Grace Mugabe’s son taken to court over unpaid wages

Russell Goreraza

Russell Goreraza

By Nomalanga Moyo
SW Radio Africa
10 January 2014

Workers at Tolrose Gold Mine have approached the Labour Court following a pay dispute with Grace Mugabe’s son Russell Goreraza, who seized the mine in October 2013.

The workers went on strike last Friday demanding that Goreraza pays them their wages backdated to October, amid complaints that some employees and union leaders have been assaulted for asking for their wages.

“He is looting and running the mine mafia-style,” National Mine Workers’ Union of Zimbabwe president Tinashe Mugwira told SW Radio Africa Friday.

“The situation is gloomy for more than 351 families who used to rely on the mine for their survival since Goreraza took over.”

“There are no systems in place to ensure that workers are paid. He (Goreraza) comes, collects the gold and goes. Some workers and union officials including myself were assaulted trying to engage the new management over wages.”

“Anyone who raises a grievance is either dismissed or taken away and assaulted,” said Mugwira, who also said he too was beaten up by Russell’s uncle and Grace’s brother, Sam Marufu.

Efforts by the Labour Ministry to intervene reportedly failed after Goreraza tore up the papers served on him, telling the workers that he was “above the law”.

The ministry then referred the matter to the Labour Court, which has since appointed an arbitrator, a Mrs. Musunhe, to look into the allegations made by the workers against their employer.

“He said to us ‘you use the law, I use the power of my mother’ and we are not sure he will turn up for arbitration. We are also looking into asking the courts to attach the mine or some assets so that workers can get their dues.”

“But with the mafia-style management at the mine we do not think this will even be possible. We had hoped that with the publicity surrounding this dispute the First Lady and Goreraza’s step-father (President Robert Mugabe) would intervene and do something but this hasn’t been the case,” Mugwira added.

Tolrose Mine’s human resources manager Nyasha Munangwa denied allegations that workers were not being paid when approached by the NewsDay newspaper Wednesday.

“The allegations that we are not paying workers are false and are being pushed by people with an agenda,” Munangwa told the newspaper.
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11 Responsesto “Grace Mugabe’s son taken to court over unpaid wages”

  1. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    ”Tolrose Mine’s human resources manager Nyasha Munangwa denied allegations that workers were not being paid when approached by the NewsDay newspaper Wednesday.The allegations that we are not paying workers are false and are being pushed by people with an agenda,” Munangwa told the newspaper.

    Nyasha Munangwa, who is the mine’s human resources manager, has categorically denied any impropriety or abuse of the workers by Russell Gorereza. If the human resources manager who incidentally is also an employee of the mine has testified that all workers have been paid their wages when they fell due, one is persuaded to accept the argument that a hidden agenda is at play here. The Warvet is very much aware that the takeover of the mine by Gorereza was highly controversial although he had acquired and fully paid a majority of the shareholding of the mine. These are all games being played by this pirate radio station, the Warvet has become too familiar over the years.

    • Yepec says:

      Clearly, fake, Chimbweido Warvet, is singing for his/her supper here. Russell is the son of Grace Mugabe, known for beating reporters and whose second husband is none other than Dictator Robert Mugabe. Nyasha Munangwa is the Mine’s Human Resources person and, more importantly, an employee of Tolrose Gold Mine “seized” by Russell last October 2013.

      Did Grace and Robert Mugabe tell Russel to go through the Courts, had he paid for the majority shareholding? Was Mugwira and the other unpaid workers not physically attacked by Russell and his goon thugs for asking about their unpaid wages since October 2013? Under such circumstances, what can Nyasha Munangwa say to the press about her boss, Russell Goreraza who, in the first place, did not follow the rule of the law in seizing the Tolrose Gold Mine?

      Against these bare facts, what does the opinion of this praise singer count, except for propaganda purposes? If fake, Chimbwido Warvet did not sing for his/her supper in any given comment, readers would be really surprised by that act.

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        I told you a long time not to address anything to me first. I referred you to Wilbert and only when he has failed in dealing with you, can I respond to your queries. I do not want to wast my time on comments that are hopeless.

        • Yepec says:

          You are now doing it the Zanu PF way. What is your relationship to Wilbert Mukori? I am quite sure he will come out in the open about the issue. When you are at your wit’s end, you pass the buck to someone else who is not able to answer the contradictions that come out of your mouth. Grow up and take responsibility for what you say

          However, let me make myself quite clear to you and all your sidekicks that “You do not own me neither do I belong to your mercenary and bankrupt organizations, therefore, you cannot refer me to somebody for something that you say or do”

  2. toitora nyika chete says:

    That kid is an asshole….Ndakamumaka. Nazvo zvima lebanese frendz zvake zvinana Ali & co…Bout time we raise our barrels at these scums. Zimbabwe ndeyedu tese..kwete mbavha idzi. Mxaaaaa

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      Kana iwe uripanguva yakaoma blaz. Ndakakumaka sebora blaz. Uchasura chete. Hapana kwaunoenda blaz kana ndakuda kudira newe blaz.

  3. dumbu says:

    Don`t play with Russell Mugabe , you don`t win it if Mugabe is still breathing.

  4. wilbert says:

    Black empowerment the Zanu PF way where the ruling elite fleece the workers and the poor! The way Goreraza took over that mine it was clear he was using his political clout, he being the son of the First Lady and used to getting whatever he wanted, it was clear all he really cared about was getting as much gold as he could as quickly as possible. He did not care about the workers or the long term future of all those who depended on the mine!

    What is really surprising is the number of people, especially Zimbabweans, who are still hoping that something good will ever come out of this Mugabe and Zanu PF dictatorship. Instead of demanding the removal of this illegitimate regime; since they rigged the last elections they are per se illegitimate!

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      ”….since they rigged the last elections they are ”per se illegitimate”!

      I guess, the terms ”per se illegitimate”, are newly discovered words that you are using quite often these days. In Shona we say, ukapa benzi pembe rinongoridza pembe pese pese. Kunyangwe muchechi benzi rinoridza pembe vanhu vachinamata jehova kana rusifa.
      Gorereza bought a majority shareholding of the mine. He is an adult who takes independent decisions without the influence of his parents. Obviously, he is different from you who is told what to say by this pirate radio station. He owns a mine where he takes decisions on how to run the mine. In other words, he is an employer while you are an employee for wrong reasons. What an idiot!!!!

      • wilbert says:

        Yes you will be hearing the statement Mugabe rigged the elections and he is therefore per se illegitimate because it is the truth and because it is the truth that must be said again and again and again! And it will be said again and again and again; get used to it!

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