Glen View 3 finally bailed

Chikurubi maximum security prison

By Nomalanga Moyo
SW Radio Africa
29 January 2014

Lawyers for three MDC-T activists who have spent two years at Chikurubi Remand Prison on a murder charge have secured their release on bail.

Last Maengahama, Yvonne Musarurwa and Tungamirai Madzokere were arrested together with 29 others and accused of murdering police inspector Petros Mutedza in 2011. They all denied the charges.

Lawyer Jeremiah Bamu told SW Radio Africa that the three were granted bail Wednesday morning in response to a petition filed last week.

“The court agreed with us that it is time to release the trio on bail and we are processing their release. They should be out today,” Bamu said Wednesday.

The lawyer said the three will appear in court on February 24th, together with four of their MDC-T colleagues who are already out on bail.

The four co-accused are Lazarus Maengahama, Edwin Muingiri, Phineas Nhatarikwa and Paul Rukanda.

Twenty-one other activists were acquitted last September, while Rebecca Mafukeni died in custody after prison officers denied her access to medical help.

Lawyer Bamu said his clients are confident that justice will be served and they will be cleared of the murder charges.

“As their lawyers, my team will do its best to ensure that they get the best possible legal representation,” Bamu added.

The MDC-T has said it will not celebrate the release on bail of Maengahama, Musarurwa and Madzokere.

“As a party, the MDC is not celebrating their release on bail because justice delayed is justice denied.

“It was unfair and unconstitutional for the courts to deny them bail when the same courts have ruled that the charges that the three are facing are weak. However, we are happy that at last, the three will unite with their families, friends and party members,” the party said in a statement released Wednesday.

The MDC-T supporters were arrested in Harare’s Glen View high density suburb following the death of officer Mutedza during alleged political skirmishes.

The State alleged that he was murdered by the MDC-T activists, an allegation that prosecutors have failed to prove.

The MDC-T maintains that the case is just one example of the political and judicial persecution of its supporters by the ZANU PF government.

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7 Responsesto “Glen View 3 finally bailed”

  1. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Let the rule of law to take its course. The cowardly and callous murder of inspector Petros Mutedza in 2011 should not be in vain for how will the nation explain this heinous crime to the wife and loved ones of the late police officer if the culprits are not arrested, prosecuted and serve their sentences. Justice should prevail in this criminal case, period.

    • Hungwe says:


    • Yepec says:

      You keep on making more contradictions each time you write a comment on this forum. Does it ever bother you that these contradictions reveal a lot about you and the state of your mind?

      Given what you said about Petros Mutedza, what can you say about the known killers of Talent Mabika or Tonderai, two of the many murdered activists of the MDC? Your whitewashing of this truth of their murder, is one of the instances of what is called singing for your supper (dzvene).. A spade will never be a “spade”, as long as it has membership in the Zanu PF gang.

      Though Zimbabweans are happy to see these gallant activists free on bail, however, they wish it had never happened and that Zanu PF stops persecuting its political opponents in the name of the State.

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        It does not matter whether it is Talent Mabika, Tonderai or Petros Mutedza, any loss of human life for political gain or whatever reason can not be acceptable under any circumstances. Only insane children and adolescents can glorify the murder of other human beings. I therefore do not think it is fair for you to insult or criticise me for expressing my opinion on an issue which is the subject of debate. I obviously was going to voice my opinion if there was any mention of the names Talent Mabika and Tonderai but there is nothing to show in the main article. You are unbelievable man.

        • Yepec says:

          The Article says that the 29 Activists were accused of murdering Petros Mutedza but then were locked up in a maximum prison for three years without trial On the other hand, there is Kitsiyatota Mwela who petrol bombed Talent Mabika to death and on top of that was promoted by Robert Mugabe and is a freeman today.

          The other Glen View 28 activists still have their lives lives to be thankful of. What about Rebecca Mafukeni who died in maximum prison in this Zanu PF lock up of MDC activists? A free person dying in a maximum prison for something she did not do and was never tried but denied medical treatment?

          What kind of justice is this that you can remain so strangely quiet about when it is taking place? Everybody, knows that this case was on the forum on many, many occasions yet you strangely remained quiet.

          Rebecca Mafukeni, locked up in a maximum prison, denied medical treatment and finally died for something she did not do yet the State cannot even prove it to this day? Is this what you people say that you fought for?

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            My position is very clear. I respect human life and our courts should come to the defence of all Zimbabweas without exception. Justice should be allowed to prevail on those who have been wronged by both the state and individuals no matter their political alliances. This has always been my position as I firmly believe the ruling party, ZANU PF and government should function within the confines of law or within the constitution of the country. Nobody is above the law of the land.

          • Yepec says:

            When Zanu PF and its Police arm (the ZRP), locks people in a maximum prison without trial for three years and its staff even goes to the extent of denying them medical aid (Rebecca Mafukeni):
            (i) Is this not functioning outside the confines of the Law or Constitution of the country (Lancaster House, at the time)?
            (ii) Does the aggrieved party have any other option within the confines of the Law of the Land?
            (iii) On which side of the equation is the Judiciary to you? Is it guarding the laws of the country and interpreting them correctly?
            (iv) What do people, like you, do to show that “Zanu PF and the government should function within the confines of the law or the constitution of the country. Nobody is above the law of the land”?

            Fake, Chimbwido Warvet, put your words and mouth where the action is, this is not propaganda. You seem to be successfully trying to wean yourself from profanities and expletives.Rather than opening up another new subject, can you just answer the questions in the comment?

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