Zim officials on tight leash ahead of EU meeting


WikiLeaks included cables from the embassy in Harare, which exposed a number of issues within ZANU PF

By Alex Bell
SW Radio Africa
17 January 2014

Zimbabwe’s government officials have reportedly been put on a tight leash by the top leadership, ahead of alleged ‘re-engagement’ talks with the European Union (EU).

This is understood to be in the wake of the WikiLeaks scandal. The online whistle-blowing group caused international outcry after releasing previously confidential diplomatic cables from the US government and its offices around the world. This included cables from the embassy in Harare, which exposed a number of issues within ZANU PF.

These include claims over Robert Mugabe’s health, with former Central Bank chief Gideon Gono stating the ageing leader had cancer. Grace Mugabe, Joice Mujuru and other senior official were also all named in the cables, which has in turn led to a number of lawsuits being filed.

The Zimbabwe Independent reported this week that the ZANU PF government has since put out a circular that calls for limited interactions between senior civil servants and Western diplomats.

“Since the WikiLeaks revelations, government has limited the interaction between senior government officials and diplomats. Only ministers now attend embassy functions, with all government officials having to get prior clearance for that, unlike in the past,” a source was quoted by the Zimbabwe Independent as saying.

Local industry leaders are said to be heading to the EU for talks at the end of this month. This will be followed by an EU meeting scheduled for some time in February, which is rumored to decide the future of the remaining Zim restrictive measures the EU still has in place.

Political analyst Clifford Mashiri told SW Radio Africa that such a directive limiting the interaction of government officials with Western diplomats would not be a surprise.

“It remains to be seen what other secrets are being kept so I’m not surprised the officials are on a tight leash. The regime is paranoid now, and wanting to protect its secrets, especially with re-engagement on the cards,” Mashiri said.

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13 Responsesto “Zim officials on tight leash ahead of EU meeting”

  1. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    There is absolutely nothing serious to talk about. The European Union wants our precious metals which we will exchange with their Euro which is just a fictitious asset/ paper that is not backed by anything. The bottom line is it will be a rip-off for exchanging our precious metals with a currency that is useless, just paper money which is not backed by anything of value. Let us go back to the gold standard of the 60s and 70s. Zimbabwe will shine because it has piles of gold in stock.

    • The Black Aristocrat says:

      Return to the gold standard ???? – i’d lay off the crack pipe if i were you, because there are two chances of that happening – none and zero !
      Knucklehead, the Euro is supported by a $16 trillion economy of high tech goods and services !

      That’s more than 3,200 times the GDP of that bankrupt, failed little state Zimbabwe, and more than 10 times that of all 52 countries in Africa put together 33 years to total misgovernance and disastrous economic policies, Zimbabwe is the 51st largest economy in Africa out of 52!

      If that was not bad enough, as a result of Mugabe’s disastrous economic policies Zimbabweans now suffer the highest unemployment in the world and lowest life expectancy, together with the complete collapse of their health and education systems and road transport infrastructure, and the indignity of seeing their national currency used as toilet paper, because it was cheaper to use billion Zimbabwe dollar notes to wipe their backsides than pay for the real thing !

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        A hedge-fund manager who does not know that there is a current European Union debt crisis is a moving dead manager. My friend, the European Union is witnessing an economic meltdown that has never been experienced in this part of the world for generations. Keep looking for pies in the sky and pray that there will not be a complete breakdown and collapse of the economy this year.

        • China Warvet says:

          Chimbwido Warvet ! were you once Gonos teaboy? as you seem to know a lot about printing worthless currency and you know Gono was the mastermind that made all zimbabweans poor.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            My friend, the banking crisis we are experiencing right now affected the economies of the entire world. Zimbabwe could not escape this economic meltdown that has hit most severely the so-called third world countries. Gono had no choice but to do what had to be done to finance government expenditure. It is as simple as that.

    • Yepec says:

      At which location (City, Town or Mine), in Zimbabwe, is the gold “piled in stock”? This is a simple question which will not need you to have or ask a sidekick to answer it fake, Chimbwido Warvet.

  2. Yepec says:

    Lets point out the contradictions in the quoted sentence below in order to get out the meaning or meaningless of its comment. “The European Union wants our precious metals which we will exchange with their Euro which is just a fictitious asset/paper that is not backed by anything”. (Hopefully, my old Computer will not add typing problems at the same time to this analysis).

    What about the goods and services produced by the economies of the Euro block of countries, are they not allowed to back it? The machinery used in mining of the Zimbabwean, precious metals is made in some of these countries even some non- Euro, block countries might not be getting the precious metals but want trade and improved relations with Zimbabwe. If Zimbabwe is going to be holding a worthless,and fictitious, Euro currency, how is it going to be buying the non-European, made goods?

    Just to further highlight a few of these contradictions, below are some items questioning some of the actions involved in the meeting itself or the lifting of the sanction resulting in improved relations or trade.
    (i) Why let the meeting take place using Zimbabwe’s good name? Given that the European Union is cheating Zimbabwe, why let the country be cheated even so openly and publicly that one can talk or write about it? The European Union is cheating Zimbabwe rather than doing it a favour, isn’t it?
    (ii) Why exchange Zimbabwean “precious metals” with a fictitious asset/paper since the country is not being coerced but is freely doing it? Something which is, also, known before hand that the European Union and particularly, the block, currency countries? Who is forcing Zimbabwe to do this shameless and sham thing? What does it say about the writer, does the person know what is being done or the meaning of what the person is writing?
    (iii) If the Euro is fictitious and worthless money, why want the EU trade and what is this cry, mantra, and fuss with “sanctions”, a preoccupation of Zanu PF? Who wants to let go their precious metals for fictitious and worthless, paper money, like what the Zimbabweans used to do with the Zimdollar? It is said “once bitten twice shy”, is this true of Zanu PF or not?

    Without getting into the gold standard and analysing it, lets take a breath of fresh air given the hypnotic effects of this nonsense of a comment..

  3. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Oh by the way it paper money which is not intrinsic value or paper money which is not backed by anything of value. In other words, it is just a paper that is printed with nothing to back it. And by the way all the machinery manufactured by these countries once again is from our iron and steel, copper, manganese, cobalt etc etc they just plunder and loot from the African continent for no fair price. And they tell you that African countries are so poor. What a load of hypocrites who steal from you and tell us that we are so poor and miserable. Let us go back to the gold standard of the 60s and. 70s to see who is richer the African continent or the European Union. I can assure all of you that they will die of starvation. They have no mineral to talk of. They have absolutely nothing.

    • Yepec says:

      Fake, Chimbwido Warvet, Zanu PF must recall you before you do irreparable damages. The World Trade was off the Gold Standard for, at least, 40 years by the time the 1960s came around. Even as old as Mugabe is (90 years), he can testify to you that he never used the Gold Standard warehoused because of definitive shortcomings.

      From, where, did you get the idea? Is it one of the laughable Zanu PF propaganda gingles that they used to play on ZBC TV? Once again seriously take this advice, “lay off the crack pipe”, for you might stop this continuous hallucination trip. Also, be advised that there are zero chances of the World Trade ever going back to the Gold Standard.

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        When his economist talks, we should all listen. He is full of intelligence and wisdom. However, on this occasion, it must have skipped his always sharp mind that the good standard was in use 90 years ago. I challenge his understanding of the gold standard which is somewhat misplaced. Let it be brought to the attention of this economist that the gold standard was used in the 60s and terminated in the 70s for the simple reason that countries that are not producers of gold found it tough going. Get your facts correct, Mr Economist, before you make arguments you can not support.

        • Yepec says:

          Can you produce evidence to support the use of the Gold Standard in the 60s and its termination in the 70s? Which country/ies or a block of them used it? That was the time of Smith’s UDI and Zanu had been formed in 1963, The Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland had been dissolved in 1954. and subsequently, Malawi and Zambia had became newly, independent, African countries

          Kaunda is still alive and can provide you with the evidence you need that his newly independent country ever used the Gold Standard and may vouch for the despotic,dead Banda who tookover in Malawi then Nyasaland.

          The other crucial source of evidence, is none other than Robert Mugabe. on several of his outings. Did he ever saw, heard or even witnessed a country that was on Gold Standard? The tarting place for you is the then Southern Rhodesia, where he was born, educated to matriculation at Kutama College and that country was a crucial member of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland.

          Then the Republic of South.Africa, where he was educated at Fort Hare University, Ghana where he taught, Zambia and later Mozambique where he was based as a leader of Zanu and Zanla forces and finally, the then imperialist Britain, on several of his personal visits plus the negotiations for Zimbabwe’s independence.

          As is well known of you, you will not attempt to use the worn-out excuse you frequently employ in answering questions that expose you for what you are – an apologist for Zanu PF.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            There we go again, with the lecture by our political economist. It is so clear and helpful. That is why I like this guy

          • Yepec says:

            The evidence man, just the evidence. Where is the information to support your mouthing that the Gold Standard was in use in the 1960s but terminated in the 1970s?

            You can fool some readers but you cannot fool them all. Just produce the required evidence fake, Chimbwido Warvet

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