Judge clears former MP over ‘gay’ Mugabe comment

Lynette Karenyi

Lynette Karenyi

By Alex Bell
SW Radio Africa
09 January 2013

A magistrate in Chimanimani on Tuesday freed a former MDC-T legislator, who in 2011 commented that the notoriously homophobic Robert Mugabe was in a homosexual relationship.

Lynette Karenyi, the former Chimanimani West MP was due to stand trial for ‘undermining’ the authority of the President, after being charged under Zimbabwe’s controversial insult laws

But on Tuesday, Magistrate Sekesai Chiwundura set Karenyi free, after it emerged that the state prosecutor did not have the authority to charge her.

Karenyi spent a week in custody after her arrest in December 2011. The State claimed that Karenyi insulted Mugabe at a rally held in Nhedziwa when she uttered the words: “Robert Mugabe President veZANU PF aiita zvehomosexuality naJonathan Moyo uyezve Canaan Banana aiita izvi,” which prosecutors translated to mean “Robert Mugabe, the ZANU PF President was practising homosexuality with Jonathan Moyo.”

The prosecutors stated that the former MDC-T legislator’s alleged statement was abusive, indecent, obscene and meant to cause hatred, contempt or ridicule to Mugabe.

Mugabe has previously sworn to amend Zimbabwe’s laws so homosexual ‘offenders’ would ‘rot in jail’ for life. The 89 year old has also insisted that ‘filthy gays destroy nations’, and previously threatened to cut gay people’s heads off, castrate them and has also compared them to ‘pigs and dogs’.

Last year, the Constitutional Court rebuked State prosecutors for abusing the country’s insult laws by bringing frivolous cases against critics of Mugabe.

Over 70 people are said to have been dragged before the country’s courts since 2010, charged under the laws.

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11 Responsesto “Judge clears former MP over ‘gay’ Mugabe comment”

  1. Yepec says:

    Johannes Tomano went out fishing for Robert Mugabe’s political enemies. However, the Chimanimani judge brought him back empty handed. Are times for “dzvene” changing?

  2. WesternIowan says:

    That is why people who live in countries with free speech have a moral obligation to speak out against regimes and politicians who violate human rights. Politicians who violate human rights should be run out of office. Let the people experiencing human rights violations vote on the fate of those politicians.

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      If free speech in those countries you talk about was to bring real change in attitudes and improve the well being of the disadvantaged members of society, your views could carry weight. If free speech could remove racism, ignorance, exploitation of the minority groups who are on the verge of starvation, unemployment that affects mainly the minority groups, stop and search by the police that mainly affects the black people, then I would have been persuaded to agree with you. Free speech for the sake of it, is not good enough.

      • WesternIowan says:

        You just proved the importance of free speech. You cannot solve any problem if you cannot freely address it, or freely point out the politicians who are the source of the problems for millions of people. Corrupt governments suppress free speech because they don’t want the people who are experiencing harm to get the word out so others know what it going on and can then do something about it. Folks like Mugabe do not exist in a vacuum. For him to exist and continue harming others requires the tacit consent of millions of other people, who can change their consent if they learn what is going on. That is why free speech is important in and of itself.

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          I would rather have racial harmony than free speech that is meaningless, racism of the black people eradicated completely, stop and search only of the black people eradicated completely, stop the embezzlement of funds by the major financial institutions in the western world that have contributed to the paralysis of the global economy, job opportunities are not the preserve of the well connected job seekers who are mainly the white folks at the expense of the black and other minority groups. If I have free speech to talk about the above ills that has affected the so-called minority groups for generations without consideration, I do not think I need free speech at all. Corruption is everywhere I go. I see it every day and as an African I suffer from it every day.

          Mugabe is a victim of the paralysis of the global financial institutions. He followed the corrupt prescriptions given to the country by the so-called world bank and the IMF that are in mothballs to the detriment of our economy. Today the country is paying large sums of money to service its debts with these institutions and leaving very little to provide for its people. If you do not characterise this behaviour by the so-called world bank and IMF as criminal and corruption of the highest order, then you must be examined in your head.

          • WesternIowan says:

            Mugabe is not a victim. His actions are purely voluntary. He is voluntarily a politician. He can just as easily quit and go do something else. He is personally accountable for human rights violations perpetuated under his regime. Trying to pass the buck or pass the blame is a futile exercise. His regime does not need to violate human rights, chasing away tourism and economic investment and development in Zimbabwe. He didn’t have to do anything he has voluntarily chosen to do which has violated human rights. There is no excuse for commiting mass human rights violations. Corruption ends when people stop making excuses for corrupt politicians and religious leaders who violate human rights. Zimbabwe could be a prosperous nation if anyone inside or outside the country saw proof that the accountability existed among those who voluntarily choose to be so-called leaders.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            If you are a true Zimbabwean, you should agree with my sentiments that Mugabe is a victim of the criminal and corrupt prescriptions given to the country by the so-called world bank and the IMF in the late 80s. Zimbabwe has never recovered from the effects of these criminal and corrupt practices of the world bank and IMF we were told to follow to our economic detriment. There was no economic growth of the country as we were made to believe and understand by the world bank and IMF. Instead, the country witnessed a stagnation of its economy while at the same time its debts with these financial institutions soared to levels that are unsustainable.

            These were highly criminal and corrupt prescriptions Zimbabwe followed religiously at the expense of its economy. Compounded to the economic problems the country has been suffering since the late 80s when the IMF experimented with its criminal and corrupt economic model, we have witnessed the paralysis or collapse of the major financial institutions of the world followed by the collapse of the global economy. The entire world is now experiencing an economic recession and is nearing the level of the Great Depression of the 1930. The unemployment rates and inflationary pressures in this country are at all time high with 23 million people in the United States without jobs. The European Union has not escaped this fate. In situations like this, no investor is prepared to invest their money where returns to investment are uncertain. If anything we have witnessed capital outflows from the United States and the European Union to the Far East where where investment opportunities are more brighter than the western economies that are now bankrupt. These are all facts which are in the public domain you can find out for yourself, if you want to do a bit of research.

            Unfortunately, Zimbabwe is only a small country that can do anything to resuscitate the already collapsed major financial institutions and the global economy. It is suffering the effects of this collapse which is affecting all countries of the world. So just forget about investment or increased tourism in Zimbabwe because nobody has enough money to engage in tourism, investment in Zimbabwe and let alone to feed himself/herself.

          • WesternIowan says:

            If you are a true Zimbabwean, you would stop trying to change the subject away from Mugabe’s culpability in commiting human rights violations. You bring up economics when the topic is Mugabe violating human rights. Nothing you have stated justifies Mugabe and his regime commiting human rights violations. You are pretending some outside force caused him to voluntarily commit human rights violations against Zimbabweans. Trying to deflect the topic at hand does not alter his guilt or that he and his regime are accountable for voluntarily commiting such violations. Based on your arguments Zimbabweans should get rid of him and his regime on sight – removing them completely for not only mass human rights violations but also economic incompetence that has also harmed Zimbabweans. If a bus driver intentionally harms the passengers by crashing the bus, it is the driver’s fault – not the road’s fault, the bus’s fault, or the passengers’ fault. Mugabe is a bad bus driver – a corrupt politician who violates human rights of others. No amount of you hoping to deflect that reality actually alters that reality.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Oh no no my gosh Aah, it is not true that I am changing the subject. Clearly, that is far from it. I will explain why.
            Racism that black people suffer in the so-called western world, is a human rights issue, denying them job opportunities while only giving preference to the white job seekers is a human rights issue, stop and search of the black people and other minority groups in the western world, is a human rights issue, racial discrimination of the black people and other minority groups experience everyday in the western world is a human rights issue, the corrupt and criminal economic model that was put down the throat of Zimbabwe by the IMF and World Bank is a human rights issue, the plunder, theft and embezzlement of the funds at all major financial institutions of the world by bankers that is causing human suffering across the globe is a serious human rights issue.

            Charity begins at home, my friend. Before you can criticise Mugabe, you should know what is going on right in your backyard or the country where you are domiciled. You can then criticize Mugabe from a position of strength. As it is, your article can be described as having originated from a hypocrite.

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