Mugabe wants Dabengwa to be co-vice president

Despite reports, Dumiso Dabengwa has most recently denied being formally approached by Mugabe

By Mthulisi Mathuthu
SW Radio Africa
10 January 2013

Dumiso Dabengwa could become the next co-Vice President if President Mugabe succeeds in luring him back to ZANU PF, reports this week suggested.

A Friday report in the Zimbabwe Independent said that Mugabe is courting Dabengwa to take up the post, which has been vacant since the death of John Nkomo in January last year.

According to the paper, the reports of Mugabe’s offer lend credence to speculation about why ZANU PF has not yet announced Nkomo’s replacement.

The post of the second Vice President is a preserve for former ZAPU members in line with the 1987 Unity Accord between the party and ZANU PF.

At the moment ZANU PF national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo is the most senior former ZAPU member who could land the post if Dabengwa declines Mugabe’s offer.

Dabengwa himself is quoted in the Zimbabwe Independent as saying that he has no problem with returning to ZANU PF if the conditions set by ZAPU are met.

According to the report Dabengwa said a ‘position paper’ had been sent to Mugabe’s party stipulating ZAPU’s conditions for rejoining ZANU PF.

In an interview with SW Radio Africa last week, Dabengwa said ZAPU wanted the war records which were seized at the height of the 1980s Gukurahundi genocide returned.

In the same interview, Dabengwa said his party wants the government to return the properties which it summarily grabbed from a holding company Nitram (Pvt) Ltd combining the party properties and those bought from contributions by the ZAPU war veterans.

Dabengwa’s comments came after Mugabe made a passionate plea for Dabengwa and ZAPU colleagues to reconsider their pull out from ZANU PF five years ago.

SW Radio Africa correspondent, Lionel Saungweme, said the report in this week’s Zimbabwe Independent was ‘plausible’ because ZANU PF has been trying to lure Dabengwa back since last year.

However, Saungweme said indications are that ZANU PF ‘will not meet’ the demands spelt out by Dabengwa. He cited ZANU PF secretary for administration and presidential affairs minister, Didymus Mutasa’s recent comments in which he said that the properties in question were automatically transferred to ZANU PF at the signing of the Unity Accord.

According to Saungweme most ZAPU cadres deny the existence of a ‘position paper’ setting conditions of return to ZANU PF, which Dabengwa claims was sent to Mugabe’s party.

Saungweme said Dabengwa’s comments in the Independent may be his ‘personal views and not those of the party.’ He said most ZAPU cadres simply want their properties back and have no interest in Mugabe’s politics anymore.


Since the article was first published on Friday, Dumiso Dabengwa has denied being formally approached by Mugabe

7 Responsesto “Mugabe wants Dabengwa to be co-vice president”

  1. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Oh my God, this is real politics at its very best. Robert Mugabe is not a man to joke with. He is a grand chess master who knows his game quite well. Who can not appreciate his power of wisdom and intelligence?

    As a political lightweight at present, Dumiso Dabengwa will be foolish to refuse this magnanimous offer. If he accepts the offer, it should be made clear to him that by accepting the post of Vice President, a coalition government has not come into being and that his followers should pay their
    political allegiance to the ruling political party, ZANU PF.

    • Yepec says:

      Again, fake, Chimbwido Warvet, sets aside politics telling everybody that he is more charmed by the so called, “power of wisdom and intelligence” of Robert Mugabe. This is the same man who unashamedly rigged the elections and stole the voices of the people of Zimbabwe, in order, to stay in power. Furthermore, he even paid Nikuv, a Company he says belongs to his enemy’s camp in doctoring the Voters Roll?

      Many a times, readers are breathlessly waiting for the contradiction of the day when fake, Chimbwido Warvet makes a comment. Remember, Dumiso Dabengwa’s famous statement to the effect that “we achieved our purpose in stopping Tsvangirai becoming a President”. Who can be fooled by Mugabe’ statement of luring Dumiso Dabengwa back to Zanu PF? He and Simba Makoni never left it in the first place.

    • dumbu says:

      This offer is to put Dabengwa at stake . Chatova chimukuyu kare kare if he admits to take this post.

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Apa mataura sekuru. Atoiswa mumbudu sekuru. Munofunga kuti anga achaita chii chinoshamisa iwo musoro wachina kuzoti ndebvu kunge mupostori sekuru. Nhamu yanga yamuvara sekuru.

    • wilbert says:

      Dumiso Dabengwa, like Joshua Nkomo and Morgan Tsvangirai, is only showing that when push comes to shove he will forget all the talk of human rights and justice if offered a seat on the gravy train. It is selfish gain they all care about. What I find surprising is that Dabengwa should be so blinded by the prospect of getting back on the gravy train that he does not realize that the whole Zanu PF dictatorship is imploding. Zanu PF, the Mugabe regime and Mugabe himself are all financial, ideologically and politically bankrupt. They really do not know what to do about Mugabe and the regime being illegitimate. They are finished!

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Well, what is left is to dangle a few pieces of silver, cakes and sweets to Morgan Tsvangirai just to lift him a bit from the ashes arising from the seemingly endless marital problems he is embroiled in at present. From the shock of losing the elections of 31 July 2013 he was confident of winning, to the current divorce proceedings with Elizabeth Macheka that have been lodged with the courts of this country, this guy needs the sympathy of ZANU PF. But given his level of intellect, the question is whether he will be that useful if he joins the ruling political party of this country.

  2. wilbert says:

    Dabengwa himself is quoted in the Zimbabwe Independent as saying that he has no problem with returning to ZANU PF if the conditions set by ZAPU are met.
    Yeah and we all know what those conditions are – a fair share of the country’s looted wealth. He was never cared about the freedom and rights of the ordinary Zimbabweans. Mugabe rigged the July elections but Dumiso Dabengwa and his Zapu friends do no give a damn about that; they will join and be a part of an illegitimate regime as long as they are on the gravy train!

    Well all the pretence that Zapu leaders were different from Zanu PF must be lied to rest. The two parties differed in name only, they all wanted a one-party dictatorship and were willing to kill for it and both did just that!

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