Rights organizations oppose SA court appeal in Zim torture case

One of many cases of state sponsored torture in Zimbabwe

By Mthulisi Mathuthu
SW Radio Africa
05 February 2014

Human rights organizations have opposed a Constitutional Court appeal by the South African police, against an order compelling Pretoria to investigate human rights abuses in Zimbabwe.

The South African Supreme Court of Appeal in November last year upheld a ruling by the North Gauteng High Court which compelled the authorities to investigate torture in Zimbabwe.

The South African prosecuting authorities had appealed against the High Court ruling in 2012, which said authorities have a duty to act on the evidence of torture as required by the Rome Statute to which South Africa is a signatory.

The Statute is the founding law of the International Criminal Court.

The ruling, which set a precedent for the investigation of crimes against humanity committed outside South Africa, was based on a dossier of evidence submitted by the Zimbabwe Exiles Forum and the Southern African Litigation Centre.

The dossier was handed over to the South African National Prosecuting Authority and the police. It detailed cases of torture against opposition members and rights activists by ZANU PF members.

In December 2013 human rights activist Ben Freeth, supplied more evidence of torture to the South African authorities. But the South African police three weeks ago appealed again and this time to the Constitutional Court.

Zimbabwe Exiles Forum director Gabriel Shumba, told SW Radio Africa’s Cutting Edge programme Wednesday that lawyers for ZEF and the Southern Africa Litigation Center filed opposing papers on January 20th.
Shumba said their argument was that it is possible for South Africa to probe human rights violations in Zimbabwe, even if Zimbabwe is not a signatory to the Rome Statute.

Speaking on the same programme Angela Mudukuti from the litigation centre said they were waiting for the court to set the date for the hearing of the matter. She said they are confident of sailing through on the case which has gone on for six years.

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    Recognise the SS torture work Wavlet ?

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      Have you watched actors doing their work in cinemas or at home watching films on television? An actor/actress can show blood gushing from an imaginary wound. They can even show wounds and bruises that are imaginary or non-existent.

      You see, technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. Anything actors at Hollywood can dream of is possible. They can cheat and deceive their audience or pretend to be dead.

      • Yepec says:

        Instead of answering a simple, six, words question, you revert to your wornout and diversionary tactic of: bringing into the discussion a different subject matter (Hollywood and technology). If you want to discuss any of your favourite subjects, just write an Article on it. As a free person you are entitled to your own opinions but given the way your logic runs, you are likely to get some negative comments on them.

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          If you do a bit of searching using Google applications, and just type in the word ”wounds”, you will see a variety of wounds that one can easily be use for propaganda purposes. An individual who has such a multiple of wounds inflicted on him/her will want his face seen by the public and his/her identity known. Failure to provide such information, clearly shows that it is a made up story that has an ulterior motive.

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            ‘An individual who has such a multiple of wounds inflicted on him/her will want his face seen by the public and his/her identity known.” ?

            In Zimbabwe, get real ???? What planet did you just fly in from?

            When a Zimbabwean photographer showed the world the appalling beating and torture under Police interrogation the leader of the MDC and his supporters took back in 2007, he was murdered by CIO thugs within 24 hrs!

            You are demonstrating the inane ranting and complacency, you would expect of someone living off another country’s welfare system !

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Murdered by the CIO in 24 hours? You probably think your followers are insane children and adolescents Wilbert Muroyi. What a load of rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Comrade Jinx says:

        Clearly we need to see what Hollywood could do to your back and see if it hurts

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