Key NCA members part ways with Madhuku


Professor Lovemore Madhuku

By Mthulisi Mathuthu
SW Radio Africa
27 January 2013

In what is a seen as a blow to the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), two key members have ditched the Lovemore Madhuku led outfit only four months after it transformed into a political party.

Director of information, Blessing Vava, and his colleague Takura Zhangazha, announced Sunday that they were resigning from the party due to the leadership’s arbitrary decision to participate in the weekend’s by-elections.

Both Vava and Zhangazha accused the party’s leadership of subverting the members’ will and of operating without clear policies and structures, reports said Monday. Zhangazha, who was still an ordinary member of the party, had resigned his position as Executive Director at the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe to join politics late last year.

A Monday NewsDay report quoted the two confirming their resignation from the party. Vava said he had hoped that the NCA would go to congress to map out clear strategies and discuss the party’s name before participating in elections.

Zhangazha said the NCA leadership had ‘fallen into the trap of seeking power for its own sake.’ He further accused some members of behaving like people in the MDCs and ZANU PF, by seeking political office without strategies and policies.

Vava, speaking on behalf of the pair, told SW Radio Africa that their resignation was with immediate effect. He said they were now going to concentrate on working with the Committee of the People’s Charter which lobbies for constitutional, gender and welfare reforms.

However, Vava would not be drawn into saying if they were accusing the party leadership of dictatorship. He said: ‘I wouldn’t want to say there is dictatorship. What we are saying is that the manner in which the decision to enter elections was made was undemocratic. The meeting which came up with the decision was not mandated by the structures of the party.’

NCA spokesperson Madock Chivasa was quoted in the NewsDay expressing his ignorance about the pair’s resignation from the party.

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  1. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    The chickens are coming home to roost or bad or silly things done in the past are beginning to cause problems for both the NCA and MDC-Kupe.

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