Outcry as ZANU PF ministers skip parliament

Zimbabwe parliament missing Z ANU PF MPs

By Mthulisi Mathuthu
SW Radio Africa
23 January 2014

Twenty-one questions on the Parliament’s Order Paper were Wednesday deferred, after several ZANU PF ministers failed to turn up for the Questions and Answer session, reports said Thursday. A NewsDay report said this ‘sparked an outcry’ from the MDC-T MPs who accused their ZANU PF counterparts of not taking parliament business seriously.

Glen View MP Fani Munengami set the ball rolling by raising a point of order with the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda. Munengami expressed concern over the absence of the ministers, the report said.

Munengami is said to have asked if it is ‘government policy that when MPs want to ask questions, there are no ministers to answer them in the House of Assembly.’
He added that he had no choice but to direct his questions to Mudenda since he could not see any minister in Parliament.

However Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa who, according to the report was the only minister present, chipped in to say the absence of his colleagues was ‘not a policy issue.’ Chinamasa is reported to have promised to ‘convey to his colleagues the imperative to attend Parliament.’

Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, Local government minister Ignatius Chombo, Agriculture minister Joseph Made and a few other deputy ministers are said to have walked in later. However, no sooner had Mnangagwa taken his seat than he was taken to task by Kuwadzana MP Nelson Chamisa.

Chamisa is said to have asked Mnangagwa, who is the leader of the House, to explain why the ministers were not coming to Parliament to answer questions. According to the report, Chamisa added that their absence was an indication that they were underperforming in Parliament.
Mnangagwa is reported to have fired back saying it was not the duty of the MDC-T to rate ministers. He added that the ministers’ performance is assessed by President Mugabe and the voting public.

In an interview with SW Radio Africa, Chamisa confirmed the Wednesday developments. Chamisa said it was not the first time for the ministers to fail to attend parliament. “It has become a culture and a way of doing things,’ said Chamisa.

He added: ‘We have many problems in the country ranging from energy to water and the people we represent in parliament want answers from us. So how do we account to them if the ministers don’t turn up to answer our questions?’

2 Responsesto “Outcry as ZANU PF ministers skip parliament”

  1. wilbert says:

    The joke is that these MDC MPs are talking as if parliament has ever achieved anything of note. Even when MDC had the majority of MPs in the house what did they achieve? Nothing! What more of this present crop who know that they owe their presence there to Mugabe’s vote rigging because the people never voted for them.

    Zimbabweans have to move on and stop paying attention to these MDC idiots who let the whole nation down by failing to implement the democratic reforms. All MDC want now is attention whilst they once again waste time talking nonsense!

    So MDC MP Munengami is asking whether is ‘government policy that when MPs want to ask questions, there are no ministers to answer them in the House of Assembly”? Are you asking the questions for the sake of asking questions or do you serious expect any meaningful reply?
    Now that the ministers did not even bother to turn up what are you going to do about it? In other words if you cannot do anything to force these ministers to attend what makes you think you can force them to give you a meaningful reply.
    MDC waste five years in the GNU because they were concerned about appearance when it was substance they should have been concerned about. We need to move on if we are ever going to get out of this mess! Idiots like Munengami are but a distraction, an empty drum making a lot of noise we cannot hear ourselves think! .

  2. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Kunonzi kugwanda ruzi,kune avo vanotamba makasa. Kana kuti ndikatizvee kwa Amato wandiona!!!!!!

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