ZANU PF takes control of all maize imports

Zimbabweans queuing for food

By Nomalanga Moyo
SW Radio Africa
04 February 2014

ZANU PF has seized total control of all grain coming into the country by barring private traders from importing staple cereals.

The move will worsen the situation for Zimbabweans who have been teetering on the verge of starvation since 2000, when ZANU PF embarked on its chaotic land reform programme.

Two years ago the unity government issued licences to private importers when it became clear that the state-owned Grain Marketing Board (GMB) was failing to feed the starving nation, with stocks at its silos falling below critical levels.

But that arrangement was last month reversed by ZANU PF Agriculture Minister Joseph Made, despite millions of Zimbabweans still facing starvation.

The milling industry says it requires at least 3,500 metric tonnes of maize daily to meet national demand, which the state-owned GMB has been failing to supply, raising fears of hunger and starvation.

“The Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe is deeply saddened to note the Ministry of Agriculture has banned imports of grain but continues to issue massive import permits of maize meal to companies owned by senior politicians,” the group said in a letter to government, and quoted in a Daily News Tuesday report.

The millers say the decision to exclude them from the maize import sector was taken without prior notice and as a result they are concerned that traders who had already paid, but not taken delivery of maize, will lose.

The new GMB maize prices to millers will increase the retail price of a 10kg bag of maize-meal from $6.41 to $7.13, the millers group added.

Some observers have raised concern that restricting imports to the traditionally inept GMB will lead to shortages and create a black market for the staple grain.

“We knew that it was a matter of time before ZANU PF reverted to its default position,” MDC legislator and ex-minister Priscillah Misihairabwi-Mushonga said on Tuesday.

She said Zimbabweans should brace themselves for tough times ahead as the GMB will not manage to provide the country with adequate food.

“It is total madness to give the GMB a bigger responsibility when it was failing even with other players assisting. During the life of the inclusive government we had a lot of discussions about the incompetency at the GMB which was even failing to distribute grain that was in its silos.

“The government says it has no money for anything, so how will they ensure that the GMB imports sufficient grain for Zimbabweans,” the ex-Minister of Integration in the unity government said.

In a related development, the government has reportedly entered into a secret deal with South African company ASP to supply 150,000 metric tonnes of maize meal.

But so far, the SA firm has only managed to deliver 950 metric tonnes, according to the Daily News.

Under the shady deal both the Zim government and ASP will “keep confidential all information, whether oral or written concerning the business and affairs of the other,” the newspaper reported.

Humanitarian aid agency the World Food Programme says food insecurity in the country is at its highest since 2009, and estimates 2.2 million Zimbabweans need assistance.

The agency revealed in December that it was reducing rations to beneficiaries by half, in order to stretch out the food.

“We’ve had to cut rations for one million of our beneficiaries in recent months and there are likely to be deeper cuts as from next month (February),” the aid agency said in a statement.

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  1. super mondo says:

    starvation is the new zanu torture.


    As long as Zimbabwe remains a Mafia State run by a Military Dictatorship masquerading as a political party, most Zimbabweans will remain unemployed, living in poverty, and reliant on foreign food aide.

    A little of multi Billionaire Robert Mugabe’s appalling legacy to the Zimbabwean people after 34 years of total misgovernance:

    Highest unemployment in the World
    Lowest life expectancy in the World
    Record for the highest Inflation ever recorded in the World at 350 billion percent.
    Humiliatingly forced to use his avowed enemies currency after bankrupting the country
    Destroyed the economy, gone from the 2nd largest in Africa to not even in the top 30 in just 33 years
    Unable to feed its people – once the breadbasket of Africa, now more than 2 million people rely on foreign food aid
    30% of the population forced to leave the country in order to find work and feed themselves.
    Hospitals and schools now among the worst in Africa
    The highest rate in the World for child deaths from preventible decease outside of a war zone
    Highest number of dollar millionaires in government of any country in Africa
    Highest number of obese ministers in government of any country in Africa
    One of the worst countries in the World for corruption
    One of the worst human rights records in the world.
    Steals 95% of the Nation’s natural resource wealth for party political, personal enrichment and bribery purposes.
    Routinely uses food aid donated by foreign taxpayers for party political purposes
    Forced to rig every election since 1980 to retain power at any cost, to avoid the ICC hangman’s noose

    Who in their right mind would want to visit, live or invest in such a country? – a classic illustration of what happens when a country is continuously run by a deranged psychopath and his murderous military henchmen ?

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      Just forget about the investment mantra in Zimbabwe you are so possessed and obsessed with Wilbert Muroyi. No one in the western world has the money let alone enough funds to feed themselves in these harsh economic times. Unemployment is at its all time high, banks had to be recapitalised by us the taxpayers because government thought they were too big to fail. The country is surviving by borrowing from both internal and external sources. It has a crippling debt which it is unable to service and is currently experiencing an economic recession. Who is fooling who? I am sure only insane children and adolescents will buy this nonsense from this foolish and idiotic man who works for this pirate radio station but identifies himself as a British citizen. What interest does a British citizen have on the economic and political situation of Zimbabwe? You are so stupid and can not fool anybody, Wilbert Muroyi.

  3. Zim1 says:

    Yes! since the farm invasions, the reality of no food is the result!!! Useless Zanoids.

  4. SlaptheZanuMonkey says:

    Of course that CIO plant, coward and racist baboon Chimbwido Warbler will not comment on this one. Even she cannot put any spin on this!!!

    There is only one way out of this now – the 4th Chimurenga! Zimbabweans have to find their balls and fight this monster!

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      Rhodies can never use our people to attain their foolish interests. We have been waiting for the fight from rhodies since 1980. We knew you were tired of the war and ran away as fast as cheetahs but with the intention of regrouping and coming back when you were stronger to attack us, that much we know. You can come to fight us at your peril and you will run much faster than you did in 1980, trust me. You do not have the slightest chance of terrorising and subjugating the Zimbabwean people again. It was then and not now, my little coward and silly girl.

      • SlaptheZanuMonkey says:

        Your paranoia is laughable!! Militarily you were utterly crushed by the Rhodies!! It is in the history books and that truth can never be changed. The only reason the Rhodesian Security Forces capitulated – and let me assure you that I am very glad they did – was because they could not sustain the cost of the war. Let me be absolutely clear, I am not a Rhodie and never supported the Smith Regime. But as usual you are trying to spin it the Zanu PF way. I was calling on all true Zimbabweans to rise up to fight this monstrous government – nothing to do with Rhodesia you complete idiot. Any well organized armed struggle would easily defeat the so called Warvets as they are led by fat, useless old men with no balls and less sense. They have been on the gravy train far too long and are now just vicious cowards. Their time will come, as will yours.

        Besides you were only ever a mujiba and the girlfriend of the maComrades to keep them warm in the bush. I don’t believe you saw even one day of action other than on your back (or probably your front LOL).

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          ”Utterly crushed by the rhodies but the only reason the rhodies security capitulated was because they could not sustain the cost of the war”. Do you see the contradiction here my rhodie girl friend? The terms ‘crushed and capitulated’ are no synonyms but are antonyms, my foolish and coward rhodie girl.

          You see, that is why the majority of rhodies are so stupid and foolish because they spent their time on stolen farms growing tobacco, potatoes, nuts, beans and too little bananas and sugar cane at the expense of going to school. Hardly can one find a rhodie who writes well even in his/her mother’s tongue. It is a shame.

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