Chombo debt directive pushes KweKwe to the brink of collapse

Ziscosteel (now NewZim Steel) is one of the companies that owed millions to the council

By Tichaona Sibanda
SW Radio Africa
6 February 2014

The KweKwe city council is reeling from the ZANU PF directive to write-off residents’ outstanding utility bills, and have called on the Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo to offer a solution to the crisis.

MDC-T ward 3 councillor Weston Masiya said instead of coming up with a solution, Chombo was making things worse by barring council from taking action to force communities and businesses to pay their bills.

KweKwe is operating under a $12 million debt and is barely providing service delivery as any attempts to force debtors to pay are being blocked by Chombo. In line with the government directive, the council cancelled over $14 million in household municipal debt.

Big companies such as Ziscosteel (now NewZim Steel) ferrochrome producer ZIMASCO, Lancashire Steel and Tor Steel owe the council millions more.

‘The moment we attempt to cut off water to Ziscosteel and Redcliff, Chombo moves in to block it. So how are we going to recoup the money to enable us to sustain operations of the council if they do not offer any solutions to the problems,’ said Masiya.

Dozens of local authorities, among them Harare and Bulawayo, face uncertainty as operations risk collapse under a mountain of debt.

Already there are fears that failure to inject cash to sustain the councils will see operations grind to a complete halt this year.

Just before last year’s elections Chombo ordered local authorities to write-off residents’ outstanding utility debts. Critics described it as a vote buying exercise for ZANU PF.

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    “Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.”

    ― Mahatma Gandhi

    That observation has certainly proved the test of time and as with Saddam Hussain and Muammur Gaddafi, and will surely do so again with the Zanu PF Mafia !
    Zimbabwe does not have political affairs, they are a charade – it is a Military Dictatorship in all but name – since ‘independence’ citizens have been forced through election rigging, intimidation, violence, ethnic cleansing and control of the media, police, judiciary and armed ‘services’ into having the ‘government’ the Zanu PF Mafia and their military henchmen impose on them !

    It is an absolute scandal – and an affront to the people of Zimbabwe, who didn’t vote for Mugabe as their president but have had him imposed on them through industrial scale vote rigging, violence and the sinister activities of the armed forces,CIO and Police.

    Mugabe’s 34 year legacy ? The systematic destruction of his country’s infrastructure and the downward spiral of the Zimbabwean economy into the humiliation of national bankruptcy.

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      Tell us what you have done to revive the British economy that is in recession and has a debt it is unable to service. You can not talk of other countries that are thousands of miles away from you when your own people are experiencing serious economic hardships in living memory. There is massive unemployment, only the 1% super rich are laughing all the way to the bank while the working class is struggling to make ends meet. Only two political parties have governed the country for donkey years. What democracy is this, you idiot? The fact of the matter is, it is the 1% super rich in this country that influences and decides the political direction political parties have to undertake in governing the country with view to catering for their business interests. They finance political parties and own all major newspapers, radio and television stations to influence their selfish ideas to the public for both political and economic gain. That much is known and is a fact that can not be denied by anybody who attended an elementary school.


        Do try and keep up, the UK is now the fastest growing economy in the developed world – a programme of austerity policies to repair the disaster of the last labour government which blew through £500 billion more than they raised in taxation, is leading us forward as one of the most popular country’s to do business.

        While entirely predictably, Mugabe’s tax, loot and spend policies have led to nothing but bankruptcy, world record unemployment, mass poverty, starvation, destruction of the medical and education services, and emigration on a scale unseen outside of a war zone !

        Democracy, means you have a choice – elections in Zimbabwe, like previously in other dictatorships like Libya under Gaddafi, and Iraq under Hussain, are a charade put on to appease the West – there was never any possibility they those three military dictatorships would ever give up power. Fortunately, for their people, two of those proud nations have since taken back their countries from under the yoke of tyranny – there is just one left to go and the clock is ticking big time, and ever louder ! Lol!!!!!!!!

        Rest assured, Mugabe’s policies and the West’s treatment of him as a international pariah, will bring the military dictatorship to it’s knees – its only a matter of time !

        • mike hondo says:

          I have just been watching a documentary on Gadaffi the would be future king of Africa ,oh how we thought of him as untouchable with all his oil guns and terrorist friends, bodyguards etc,he was a ruthless dictator that called all african leaders including mugabe idiots and hoped to take them all for the biggest rides of their life but his people hated him and his whole family and cohorts for their murderous corrupt ways and exacted revenge on almost all of them. the people of zimbabwe need to rise up and rid themselves of this terrible party and their very own would be king dictator .

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