Medical aid society boss earned $500,000 monthly


Cuthbert Dube enjoyed a very large salary

By Nomalanga Moyo
SW Radio Africa
03 February 2014

The sacked boss of the Premier Service Medical Aid Society Cuthbert Dube’s monthly income was half-a-million dollars, twice what was initially reported.

Dube was forced to retire Monday, amid state media reports that his yearly earnings totalled $6.4 million.

His monthly pay cheque is $100,000 more than American President Barack Obama’s annual salary of $400,000.

Press reports indicate that Dube and 14 other PSMAS executives were earning a combined annual wage of $18 million.

“With $18 million we can run Mpilo Hospital efficiently for 18 months,” a senior official at the country’s third largest health centre told SW Radio Africa Friday.

The Herald newspaper names the 14 executives as Ernest Gwinyai, Enock Chitekedza, Richard Mutasa, Cosmas Mukwesha, Juliana Sabarauta, Mavis Gumbo, Nicholas Munyonga, Augustine Khoza, Raphael Paradzayi, Joice Munyoro, Getrude Tsiga, Barbara Melusi, Fungai Nyamuzinga and Thomas Hama.

Their salaries were approved by the PSMAS board chaired by Meisie Namasasu, who has since been dismissed.

An executive at the indebted society has announced that executive salaries will be slashed, with the chief executive’s salary now pegged at $60,000 a month – which is still almost double the American President’s salary.

The executive also said they have reduced the company’s debt to medical service providers from $38 million to $13.9 million.

Most service providers have reportedly blacklisted PSMAS, with health institutions demanding cash payments from the society’s members.

As fresh details continue to emerge about the rot at these quasi-state institutions, observers doubt that the current revelations in the public media are driven by a genuine desire by the ZANU PF government to crack down on corruption.

“The salaries and the gross maladministration at parastatals, that the State media are reporting, have been revealed by the private media before, and ZANU PF has not taken action,” former journalist Kumbirai Mafunda told SW Radio Africa Friday.

“Anomalies such as the lack of proper corporate governance at these State-controlled institutions are clearly raised as concerns in the Comptroller-General’s 2011 audit report.

“So I struggle to believe that those in the public media and the government have discovered these things and are genuinely cracking down on corruption. They knew all along,” Mafunda added.

Many political observers believe that on-going public media crusade is just ZANU PF factionalism playing itself out in the public domain.

Emmerson Mnangagwa and Joice Mujuru lead ZANU PF’s two factions, and Information Minister Jonathan Moyo who presides over the State media, belongs to the Mnangagwa camp.

“A closer look at what’s going on shows that the ZANU PF faction controls the State media and is stage-managing the publicity.

“So the revelations are one way or another serving the interests of a faction and whether or not the State media will sustain them will depend on the tenure and authority of the faction that controls the media,” Mafunda said.

13 Responsesto “Medical aid society boss earned $500,000 monthly”

  1. Chimoto says:

    Lets not be hoodwinked by concentrating on Dube. The whole board is corrupt and are trying to cover up by retiring Dube. The fees taken home by the board members should also be made public. I am sure we will have another shocker. Newton Mhlanga the now acting chairman is personally known to me as a corrupt person. How his nephew Raphael Paradzayi became the head of human resources at PSMAS and one of the highly paid managers smells a rot. Contracts awarded by PSMAS should be perused to establish beneficiaries and value for money. More investigative reporting required and the whole board should be sacked.

  2. Noma says:

    Interesting observation. As long as these are appointments it’s always going to be the same story. There doesn’t seem to be any real effort to eradicate the rot in any of the institutions.

  3. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    These guys are simply parasites who are engaged in organised crimes against the people of this country who should join others in prison already serving long custodial sentences. This is reminiscent of the Mafia gangs of Italy and Latin America and should be dealt with accordingly before they spread their tentacles in our society. It brings into question whether independent financial audits are still being carried out on a yearly basis at all government run institutions and ministries as was the case before. Quite frankly, if financial audits have been carried out, these anomalies should have been picked up quite easily. Something is horribly wrong here and all heads of ministries should rise to the occasion and stamp out this rot that is spreading like wild fire. This is disgusting to say the least.

    By the way, where is Tiger Shona and Larry King? Can I have their views, please if they are still awake. They are known for sleeping during the day and very little sleep during the night.


      ‘This is reminiscent of the Mafia gangs of Italy and Latin America and should be dealt with accordingly before they spread their tentacles in our society.’

      Lol!!! They are doing nothing more than Mugabe and his henchmen have been doing on an industrial scale for 33 years – robbing that state blind !

      It’s a bit rich for the military dictatorship to be arresting people for corruption when they have been doing exactly the same thing but on a much grander scale for decades !

      Sadly, this is what happens when a psychopath masquerading as a president uses patronage for decades to retain power – the end result is always the same – a bankrupt banana republic Mafia State with no rule of law or property rights !

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Well, that is what you are paid to spew the usual nonsense we have come to associate with that pirate radio station you work for. For the lot of at that pirate radio station, it is the norm otherwise you will irrelevant, redundant and thereby necessitating the axe to do its work of chopping the deadwood.
        This is a very straightforward case that should be treated for what it is. Likewise, our comments should not wade-off but focused in addressing issues that are relevant to the subject matter.

        • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

          ‘Pirate radio station employee’???

          You really should seek medical help – you’re becoming paranoid !

          The only issues Zimbabweans are interested in is how to get rid of the thieving election rigging criminals masquerading as their ‘leaders’ ! Nothing else matters !

    • Larry King says:

      Unlike your CIO schedule which is intrusive, Larry King your favorite critic has since retired. I can afford to sleep peacefully every day without fearing for my life unlike you who must be scared for his life sleeping with a gun under his pillow.

      The parasites you are talking about are not few, which you are deliberately distorting and expect us to buy. We Zimbabweans are enlightened you know we do not fall for your garbage. Its more than the few its the bang lot in Zanu PF that have taken our country for a ride. The rot begins at the very top from Robert Mugabe down to your CIO who serve and protect the thugs. Corruption has been rampant in Zanu PF circles for a very long time under the watch of Robert Mugabe who is part and parcel of the Alibaba clan of thieves. He is the chief of chiefs who have milked this country dry. These thieves have already “spread their tentacles into “our” society. “Our” society is a euphemism since when does Zanu PF care for “our” society. All your chefs including yourself think of is how do “we” (not us 13 million of us) fill our pockets.

      No matter how much gold, diamonds, platinum we etc we have buried under the ground as long as the party of thieves are in power we can forget that Zimbabweans will benefit from this. We are no better than Nigeria and certain black African countries where the chefs loot the wealth of their respective countries. Instead of being direct why beat round the bush by not condemning the main perpetrators Mugabe and his Ministers instead of saying “government ministries” Are you trying to pull a fast one that every civil servant is a crook?

      What financial audits are you talking about, even if these are done do you want us to believe that the these will be made public for us all to see who is crooking who. Zanu PF behaves like a secret society it very closely guards its chefs from being brought to book. We see plenty of this, the big fish are spared whereas the little ones like myself and 13 million fellow Zimbabweans are hauled before the courts often when no crime has been committed.

      The rot has long set in, it is firmly entrenched and the only way out is for Zanu PF to get a boot. But having said this its no use getting someone else in power like say Morgan Tsvangirai who is equally corrupt and stupid. We need honest Zimbabweans there are many blacks amongst the millions who have remained in Zimbabwe who are in the diaspora who with the help of the international community will get this country on its feet.

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Does this idiot know that the CIO is the brainchild of the Rhodesia Front that was created to exterminate the freedom fighters of this country? Does this buffoon know that Ken Flower of the Rhodesia Front was the Director General of the Rhodesia CIO. Does this foolish man know that Ken Flower and his Rhodesia CIO attempted to assissinate Robert Mugabe in 1980 but failed dismally?
        And does this buffoon know that Rhodesia CIO trained the RENAMO of Mozambique to terrorise the Mozambican people who were supporting ZANLA freedom fighters carrying out military incursions from this country to Zimbabwe? And does this fool know that soon after Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980, Ken Flower and Rhodesia CIO handed over RENAMO to apartheid South Africa that helped in providing moral and military support to this terrorist organisation with view to creating mayhem and havoc in Mozambique? If this buffoon answers these questions rationally and intelligently, only then can we take our debate to another level. Otherwise, it seems to the Warvet that he is wasting his precious time debating with a brick-wall.

        • Larry King says:

          All you are doing above is regurgitating a past that has nothing to do with present day corruption and your activities with the notorious CIO. Smith must have used intelligence on spy missions especially in times of war but did he use this to secure him politically against those whites who opposed him? Your mission is dangerous for ordinary black Zimbabweans, you are a useless Gestapo like organization that has infiltrated all sectors of Zimbabwean life designed to instill fear.

          You know the history of the CIO because you are CIO so giving me a history lesson on its past has no consequences for me or for that matter for millions of Zimbabweans. I do not debate politics at the level you decide on I take command of my own views and share them with my fellow Zimbabweans.

          You have deliberately deviated from the topic under discussion which is the corruption your brothers are heavily involved in We are not talking of petty corruption, Zanu PF thugs do not play with small numbers they go for the kill. We have been seeing and hearing of how this rot called corruption has permeated our country wherever Zanu PF is in authority. You do not talk about these massive crimes because it involves your loved ones in Zanu PF,, your paymaster

          Ken Flower is dead but your CIO is very much alive. S Africa is free and remnants of Renamo still remains. Its for the Mozambicans to deal with what is left of Renamo Do you expect us Zimbabweans to believe that havoc during the war and during the apartheid era was created by Renamo, S Africa and Rhodesian forces. Zanu PF was also involved in atrocities ask Mugabe how he got rid of his black opponents. Is it not strange that after 33 years Mugabe has not produced his memoirs chronicling the history of the war. You know the reason he had a lot of blood on his hand and soon after 1980 he massacred thousands of Matabeles

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Ken Flower is dead but his philosophies amongst rhodies live on.

          • Larry King says:

            At least Ken Flower is more than likely remembered by former white Rhodesians. As for you, your days are numbered and as your demise approaches and comes to an abrupt ending you will be forgotten even by your fellow black Zanu PF comrades. You will be eating each other to save face and the wrath of millions of every Zimbabwean black and white.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            If you have the power and influence to let that happen, so be it. I have a country and people who believe in me. I stand for what I believe in and will not listen to any crap from you or anybody who wants to gag me. You are an idiot

          • Larry King says:

            I have a roof over my head and I feel very secure, I go to bed without fearing who is going to come and get me or kill me because I lead a very simple life. I can imagine the type of people who believe in you, today they are your brothers “in arms” tomorrow your enemies and are very likely to desert you when the sh@t hits the fan

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