Rowdy ZANU PF youths disrupt US Embassy event

Presidential spokesman George Charamba

George Charamba claimed Zanu PF was not concerned about the snub from US president Barack Obama

By Mthulisi Mathuthu
SW Radio Africa
24 January 2013

About 30 rowdy ZANU PF youths Wednesday barged into a US Embassy function in Masvingo, disturbed the proceedings and assaulted one journalist forcing the event to end prematurely, reports said Friday.

A Southern Eye report said the youths, who were apparently drunk, stormed the venue of the US President Barack Obama’s Washington Fellowship Young African Leaders initiative at a local theater. They then mobbed Corra-Leigh Magiya, an embassy official who was speaking at the time, and demanded that Washington lift the targeted sanctions imposed on President Mugabe and his inner circle.

The youths, who outnumbered the invited guests, also shouted their anger at Obama for not inviting Mugabe to the US-Africa Summit in August. This was after reports Wednesday said Mugabe will not be among the 47 leaders to be invited by Obama to a landmark US-Africa summit in August. The summit seeks to widen US trade, development and security ties with Africa to which the US president traces part of his ancestry.

Gang leader Talent Majoni, who is also ZANU PF youth league national deputy commissar, asked why Obama had excluded Mugabe from the August summit. He claimed that the sanctions were hurting the ordinary masses and shouted out saying ‘we do not need your scholarships.’

Ironically, as the youths were railing at the embassy officials over the omission of their leader from the forthcoming event, Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba was saying the Zimbabwe government was not bothered by it.

As the ZANU PF youths were shouting Magiya frantically tried to explain that she was not the right person to comment on the targeted sanctions issue but her every word was drowned in the din, forcing her to adjourn the meeting.

A year ago, another ZANU PF youth Sheila Mutsenu, confronted US Ambassador Bruce Wharton during his brief tour of the American Corner at the Turner Memorial Library near the Civic Centre in Mutare. Mutsenu took off her clothes leaving her in her undergarments. She further railed against the US targeted sanctions and in the process claimed that they were hurting ordinary people.

Daily News reporter Godfrey Mtimba confirmed the Masvingo incident and narrated his ordeal. He told SW Radio Africa that he was taking pictures at the event when he was pounced upon by the rowdy youths. Mtimba, who is also the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists national executive member, said the youths manhandled him and in the process tore his jacket.

In a related incidence of harassment of journalists, the Media Institute of Southern Africa reports that Matabeleland South Provincial Affairs Minister Abedinico Ncube has twice this year threatened Southern Eye correspondent Albert Mazhale over stories the Gwanda-based reporter has written about him.

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  1. Jose Campos Torres says:

    Banana republic where a bunch of uneducated drunk Boarder Gezi recruits can disrupt legitimate official functions and the police force is nowhere to be seen. This charade will not put food on these malcontents’ table. Charamba and Jonathan Moyo have claimed the snub is a non-event. This is the same reason why the Chinese are giving Zim a wide bearth because of lawlessness.

  2. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    US Embassy function in Masvingo? Pavakuda ziso regondo kunyatsotarisa kwese kwavanoenda munyika nekuti vanhu ava vanogona kuita nhubu munyika. HAVADI KUSIYIWA VARIVOGA NEKUTI VANOITA MASHIRIPITI MUNYIKA. KANA USIKU RIMWE ZISO RINOFANIRA KUNGE RAKAVURIKA RIMWE RORARA ZVARO.

    • Larry King says:

      US Embassy function in Masvingo? Yes you fool is there anything wrong with that. You ought to ask yourself what the heck do the Mugabes do in New York. Are they not there every time an opportunity presents just to waste our tax dollars on shopping and Mugabe making a fool of himself at the UN..As for the rest of your piece which is in Shona a language I am not conversant with I can only assume its a continuation of your cynicism.

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        That is a misrepresentation of facts. During his illustrious term of office at CNN, Larry King was believed and loved by us all. He was the embodiment of the American gentlemen who sought only the truth and never misrepresented any of his guests.
        Chimbwido Warvet never said any of the nonsense you have heaped on him. His concerns are that while the Embassy staff can do their work wherever they go, our people should be wary that they are capable of bringing trouble to the country and that they should be on the lookout. Is the Warvet not supposed to advise his people of the danger they can be exposed to?

        When Mugabe and his entourage go to New York for the United Nations General Assembly, they are confined only to New York City and are restricted to go to Washington DC or any other place in the United States. But that was not my concern because the US State Department has a right to deny them the freedom to visit other places in its country. Zimbabwe can reciprocate by placing a number of restrictions to the American Embassy staff, but that was not the gist of my narrative you have dismissed.

        • Larry King says:

          Larry King is a pen name and similarly Chimbwido Warvet is an assumed name you use to shield you from your association or links to the notorious CIO. Larry King being idolized by you of all people give me a break. I bet if he had to interview Mugabe with his probing questions your loving comrade Robert would have given him a dressing down. You can love LK , I dont.

          The Embassy Staff you referring who hosted this function did not do so with any intention of fomenting trouble. It was your Zanu PF who often rent these thugs to disrupt gatherings that Zanu PF do not like. What danger are you talking about you mean the one perpetrated by Warvet and Zanu PF.

          Mugabe in his confined space when he is in New York is allowed to talk to anyone or address any gathering he has that ability. Why is Mugabe so scared to talk to the press when he is in New York. He cannot stand his ground and he would be severely embarrassed. Your leader Mugabe is a spent force and has been so since 1980 Keep your faith in Mugabe since you are in his payroll.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Oh no no no my gosh Aah, ”Chimbwido Warvet is an assumed name you use to shield you from your association or links to the notorious CIO. Your leader Mugabe is a spent force and has been so since 1980 Keep your faith in Mugabe since you are in his payroll”, you say. What a disgruntled and bitter rhodies who talks craps all the time. How much is paid Chimbwido Warvet and who are you shielding your true name, you monkey?

            Well, I am not responsible for taking the land your ancestors and you had stolen from my people. Direct your disgruntlement and bitterness to Robert Mugabe and associates who are the legitimate rulers of this country and not Chimbwido Warvet. I hold no position at all and neither do I have any association with the CIO or get payment from anyone for expressing my views on what I believe is the truth. Only the truth will save mankind from the sharks at Wall Street that have caused immeasurable turmoil to the world. Chimbwido Warvet has nothing do with the banking crisis the world is experiencing right now but is a messenger propagating the truth to the world, if you like. This is not a blame game as you would like us to believe but the truth that is known world over. It is not news at all. Even my daughter still at school knows it because it is affecting her as well.

          • Larry King says:

            You keep digressing from the topic because you have nothing worthwhile which you can put to your defense of Zanu PF. Why dont you talk about the rot that your party created in a country that was ready to take off in 1980 when the white man gave your party of thugs so much. Instead your filthy rich cats stole all that was left and now whatever is earned also goes direct into the pocket of Messrs Mugabe and Company.

            Who got the land? Not the people of Zimbabwe I mean the majority blacks but a few the rich and the thieving few. Not one farm but many got multiple farms which are lying unused. Thes fools are no farmers they are destroyers of the farms that once fed the country and had surpluses for exports.

            I fell soory for your school going daughter but its you to blame for blindly following a party of thieves that offers nil hopes for our children, Especially for you a CIO operative a time will come when you will have only your pants when you make the run to the exit doors.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Well, Chimbwido Warvet is only reacting to the nonsense you have attributed to him. You have raised the question of his complicity and association with the CIO and ZANU PF that are all garbage and quite frankly not related to the topic under review. That would have been irresponsible for Chimbwido Warvet not to fire back at you while you misinform, deceive and cheat the world.

            Look, I and a number of other people did not get a piece of land. We could not all be commercial farmers. Other people had to be bankers, but not like the Wall Street ones who have robbed the world, sweeping our streets, teachers, economists, academics etc etc. Even during your heydays when you were masters of every facet of our lives, not all rhodies were farmers. Our people now have the land while you have nothing because you thought you were too clever.

          • Larry King says:

            Am I cheating the world? Which world are you talking about the one you and Zanu PF live in where privileged blacks are eating fellow blacks. Your defense of Zanu PF suggests many things, most importantly for you that you are a paid stooge. For a few dimes you are content prostituting Zanu PF failures.

            Why are you so obsessed with Wall Street when everyday we come across depressing news from our very doorsteps. You ought to talk about the hundreds of scandalous scams that your party of thieves are engaged in. It is you guys that need to be thoroughly investigated for robbing the nation. The most recent one being the insurance fraud done on a massive scale at Air Zimbabwe. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more no wonder Zimbabwe is now rated in the bottom of the list of poor countries.

            You are entitled to your politics but for you to come out strongly for Zanu PF treating it with utmost reverence and then hurl insults on the west you are in my opinion a nutcase.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            I do not think that I have insulted the West at all. I do not think my comments that are directed at Wall Street bankers and its corporations that have robbed us in broad-daylight are an insult of the West, a people who are also suffering the effects of their actions. If anything, I would define it as a criticism of the Wall Street bankers and corporations that have tampered with the reserve currency of the world, the US dollars. And today, the entire world is suffering from the effects of their foolish actions.

            You can not bring the people who are not involved in this argument and hope to draw or attract their attention and sympathy.

          • Larry King says:

            You have a passion for blurting out your nonsensical theories which tells a lot of lies. There is no truth in whatever you blurt out its all garbage and Zanu PF sh@t that you want to promote.

            You love shooting from your hip allowing your feeble mind to get the better out of you. You must be having your thick head buried under the sand throwing silly pieces that have no substance whatsoever. Example of your naivete when you say and I quote “And today, the entire world is suffering from the effects of their foolish actions”

            Definitely Africa is suffering not because of Wall Street but the actions of black leaders like Mugabe who are mostly corrupt and just do not now how to manage a country. All they know and in Mugabe’s case for 33 long years all he has done is selfishly manage his pockets and that of his fellow thugs. You ought to be talking about Zimbabwe. Forget the rest of the world, many countries of which save for our black Africa are doing well without Wall Street.

            China is doing well so is India so is Malaysia and the list is long which includes Botswana. If Mugabe had emulated Sir Seretse Khama when it got its independence Zimbabwe would have been the jewel. Ian Smith did not have Wall Street he had sanctions and a war to fight and yet the economy grew. You pontificate on Wall Street as as evil and then in another breath you pretend you are not anti west. Give me a break man you are an idiot of the highest order.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Now is the time to shut the fck up. We have done justice to this burning subject and let us move to something else more interesting. It is getting a bit boring and monotonous to repeat the same thing over and over again.

            What has been known for centuries, however, is that you can take a horse to the well but you can not force it to drink. And it is even worse to convince a rhodie in any subject because they know it all and above all ‘rhodies never die’. They do not appreciate that if the Wall Street bankers tamper with the reserve currency of the world – the US dollar, it will have ripple effects across the globe. And they fight Chimbwido for telling the truth.They continue to fight even when they are already in their graves or in the political dustbin of history. It is a shame.

          • Larry King says:

            Similarly you can take someone like you from the bush educate him as much as you can but you cannot get rid of his bush mentality. This is what you are moron. You should move on instead of clinging to and preaching an ideology based on hate and racial bigotry

  3. Larry King says:

    Thugs rented by Zanu PF to bring shame on Zimbabwe which regrets such acts of barbarism on a country that can kick @ss if it so chooses. Its not the other way round where Zanu PF thinks it can kick @ss

  4. Yeped says:

    Zanu PF would like us to believe that Mugabe should have been invited to the “Trade Development and Security Talks” of Obama. The Party is, also, crying of what it calls “illegal sanctions”, imposed on the country, in the case of the USA, under the Zedera Act.

    In any case, one should not want to have trade talks or relations with such a ruinous partner as the USA and under normal circumstances, one would want to break such ties. Furthermore, why worry about the trade sanctions such a partner would impose on your country? Such a trade, partner’s policies are destructive to yours in the first place, specifically, if that country imposes trade sanctions on yours then why bother with what it does or says? What is the preoccupation of Zanu PF with the lifting of the “targeted sanctions” imposed by the USA or that Obama should have invited Mugabe to the Trade Development and Security Talks?

    Here is a proof of cheating or the smoking gun in the hands of Zanu PF, that it cheats its members, the people of Zimbabwe and the people of the World. Cheating and always preoccupied with cheating, as what happened to the elections of 31 July 2013..

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