Grace Mugabe grabs more land

Grace Mugabe has grabbed more land belonging to Interfresh’s Mazoe Citrus Estate

By Nomalanga Moyo
SW radio Africa
31 January 2014

First Lady Grace Mugabe has grabbed more land belonging to Interfresh’s Mazoe Citrus Estate, according to the Zimbabwe Independent newspaper.

The president’s wife has seized a further 800 hectares in addition to the 1,600 hectares she grabbed last year from Interfresh, on the pretext that she was expanding her orphanage, located nearby.

The Independent reported how three years ago, prospective homeowners who had bought stands from the Mazoe Rural District Council in 1998 were evicted to pave way for Grace’s orphanage.

There are indications that Grace is still eyeing more of the estate’s land, part of which was grabbed by Environment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere 10 years ago.

Grace and her husband President Robert Mugabe are multiple farm owners whose land grab spree two years ago displaced 50 families who had been resettled at Manzou Game Reserve.

Her first son Russell recently grabbed Tolrose Mine in Kadoma.

Political analyst Leslie Dube, who visited the Mazoe area recently, said there was land around the orphanage that Grace could have occupied.

“It’s disgusting. She did not have to go for more of the Interfresh land because the company has been in trouble for some time now. The more land she takes, the more people will be rendered jobless.

“So her land grab is not being driven by the love of the ordinary person or these orphans. It is pure greed,” Dube added.

Interfresh last year said the portion allocated to the Mugabes’ represented 46% of Mazoe Citrus Estate’s total arable land, meaning 30% of its budgeted revenue for the financial year 2013 was lost.

They have since lodged an appeal with the Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement, the Independent said.

The Mugabes already own Highfield Farm in Norton, Gushungo Dairy in Mazowe and are also linked to land belonging to a posh school along Borrowdale road, in Harare.

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  1. Nzhou says:

    Really Grace – does it make you happy?

  2. informer says:

    Graceless the Zanu prostitute has been affected by Matbili syndrome. Loot loot, lie lie, pretend to help, pretend to help and beat up anyone who questions, like she did to the journalist who found out about their Loot East house in Hong Kong!!

  3. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Interfresh has been waging a war with this government since a portion of land was taken to develop the orphanage by the First Lady. They became less effective although it still occupied a large chunk of land. Very little if any agricultural activity was going on at this farm to the dismay of those craving for more land for productive use.
    Fortunately, the First Lady has the capacity to make use of this land as she has the passion for agriculture and financial resources to bring back oranges and Mazowe Crush on our dinner tables. Frankly speaking, any land that is lying idle or too big to be owned by a multinational corporation it wants purely for speculative purposes should be taken and put to productive use. It can also be done if it is proved beyond doubt that a multinational corporations stops agricultural activities simply because it is unhappy and wants to fix the ZANU PF led government.

    I hope I will not be accused for being a CIO operative and apologist for ZANU PF led government by my well known critics.


      ‘bring back oranges and Mazowe Crush on our dinner tables’???

      Spare us the hypocritical sanctimonious nonsense – how can this happen, when your dinner table is in another country thousands of miles away from the bankrupt sh*thole you used to call home.

      A country so destroyed by Mugabe’s disastrous policies it now relies on food aid to feed millions of it’s people !!!!!!! While Mugabe and his henchmen feast on fillet steak, lobster and the finest wines flown in from the West! lol!!!!

      Don’t worry we will not let you forget you’re a low level CIO operative singing for his supper from abroad !

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Do you know that the CIO is the brainchild of the Rhodesia Front and that its director general was Ken Flower? And do you know that Rhodesia CIO attempted to assassinate Robert Mugabe and it failed dismally?

        • Mike Rook says:

          Yes Chimbwido – I knew Ken’s Ken’s daughter Marda Flower – and for your interest Flower was retained as head of CIO by President Mugabe, and served him with loyaly and distinction. The assassination attempt you refer to was carried out by inept South African based dissidents directed by ex-CIO operative Pat keiser. Keiser had defected to South Afica after Independence and was a key figure in the forming and directing of RENAMO in Mozambique.. The same operative was involved in the abduction of Edison Sithole and his secretary Miriam Mhlanga, who disappeared on 15th October 1975.after they’d left the Quill Club at Ambassador Hotel in Harare. I was one of the last to see them, meeting and greeting them both halfway down the stairs as they were leaving the club. On entering the quill I saw just one customer hunched at the end of the bar whispering into the telephone. It was Pat Keiser!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Oh no no no my gosh Aah, what a mother fcker you can be Mike Rock. I am sure, you can be a useful informant for ZANU PF that is still grappling to get information that can lead to the discovery of the remains of the late Edison Sithole with view to giving him a decent burial befitting a national hero of Zimbabwe.
            In his well read and publicised memoires that he compiled before his death in 1987, Ken Flower disclosed his complicity to the creation of Rhodesia CIO, the attempted assassination of Robert Mugabe by the Rhodesia CIO and to the creation of RENAMO with view to destabilising Mozambique that was considered by Rhodesia CIO as assisting our liberation war efforts. This information is further collaborated by Martin Meredith, an American journalist in his well read and publicised book, ‘Mugabe: Power, Plunder and the Struggle for Zimbabwe’s future’, on page 29 in case you want to read and get the details for yourself.
            You see, in today’s world, you can no longer deceive or cheat anyone as information is readily available to any diligent researcher who wants to establish the truth. Besides, the internet has revolutionised the world with enormous information that can educate mankind against hopeless propaganda. All the information I have disclosed is now in black and white. All major libraries of the world, hold such crucial information on their data base and books as well. All that is need is to focus on what information you want to find for yourself and you get all you need, duzvi rambuya njuzu.

          • Mike Rook says:

            I was THERE CW were YOU or Martin Meredith? Ken Flower’s confessions were a publicity stunt to sell his book. If you’d been around at that time instead of prematurely fleeing to Perfidious Albion, you’d be more qualified to separate facts from fiction.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            I was there too Mike Rock and for this reason, you can not fool or deceive me. On assumption of duty as the Director General of the CIO under the Mugabe’s administration, Ken Flower confessed to him of the role he played during the war. Robert Mugabe was advised to engage Ken Flower as a mole who knew too much to be ignored through the recommendations of Samora Machel who was also privy to the information of his involvement with the creation of RENAMO. Believe me, you are talking to a very well informed, Chimbwido Warvet. This guy you haven’t known and will probably never get to meet and talk things over, is full of knowledge and educated too.
            The question should be, are you prepared to serve us as our informant to unearth the remains of Edison Sithole so that we accord him a decent burial that befits the status for a national hero at our National Shrine? This is my only plea which is really a serious matter to the Zimbabwean people.

          • Mike Rook says:

            You were everywhere in your dreams CW. I knew Edison personally and once spent time with him discussing issues at his home in Highfield. I was shocked at his sudden disappearance. Unlike you he was polite and educated and able to debate with conviction and panache. The manner of his abduction was unlawful and cannot be condoned under any pretext.

          • Mike Rook says:

            Who are readers going to believe CW – a coward without the courage of his convictions who hides behind a pseudonym and avatar, or a real person with a real name and identity?

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Only I can see is a man with grey and white hair who is probably in his nineties putting on spectacles. I can not see your face clearly as it is covered with white beard. Next time you decide to pose for pictures, make sure you remove all that white beard first. You can then display a face that is clean shaven for purposes of showing a clear identity. And only then will you have stopped cheating and deceiving your followers. Ok?

          • Mike Rook says:

            And what about that?
            Nay, an there were two such, we should have none shortly, for one would kill the other. Thou, why, thou wilt quarrel with a man that hath a hair more or a hair less in his beard than thou hast.
            I had grown a full beard to play Mercutio in a local production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Methinks you would have made an excellent Benvolio to my Mercutio CW. Here is a more recent pic for purposes of showing a clear identity. To save face, I now challenge you to heed your own advice and follow suit Chimbwido Warvet.

          • Rufaro Ndlovu says:

            I believe the white man Mr mike because unlike everyone posting here he doesn’t hide. I always posted using my name and now like Mr Mike I will show my face. You howl abuse like a wolf Chimbwido Warvet but you are really just a frustrated black pussycat. My sekuru from the Second Chimurenga would have called you Mujiba.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            If you want to see my face, I have no problem with that. You can come to my house and have free lunch as well as a cup of tea. How about that and will that stop you calling Chimbwido Warvet a frustrated black pussy-cat? If you do come, who knows what a meaningful relationship that may develop thereafter. You may be lonely and this may take away the rejection by the loved one and frustration you may harbour. Who knows?

          • Rufaro Ndlovu says:

            My frustration was with you comrade CW. However your sweet offer of a free lunch and a cup of tea (have you anything stronger) has melted my heart and eased the pain. When will you be purchasing my return ticket from Harare?

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            I can not refuse the offer from that beautiful girl. You look like a Hollywood film star babe. Can you give me your physical address so that I post the air-ticket to a lovely girl. If you fancy a whisky on the rocks or a bottle of fine champagne, that can be sorted for you and you only. When you come, promise that politics or the land question, will not be discussed at all but only to get to know each other more. Ok?

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Well that must have been exhilarating to see a man wearing that white beard. I must admit that you have a good sense of humour unlike some of the fakes that frequent this site who are too serious on politics only as if politicians have been any good to any of us. All politicians are all crooks. They can tell you that there is no unemployment, the economy is growing by leaps and bounds, there is no racism in the country and all other foolish things I can not write here.
            But you are par-excellence, you can converse in poetry, plays in theatres and write well in your mother’s tongue . I love you like chocolate. You are the best Mike Rock. By the way are you a rhodie? Most rhodies I know, do not have the brains like you have man.

          • Mike Rook says:

            Not a Rhodie but a Zimbabwean robbed of his citizenship by Tobaiwa Mudede. By sheer coincidence he was at Harare airport the evening I was leaving for the UK. He sat next to me extolling the virtues of Zimbabwe, believing I was a tourist returning home. I thought it unwise to show him my two passports. I was wondering if we’d ever find something in common until you mentioned politicians. At long last we are singing from the same hymn sheet. Finally, although your compliments made me blush I have to endorse wholeheartedly every word you uttered. Aluta Continua CW!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Next time you go to your homeland, you have to stamp your foot down and declare that nobody has the constitutional right to take away your nationhood. You can even give me a call to sort out this bast++d who has denied my friend his citizenship. Give me a call when you come next and will sort him in ways he will not forget. Ok?

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Duzvi rasekuru Wilbert Muroyi. You do not have the spine to come out of that closet that is full of corpses of our freedom fighters you exterminated during the era you worked for the Rhodesia CIO under the tutelage of Ken Flower, Lucker and Danny Stannard. We know you very well and you can not deceive or cheat us because you are already on our data base. So sit back, smoke your weeds, drink whisky and enjoy your time in London while it still lasts as your days when we will get you are numbered.

        • Comrade Jinx says:

          Showing your real colours
          Showering threats because someone touched a nerve in your cowardly, spineless body… a coward before 1980,and a wet sap now

    • Mike Rook says:

      Cde Grace is a prolific dairy maid Chimbwido. Milking the cows and now milking Interfresh.

  4. judypetrou says:

    The midnight hour approaches, and when it does the first lady and her husband will feel what millions have suffered, please believe me no matter what your status, you bleed red blood and the pain is the same. Take care those who defend the actions of these two and their henchmen you will go down with them and like them nobody will hear your cries, it will be the ancestors of the many thousand slaughtered by the 5th brigade killers sent by Mr Mugabe. those who have died of hunger, aids and hate who will come with those alive and brave enough to shout ENOUGH, ENOUGH!!!!!!!!.

    • Mai Fatso says:

      Remember Imelda Marcos

      • judypetrou says:

        Mia we have to remember nobody, all evil eventually is overcome, it is the law of nature,of God ,of all creeds,and the deep hope and needs of the people will some day be granted. Remember only that silence breeds evil, Bless you for your response.

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