AU credibility questioned after appointing Mugabe to top post

Arthur Gwagwa

Arthur Gwagwa of Zim Human Rights NGO Forum said developments at the AU resembled the “theatre of the absurd”

By Alex Bell
SW Radio Africa
31 January 2014

The credibility of the African Union (AU) is being questioned after Robert Mugabe was this week appointed to a top position, which puts him in line to take over the AU chairmanship next year.

Mugabe, who turns 90 years old next month, was elected First Vice-Chair of the influential AU executive council. The appointment makes him eligible for the chairmanship of the AU in 2015.

The ZANU PF leader also takes over the SADC chairmanship later this year, a role which will coincide with his potential appointment to the AU chair next year. If this happens, Africa’s key leadership institutions will effectively be controlled by Mugabe.

Arthur Gwagwa from the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum described the developments in Africa as “theatre of the absurd.” He told SW Radio Africa on Friday that the move is an indication of Africa’s “belligerent attitude towards the West.”

“Africa wants to confront western countries, and what better way than to put Mugabe in the leadership. This will give him a more powerful voice and pedestal to shout at the West,” Gwagwa said.

Mugabe’s appointment reportedly renders “futile” a decision by the European Union (EU) not to invite him to a summit of the two blocs set for Belgium in April. A similar summit between the US and Africa had also not included Mugabe on its invite list, a decision that now puts the US and the AU at loggerheads.

“The AU is more like a club for old boys, so one of the things we have observed is that the AU and SADC tend to put relationships before principles,” Gwagwa said.

The analyst stated that the development should provide the US and the EU with an opportunity to reflect on its relationships with Africa. Western nations are not only providing the bulk of financial aid to African states, but also financially supporting blocs like SADC and the AU.

“I think this presents an opportunity for Western countries to listen to what civil society has been saying, that the people (they) are dealing with are not who they say they are. Particularly now when the EU is softening its stance on Zimbabwe” Gwagwa said.

He continued: “This should remind Europe of our message that all is not well in Zimbabwe, that we need to adhere to democratic principles and human rights.”

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21 Responsesto “AU credibility questioned after appointing Mugabe to top post”

  1. wilbert says:

    We are in serious trouble already but love to make a bad situation even worse! How can the AU elect an illegitimate head of state to head the continental body?

    • informer says:

      Because the AU is also run by dubious “leaders”. Its like a mafia, they do bad things together so they protect each other’s interets to keep the mafia crew intact!!

      • wilbert says:

        True but it is not just the leaders who are to blame here; the people themselves are to blame too because they are fast asleep when they should be holding these leaders to account.

    • The Black Aristcrat says:

      The SADC is known as the Southern African Dictators Club for a very good reason!

      Sadly, most African leaders have an extremely poor record of relinquishing power once firmly ensconced in office – stubbornly believing that only they and they alone should permanently lead the Nation, despite being totally unsuitable for the responsibility the office requires – the reality is that most are ill educated thugs and criminals interested only in feathering their own nests.

      • wilbert says:

        But if the people are aware the leaders are dictators then why are they doing nothing about it?

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Wilbert Muroyi is a nobody even if he changes his name to something else. We know his mannerisms and style of writing and can not cheat us. Any attempt to do so is futile and stupid.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof) says:

      @wilbert::::::? You must understand that legitimacy does not come from the WEST! Our PRESIDENT is legitimate! He was elected , unlike KHAMA who was not subjected to the country`s electorate! May be you are angry that neo-colonial observers were barred during our elections? Africa is coming of age diplomatically speaking! Even naive ZUMA who voted fooooooolishly on Libya is now awakening ! Africa will now use a long fork when supping with the neo colonial devil, regardless of sinister aid tentacles extended by the West!

      • tfara says:

        You are mistaken, the Neo Colonialists were officially invited to observe our elections. Indeed, the Chinese were certainly invited and in attendance.

      • wilbert says:

        Mugabe rigged the 2013 elections; if he did not then he should release the voters roll!

  2. lykmoor says:

    What’s the point of shouting at the West and AU, you can not feed your people.

  3. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Vakomana onai huma iyi, Arthur Gwagwa. Mhino yake ungati itsoko kana kuti gudo ririkudya tsambatsi.

    Arthur Gwagwa should realise that Robert Mugabe was appointed by the African Union to be at the helm of this organisation. In appointing office bearers of the African Union, it has never been the tradition for African leaders to appoint an AU Chairman who is a darling of the European Union but a leader who is able to represent the interests of the union. Similarly, the criterion that European Union leaders are appointed is not based on whether they are liked by the African people but on their ability to serve the interests of their people in this part of the world. The slave-master mentality held by this buffoon can no longer be acceptable in this 21st century where all countries in the world now consider what is in the best interest of their own people. What a lousy and foolish so-called human rights analyst who preaches about democracy but wants the African to impose a leader who is acceptable to the European Union and not the African continent. That is not acceptable by any standard, Arthur Gwagwa. Kufunga nemukosho kwete neuropi blaz.

    • Tiger Shona says:

      Hey you clown, liar, thief, and other bad characteristics about you that we do not know yet, it is not Arthur Gwagwa that is the buffoon. It is YOU. People are sick and tired of Mugabe and Zanu PF, despite the lies you are peddling here. The only people in Zimbabwe that are happy, are people sitting with stolen items, and that is not the majority.
      Most people in Zimbabwe, especially the educated people in the cities know for a fact that the last election were stolen. There is no doubt about it.
      And everybody is fed up paying twice as much for anything they are buying in the shop, because Zanu PF with all there ridicules policies destroyed thousands of companies, and nearly everything has to be imported now.
      As you can see for yourself, despite making sure that you always have the last say in the columns, by far and the most people do not agree with you at all.
      You are wasting government money and our damn time. Go and do something worth while for a change.
      You may even be guilty of murder for all we know. That could be why you may not be in Zim.

    • Yepec says:

      The issue is on the credibility of the AU in appointing Mugabe to one of its top positions (Vice Chairman). There are allegations that the elections of 31 July 2013 in Zimbabwe, were rigged and upto this day (six months later), none of the observing delegations or their members have pronounced them as being “free and fair”.

      Despite Robert Mugabe, being in Office for more than six months, Zanu PF, ZEC, Judiciary (Constitutional, Supreme and the High Court), have orchestrated to frustrate rather than facilitate showing that there is no substance to the accusations.

      Your pitch on the “liking” is related but is not the answer to the credibility of the AU. A clue would point out to the legitimacy of Robert Mugabe’s Presidency in the face of the allegations, not Arthur Gwagwa’s features or your liking mantra .

  4. Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof) says:

    MDCT should quickly despatch Timba to express the party `s displeasure SADC! They can threaten to boycott 2018 elections .But they should understand that Zimbabweans(majority) will continue to sing“ ndiyani arongaizvi ? ndiyani aronga izvi ? kuti Cde Mugabe vatungamirire Zim ne AFRICA! Mhinduro inoti `Ndi Mwari akanaka “se rwiyo rwave kuimbwa kwese kwese mu Zimbabwe! Sezvavakataura ivo va Cde Mugabe mbune recently kuti “ndi mwari ari kundirara misa, imiwe“ , kwete satani we BLAIR ne MDCT! Africa sees Cde MUGABE with pan African eyes,not neo colonial lenses used by MDCT! Amen! MHARIDZO YAPERERAPANO!

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      You can be my professor with insight. Certainly African leaders have come of age and are no longer pushovers. They now consider what is in the interest of the African continent and their own people. Gone are the days when they looked for pies in the sky and praying for Western philanthropists to come to their rescue. Today’s world is ‘each man to himself/herself and God for us all’. There is no free cup of tea as all desire to be paid for their efforts.

      • tfara says:

        The interest of SADC is that Zimbabwe remains weak and desperate. Not only do they get the chance to export everything from food to spares to Zimbabwe but they also are now able to get Zimbabwe’s share of investments and of course our richest resource, our educated and experienced labour force

    • wilbert says:

      The house is burning and you do not even realize it!

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        it you who is burning, you fcking idiot.

        • wilbert says:

          So why are you cursing and swearing if it is me who is burning? I told you Mugabe rigged the elections and he is NOT going to get away with it. He was sure the issue would be forgotten within weeks especially after Tsvangirai withdraw his Court challenge. It is now seven months since the election and yet the issue of vote rigging and his illegitimacy is still as hot as ever.

          I have said it once and will say it a thousand times: Mugabe rigged the July 2013 elections and he is NOT going to get away with it, not this time. No chance!

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