Tsvangirai to speak on deepening economic problems

Morgan Tsvangirai

By Tichaona Sibanda
SW Radio Africa
20 January 2014

Opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai will on Tuesday speak on the deepening political and economic problems facing the country.

His address at a Harare hotel will be attended by the business community, the media, students and civic society leaders. Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, told the Daily News that the event has been necessitated by the multi-layered crises confronting the country.

The MDC-T leader is expected to proffer possible solutions to the problems, including the protracted salary battle between government and civil servants. Civil servants are demanding a minimum wage of $540 from the current $297.

The government has said it can only afford $375 for the least-paid worker, which represents a $79 increment, which civil servants described as peanuts.

Tamborinyoka said the country is on its knees, yet the leadership of the country does not seem to have a clue on how to solve the challenges.

“Some even have the luxury to go on leave, as if all is well in the country,” he said, in reference to the ageing President Robert Mugabe who went on leave to the Far East earlier this month but returned last week.

3 Responsesto “Tsvangirai to speak on deepening economic problems”

  1. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    The life President of the MDC-T launches his long-awaited blueprint for Zimbabwe’s economic recovery on Tuesday. I will definitely be at the venue to listen to every word that comes out of his mouth. It should be highly interesting to know how we can get out of this economic quagmire that is attributed to the banking crisis of the major economic powers of the world. If the MDC-T can resolve our economic problem, perhaps the United States and the the European Union that are in crippling debts can take a cue from his economic blueprint.

  2. Hungwe says:

    Sure, Lets wait & hear from the legitimate President of the country. The one who was actually voted for by the people.

  3. Yepec says:

    Are these the new, buzzy words you have memorised and can be added to your vocabulary as something with which to defend yourself in your comments? How relevant are you going to use (apply) them, instead of, throwing them around whenever you read an Article on the Western economic problems? Readers want and expect something intelligent from comments on this forum and not Party, propaganda gingles fake, Chimbwido Warvet..

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