Search for missing Zim hiker enters 10th day

Zayd Dada has been missing for ten days

By Alex Bell
SW Radio Africa
13 January 2014

The search for a Zimbabwean man who disappeared during a hike up the Nyangani Mountain entered its tenth day Monday, with the family saying they will not give up hope of finding him.

31 year old Zayd Dada was hiking up the notorious mountain with his wife and another couple over a week ago. When the others decided to turn back to their holiday chalets, Dada continued up the mountain on his own. He never returned.

Since then, search parties have been out almost every day trying to locate Dada, often facing very poor weather conditions that have on two occasions suspended their efforts.

The search has steadily intensified, with assistance from the Zimbabwe police and army, as well as volunteers from across the country and from neighbouring South Africa.

About 80 people are now believed to be involved in the search, with the family appealing for assistance from any mountaineering experts to join them.

This week, a team from the South African based group ‘Gift of the Givers’ is making its way to Nyanga to help the family and search efforts. The group is the latest in a string of volunteers and caregivers trying to show their support for the family.

Shehnila Mohamed, Dada’s aunt, told SW Radio Africa that the family has been “overwhelmed” by support from around the world.

“We really have had overwhelming support. But the reality is it’s a massive mountain and we need more people with experience of these conditions,” Mohamed said.

She added: “We’re not giving up. Zayd is a tough (man) and someone that would never give up. So we’re not going to give up until we find him or know what happened.”

A Facebook page titled ‘Let’s Find Zayd’ has been joined by over 11 thousand people , who have been sharing messages of hope for the family and pledging to assist with financial aid, or volunteering their services to help the search. Anyone who wants to help or wants to leave a message for the family, are encouraged to join the group.

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