MDC-T Manicaland executive faces chop

Nelson Chamisa moved the motion to dissolve the restive Manicaland executive

By Nomalanga Moyo
SW Radio Africa
05 February 2014

The MDC-T’s National Standing Committee met Wednesday, amid reports that the party may be considering dissolving the Manicaland provincial leadership.

A source privy to the meeting told SW Radio Africa that the party’s national organising secretary, Nelson Chamisa, moved the motion to dissolve the restive Manicaland executive.

Problems in Manicaland emerged last year during the MDC-T’s primary elections, which some provincial leaders said were undemocratic, accusing the national executive of trying to impose their favoured candidates.

Since then, the provincial leadership which consists of Pishai Muchauraya and Julius Magarangoma have continued to be critical of the party’s leadership.

Muchauraya, who is the provincial spokesman, refused to comment, and referred all questions to the party’s national spokesman.

Recently Muchauraya openly declared his full support for Elton Mangoma’s calls for leadership renewal and for party leader Morgan Tsvangirai to step down.

This has angered Tsvangirai loyalists, who include party organising secretary Chamisa, who is alleged to be creating parallel structures in ‘problematic’ provinces like Manicaland.

Chamisa’s phone was unreachable Wednesday.

However, MDC-T spokesman Douglas Mwonzora, who also sits on the standing committee, denied that the Manicaland provincial executive will be dissolved.

“It’s not correct. What was agreed on is that Chamisa as the organising secretary will look into the problems in Manicaland. There has not been a formal motion or resolution over Manicaland at all today.”

Mwonzora said although the committee touched on the problems in Manicaland, this was to ask Chamisa to look into them and report back with recommendations.

“Otherwise the bulk of the discussions focused on the upcoming policy conference in March as well as the district heads meeting set for February 15th,” he added.

Another MDC-T official in Manicaland told SW Radio Africa that Chamisa’s investigation will not yield much, adding that this was not the first time the party had tried to “descend on Manicaland”.

“What is wrong with people calling for proper representation? The provincial executive cannot be dissolved without legitimate reason and if anyone has to go it is Tsvangirai and Chamisa because they have failed the party,” the official said.

4 Responsesto “MDC-T Manicaland executive faces chop”

  1. Alois Matongo says:

    The party has been infiltrated by power-hungry people who are valuing monetary gains more than the liberation of the suffering people. When reports that a pact for legal aid to Gideon Gono, the erstwhile enemy of the people, had been reached with the Secretary General of the party many people had hoped to see disciplinary action taken against him. But the silence that followed this is clear evidence that the Secretary General has become a sacred cow. Due to this blatant show of impunity, indiscipline is spreading like wild fire in the party’s ranks. This explains why Mangoma and Muchauraya have stepped into the ring to say what they want because they know nothing will be done to them. The party is best advised to immediately dissolve all its structures throughout the country and design a system that will ensure that credible leadership is elected into the reconstituted structures.

    • AmaiZim says:

      what a load of rubbish you speak. True democracy demands tolerance and freedom of speech. You are attempting to turn freedom of speech into “infiltration by power-hungry people”. Grow up and Get a life!

  2. Just saying says:

    Lets be loyal to good values & principles not individuals otherwise MDC is no better than ZPF who has a 90 year old leader. We are where are today because ZPF did not have the foresight and courage to incorporate succession planning. MDC have the opportunity to set the right example but will they?

  3. AmaiZim says:

    Nelson is carrying out a purge of anyone who expresses their opinion of what a loser Tsvangirai has become. We are witnessing the zanufucation of the MDC

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