhala on this issue. Those who are shouting at Morgan Tsvangirai are hiding the skulls in their cupboards. Many ZANU(PF) Ministers , MP`s and high figured members went through these activities , and are still sailing through them now. Even the president went through the same window ,so what is so special about Tsvangirai , a Zimbabwean like them. I can pinpoint a number of them kana pane ane nharo. The Heroes` Acre is full of individuals who passed away because of infidelity. Leave Morgan Tsvangirai alone and let him solve them alone as a man. Stop this womanish behaviour.

    • Wilbert Mukori says:

      Womanizing is all Tsvangirai has ever done. What else has he done, tell us? People would have happily overlooked his messy private life if he had done what they had risked life and limb for him to do – bring about real democratic change. He did not that because he was busy chasing women. If you do not understand why the people are angry it must be because you are incapable of see the bigger picture; they real issues behind their anger!

      • Rodgers Shato says:

        Come on, Mukori you must be in a bad mood to say that. Obviously Morgan has done a couple of good things since his ZCTU days. He fought fiercely for workers’ rights and nearly lost his life. Whilst in the NCA Morgan, with the likes of Madhuku and Welshman, put constitutional matters on the national agenda. On the political front, he was very courageous and was responsible for putting paid the notion of Mugabe’s invincibility. We now all know that the owl (Bob) has no horns. Of course Morgan has made his numerous errors of judgment and needs to be retired from leading MDC-T but we need to acknowledge the good things he has done!

        • Wilbert Mukori says:

          Here we go again, Tsvangirai is a hero and therefore can do no wrong. Well when it comes to being a hero, even you has to admit that those who stood up Ian Smith fought even more “fiercely” not just for workers’ rights but the freedom and rights of all Zimbabweans and indeed many of them lost their lives. That is exactly what Mugabe and his cronies have been saying all these years.

          The truth is Mugabe and his cronies did not care about the freedom or human dignity of the masses. What they really cared about is power and they have rigged elections and murdered over 30 000 to establish and retain this Zanu PF dictatorship.

          There is no logical reason why Tsvangirai did not implement the democratic reforms necessary for free and fair election other than the obvious reason – he did not care about bring democratic change. As soon as Mugabe give him the $4 million house and all the other perks of office he forgot about the people.

          The trouble with people like you Shato is you are notorious slow, you brain work at the speed of a sloth; that is why it took you 15 years, at least, to see Mugabe as the murderous tyrant he is. No doubt it will take you another 15 years to see Tsvangirai for the blundering idiot he is.

          If you exercised your brain a bit more it would not have turned into fat and the nation would not be in this hell-hole!
          Zimbabwe is in serious trouble and some one thinks the idiot who got the country into this mess is a “hero”. That is enough to put anyone in a foul mood; anyone that is with some function brain and not fatty tissue!

          • dumbu says:

            Aaaaaaaaaaa ndozvinoitwa munyika yevarombozve izvi. Waifunga kuti Grace angaita Dairy farming muhupenyu hwake ndiani.

          • wilbert says:

            Well now you see why I say you are mentally retarded!

          • dumbu says:

            You are really mentally retarded yourself . You are supporting Grace because nditete vakozve.

          • Rodgers Shato says:

            Wilbert, I have never supported Mugabe and neither have I ever defended him. As for Morgan, all I’m saying is that people must acknowledge the good he has done. Why do you think people holding a different opinion from yours are “slow”? I can discern a loose nut somewhere in your brain, Mukori.

        • dumbu says:

          I really support your comment but regaiwo Morgan ambozotongawo one term kana Mugabe apfuura vakomana. Akatirwira pane zvakawanda Morgie uyu,

      • dumbu says:

        He helped in dumping useless ZIM-Dollar and bringing US-dollar in Zimbabwe. His party helped in stabilizing the inflation .

  2. Batanai says:

    While I understand Sikhala’s anger at Tsvangirai’s fair-weather friends. I believe Job is making one fundamental mistake.
    It was Tsvangirai that called The Herald to his house to air his marital issues. This story did not arise from gossip but an attempt to pre-empt and manage the message by Tsvangirai!

    Other media and some opposition supporters are also wrong in blaming Elizabeth. She did not start this story, she only responded to what Morgan had put into the public space.

    It’s true, we all have marital problems, however, many of us don’t have the clout that Morgan has to call the media and try to sell our version of why our domestic issues are not working out!

  3. Wilbert Mukori says:

    Job Sikhala has missed the undercurrents behind the people’s anger. Tsvangirai is a public figure who has used his high public profile for nothing other than to enrich himself, to travel all over the world and entice women to his bed. The idiot had five years to implement democratic reforms, reforms necessary for free and fair elections. Not even one reform was implemented, not one!

    If the idiot had implemented the reforms Zimbabwe would NOT be in this political and economic mess.

    Just because Sikhala does not understand the seriousness of Tsvangirai’s blundering incompetence does not mean the rest of the nation is equally naïve. The people are angry with Tsvangirai for having done nothing of note but instead spend all his days in office chasing women of ill repute!

  4. Yepec says:

    It behooves democrats fighting against Mugabe that Tsvangirai chooses to tell his side of the story and moreso, even, calls the Herald Newspaper to his house. What of other Newspapers that have been supporting him all along against the false stories of the Herald? Given that parer’s purpose and its connections to the CIO in undermining him, how are they expected to support him when he chooses it as the source of his stories to the public? What would have happened, had a person holding a lesser position in the MDC done it?

  5. Memory Muchavaira says:

    Don’t make excuses for the buffoon Tsvangirai. The ex ZCTU president, ex prime minister, had the temerity to seek the highest office in the land. He is an embarrassment to himself, the divided MDC and to his estranged wife Elizabeth.

  6. Rufaro Ndlovu says:

    My sympathy is with Elizabeth Macheka. I have no sympathy for the buffoon and ex ZCTU president and ex prime minister Tsvangirai. He is an embarrassment to himself, the divided MDC and to his estranged wife. Reading of Tsvangirai’s marital woes I am reminded of the fairy tale of the princess and the frog. However in real life Elizabeth wasn’t so lucky. When she kissed her frog he didn’t turn into a prince, and more kisses never turned him into a president.

    • Rodgers Shato says:

      Elisabeth is no angel, Rufaro. Here is a married woman who continues calling her former boyfriend “Sweetie”. What sort of nonsense is that? Lizzy against all codes of decency implies publicly that her husband has “medical problems”. What happened to the “in sickness or in good health” pledge? Supposing that Morgan is suffering from erectile dysfunction that is no reason for a good wife to leave her husband. What is needed is patience so that the stress that induced that problem goes and there is “fire” once more in the bedroom!

      • Rufaro Ndlovu says:

        Elizabeth’s was seduced by the strong aphrodisiac of political power ineffectively wielded by the bungling buffoon prime minister aspiring to be Zimbabwe’s second president. Just look at the divided political party MDC. It started with one head and then like a monstrous gargoyle it grew more heads, each more bizarre then the original. My grandmother remembers watching a comedy on ZTV in the 1970′s called ‘Mukadota’. When seeing Tsvangirai on television she was convinced the series was being rerun. Come to think of it Elizabeth looks just like Mukadota’s long suffering wife Katarina. I rest my case..

  7. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Oh no no no my gosh, Aah, there goes the MDC99 Job Sikala. This guy loves the press for wrong reasons. ”Bla, bla, bla, Tsvangirai, like any other person in Zimbabwe, has a right to his privacy despite numerous intrusions into his life by the state media. I think some people have lost their moral compass and as civilized citizens there is a time to know when to draw the line. Issues to do with a sensitive issue like an individual’s marital status have absolutely nothing to do with the whole nation where people want to poke their noses in other people’s relationships with their wives or husbands,” Sikhala said. Oh, what a mother fu+++er this guy who dreams of becoming the next president of Zimbabwe can be. Any aspiring president of this country who does not appreciate that Morgan Tsvangirai is a public figure whose love life should be in the public domain is not fit to lead this nation that is full of intellectuals and academics. He is only fit to herd goats, cows and bulls at his rural home.

    Someone out there should let Job Sikala know that both Elizabeth and Morgan Tsvangirai are of interest to the nation. His love life is of interest and importance to the nation lest we have a president who is a paedophile and a threat to our children.

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