Marange corruption exposed in ongoing ZANU PF ‘purge’

A worker at Marange Resources diamond mining firm as a security guard looks on

By Alex Bell
SW Radio Africa
04 February 2014

A suspected purge in the faction riddled ZANU PF party is set to claim more individuals, after reports of massive corruption at the state run Marange Resources diamond mining firm.

A report by the Herald newspaper, which has been publishing a series of exposés laying bare the corrupt activities of many ZANU PF members, has this week claimed that millions of dollars has been pilfered by management at Marange Resources. The newspaper claimed that the government was “prejudiced of millions of dollars as management raised inflated procurement receipts and pocketed the difference.”

Marange Resources is one of seven firms mining at the controversial Chiadzwa diamond fields, where hundreds of millions of dollars owed to the government has been unaccounted for. This has allegedly been a result of illicit diamond trading, with profits said to be lining the pockets of top ZANU PF officials.

Marange Resources is wholly government owned, and run by a former army Colonel and ZANU PF politburo member Tshinga Dube, who is also the head of the Zimbabwe Defence Industries.

He is now among the top management officials sent on forced leave to make way for an investigation at the firm. The Herald reported that the management there allegedly inflated the figures of purchased equipment to “alarming levels,” pocketing the difference. Quoting “insiders” the newspaper also claimed that other parastatals were involved in a network of corrupt deals.

Mines Minister Walter Chidhakwa last month ordered a probe into the firm’s operations following allegations of malpractice, poor corporate governance and non-compliance with laid down procedures. The audit team is expected to submit their report with revelations of the abuse of funds to the minister at the end of this week.

James Mupfumi, the acting Director of the Centre for Research and Development (CRD), said the corruption and illicit activity at Marange Resources was not surprising, adding: “The surface has just been scratched.”

“All the companies operating at Chiadzwa are involved in this kind of activity so they should be made to stop their operations and a full investigation must be started to determine how they got mining licenses and who is benefitting,” Mupfumi said.

This latest report in the traditionally ZANU PF aligned Herald newspaper has further fuelled speculation that infighting in the ruling party is the real reason for the reports.

Officials mainly linked to the Joice Mujuru faction in the party have so far been targeted in the exposés, including the Marange Resources CEO. Retired colonel Dube was a close friend and ally of Solomon Mujuru, Joice Mujuru’s late husband.

Alouis Munyaradzi Chaumba from the Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa (ACT-SA) told SW Radio Africa that whatever political mileage is being gained by the media reports will not impact on the real problem of corruption in Zimbabwe.

“I don’t believe there is the political will to stamp out corruption in Zimbabwe, and the actions right now are just lip service,” Chaumba said.

He added: “It is just a smokescreen to hoodwink Zimbabweans into believing they are doing something about corruption. Mark my words, in a month you’ll see no one will be arrested and nothing will have changed.”

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    What did you expect from a party that only knows how to destroy economies, while through shameless looting makes its political elite obscenely rich even by western standards.

    US companies currently have over $5 trillion of cash sitting on their balance sheets available for internal and external investment. This is equivalent to 1,000 times the GDP of Zimbabwe. Apple Corp alone has $150 billion, equivalent to more than 30 years of the current Zimbabwean GDP!

    Apple is returning cash equivalent to 6 times the GDP of Zimbabwe, or 15 times the $2 billion the Zanu criminals annually steal from the Nation’s diamond mines, to their shareholders this year as a small bonus for their loyalty !

    And do you know not even one cent is coming to Zimbabwe all the time it is run as a Mafia state by a psychopath and his brutal military henchmen.

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      What a load of garbage that is being spewed by this pirate radio station. The US is not sitting on 5 trillion dollars at all but this figure is its accumulated debt it has with the Republic of China that has been lending money to this country for its government expenditure. You tell us that you are a hedge fund manager who does not know that the US is in crippling debt and that if the Chinese government were to stop lending it money, the US economy would simply collapse. In fact, it is not only the US that is in economic catastrophe but the entire Western Europe is experiencing the most difficult and challenging economic times. This can no longer be denied because we are experiencing it and seeing what effects a ruined economy can have on its people. Unemployment is at all time high, health delivery services are in a mess as some are closing down completely, inflationary pressures helping to lower the standards of living, governments trimming on its staff, pensionable ages increasing to 85 years of age to be eligible, astronomical hikes for university fees for students and a host of other undesirable things.

      I urge you to carry out a thorough research on US and Western Europe economic state of affairs to enable you to stop peddling nonsense you can not defend.


        Son, go and get somebody to give you a basic lesson in Economics – you have not got a clue what you are talking about! You clearly do not understand the difference between US public debt and private cash on the balance sheets of quoted companies !

        That US companies have got more than $5 trillion dollars of cash sitting on their balance sheets is a FACT that even a knucklehead like you could check for himself if you knew where to look – US companies have to disclose this information in regulatory filings to US Securities Exchange Commission !!!!!!

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          I don’t have to because I know it for a fact. The companies you talk about are no longer located in the United States but in the Far East for reasons that they consider business conditions in their country of origin are not that conducive. Don’t start an argument you can not substantiate or support, my son.
          No country in the western world can consider itself better off when all countries in the region are in recession. Evidence is all there for anybody to see that we are all experiencing the most challenging times in modern history. That much there is no doubt even if you try dismally to spruce up the image of a better America and Western Europe the fact remains that we are in bad shape economically. World renowned economists are talking about the economic problems the United States and Western Europe daily. I am more inclined to listen to them more than I would to a hedge fund manager who has a bone to chew with the Mugabe administration.

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            ‘I don’t have to because I know it for a fact. The companies you talk about are no longer located in the United States but in the Far East for reasons that they consider business conditions in their country of origin are not that conducive.’

            Oh dear! WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!

            Go ahead and check the SEC regulatory filings and you will still find all the biggest large cap US companies like Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Google, Caterpiller, Exxon, Chevron etc are all still domiciled in the USA!!!

            You really are a classic example of someone who has been fortunate to have enjoyed some education, but it has largely proved a waste of time, because most of it has gone straight over your head.

            More commonly known as pseudo intellectuals – people like you have mastered just one art – writing lots but saying nothing, other than to make yourself look a fool !

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Of course, that is nonsensical. Of course, all the money is in the hands of the 1% super rich in the United States and is not trickling down to the middle and working classes who are failing to make ends meet. US companies like Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Google, Caterpiller, Exxon, Chevron are all in the grouping of the 1% super rich in the United States. That does not make the ordinary man in the street richer as these companies are sitting on money without investing it in the country but abroad. There are over 50 million unemployed people in the United States right now and you think this is normal for a country that used to be a world’s super power and now a paper tiger.
            Wake up Wilbert Muroyi and smell the coffee we are all drinking and stop hallucinating in broad daylight.

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