AfriForum to ensure helicopter donation does not benefit Mugabe

AfriForum will monitor helicopters donated to Namibia in case they should end up in Zimbabwe

By Mthulisi Mathuthu
SW Radio Africa
07 February 2014

AfriForum, which successfully prevented South Africa from donating helicopters to Zimbabwe, says it will monitor the donation of the same aircraft to Namibia to ensure that it does not end up benefiting the Mugabe regime.

The South African civil rights NGO said the Air Force indicated this week that the final approval of the donation to Namibia was still pending but seemed to be a formality. France, the manufacturer of the 12 helicopters, has already approved the transaction, a statement issued Thursday said. The statement further quoted reports which said the aircraft and parts are packed and ready for shipment.

An urgent court order obtained by AfriForum in 2013 prevented the same donation to Zimbabwe on fears that the government there would use the aircraft against its own people.

However, since it is unclear yet what Namibia will do with the donation, AfriForum said it will monitor the transaction ‘carefully’ to ensure Namibia does not hand over the aircraft to the ZANU PF government.

In 1998 Pretoria donated 150 Samil trucks and 24 guns to Namibia. During that time, Namibia and Zimbabwe were involved in the DRC civil war. According to the statement, it later came to light that the guns were sent to the DRC as soon as they had arrived in Namibia.

The statement said in the event that the donation to Namibia was ‘merely to have the helicopters delivered to Zimbabwe’, contempt of court proceedings will be brought to court against the South African authorities.

Zimbabwe Exiles Forum (ZEF) director Gabriel Shumba hailed the development and said he hoped Namibia does not send the aircraft to Zimbabwe. He said: ‘Zimbabwe is not a country at war. If it is, it is at war against hunger.’   merely a set to have the helicopters delivered to Zimbabwe in any event, contempt of court proceedings will be brought against the relevant ministers and officials.merely a set to have the helicopters delivered to Zimbabwe in any event, contempt of court proceedings will be brought against the relevant ministers and officials.

AfriForum actively supports human rights movements in Zimbabwe. Alongside the Zimbabwe Southern Africa Litigation Centre and Z EF, AfriForum want South Africa to investigate human rights abuses in Zimbabwe. Last year AfriForum, together with former Chegutu farmer Ben Freeth, submitted more evidence of torture to the South African authorities who have since appealed against a Court order compelling them to act on Zimbabwe.

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  1. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    The question is what is the reason for Namibia or South Africa to have these helicopters in the first place? Are they going to be used entirely for patrolling the game reserves against poachers of wildlife and/or military operations as well? And why does France donate helicopters to South Africa and deny other countries the same facility. Is South Africa preparing for a war with its neighbours with the tacit approval to the plan by the French government?


      Thankfully, the International community has given up on criticising the Mugabe Dictatorship, and decided the best approach is simply not to give Mugabe the time of day, and just let him and his murderous henchmen fry in their own election rigging fat!

      Correctly, the International financial institutions have washed their hands of the Zimbabwe government, which, even while it is desperate for financing, is once again publicly trying to bury another very public corruption scandal.

      But it is not only the European and American investors who are no longer interested in Zimbabwe, because its political culture has reached such appalling depths of depravity, but mainly because its economic infrastructure has been so degraded; without reliable energy, without a reliable banking sector, without a reliable internet and international payments system, without clean water coming out of taps – even in the capital Harare – and without a reliable judiciary and Police, only a total fool would risk investing a cent!

      Even Mugabe’s Look East policy is now in complete tatters with China now proving that she was only ever interested in exporting her products and extracting the Nations minerals, rather than providing the necessary capital, technology and jobs that Zimbabweans need to be able to raise their own economy from the ashes and wreckage of Mugabe’s totally disastrous economic policies

      For constructing a military college and providing weapons to keep the tyrant Mugabe in power, the Chinese have received access to alluvial diamonds which they have been taking out of the country by the plane-load for the last five years.

      And now that they have exhausted the easily extractable diamonds in their allocated claims, they have the nerve to ask for for new claims, rather than using the profits from their initial allocations to bring in equipment for deep mining.

      This, coupled with the Chinese’s penchant for flouting both labour regulations and planning laws, which have seen several high-profile cases of shopping centres built on wetlands in Harare and workers being badly ill-treated, further defeats any prospects of growth in Zimbabwe coming from the Look East policy.

      Zimbabwe under the murderous tin pot dictator Mugabe has always meant – no money, no food no hope – mark my words this is the best that 99% of the population can expect in Zimbabwe over the next five years! The worse, which is the total collapse of the economy and country is now almost a racing certainty !

      • mike hondo says:

        Ahmen! such a good post i had to read it three times. I think you have covered the state of the nation quite well, cant see CW coming back with any decent reply to that one other than the usual party line propaganda ,head in the ground denials ,racist taunts and and other mumbo jumbo about growing beans and nuts of which he seems to know a lot ( he attended several universities you know!)

        • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

          Thanks Mike,

          Attended several universities eh, he should ask for his money back, because it does not show in his mostly poorly constructed, factually incorrect rantings.

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          Please note my name is not CW. You should remember at all times to address me with my full names – Chimbwido Warvet if you want my co-operation. CW reminds me of the days when you used to call an old man who probably three times your age, a garden boy. If you want others to give you respect, you have to earn it.

          Of course, Chimbwido Warvet has attended several top universities. Irrespective of the impediments your father and Ian Smith placed to deny him the right to education, he was able to beat his draconian educational system that only served the interests of the white children. And no doubt, the Warvet is proud of his achievements and is better equipped intellectually, academically and well informed than the majority of rhodies.

          Well, what could have been achieved by rhodies children when they were forced by their parents to spent their time on stolen farms growing tobacco, beans, nuts, very little bananas and sugar cane while some of us were going to school under very harsh conditions? Their parents never anticipated the country would one day fall in the hands of its rightful owners. And today, they are scattered across the globe mainly in England dreaming of owning land to grow tobacco, beans, nuts and bananas but they have no money to buy land. Besides, they are not aware that these agricultural commodities can not be grown in England where weather conditions do not permit. Although the majority of rhodies are are in limbo they are not articulate their views to the authorities in England. They are in dire straits because they can not read and write well.

          For you Mike Hondo, that you have little education is self evident. You can not read and write well in your mother’s tongue as is clearly demonstrated by the poorly constructed article above. You can not compete with the Warvet. You see, Mike Hondo, you are an intellectual maggot and I wonder what you are doing in England where buying a farm to grow potatoes and wheat is financially beyond your reach. Oh boy, you are now miserable. Chaiseva muto wenyama zuva rogaroga chavakutemura sadza risina muriwo we English Giant Rape.

          • mike hondo says:

            I see the fire still burns in your belly then ,and though you try to insult me you cant beat our giant english rape with your dry dusty weeds grown in poor quality soils…” intellectual maggot” I love it, beans, nuts, wheat ,bananas , brilliant!

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        You are the biggest losers and not even one ounce of diamonds will be extracted by any other country except the Chinese and Zimbabweans who have claims to the abundant wealth the Almighty God has blessed to this great country. Mind you it is not only diamonds this country has been blessed with but platinum and uranium fields that are also the envy of the world.
        To protect itself from foreigners who are envious of its abundant land resources and mineral wealth, Zimbabwe is going to be most militarised country on the African continent if not the entire world. Priority will be given to military expenditure and training its army in the latest military techniques. The country will be better off with Russian and Chinese copters than the antiquated French helicopters that are only good for patrolling our game reserves and not for military purposes.

    • Tiger Shona says:

      Only an idiot like you can come up with absolute rubbish like that.
      But we know you must be eating from the presidents office, and the diamond fields. And you must say something to earn your supper.
      Carry on, make an even bigger fool of yourself next time you write in. Just like you acknowledged a while ago, anybody with any credibility sees you for what you are; a liar and a paid Zanu PF official attempting to deflect criticism from a party under fire for about everything one can screw up.

    • OnyxHeart says:

      The helicopters were donated as they were out-of-date in France (and now in South Africa, owing to the vastly more powerful Rooivalk). They were being used for training exercises and light patrols at the end of their service. Now, they’re practically completely obsolete. Military preparedness is not indicative of intent to go to war, though. Those helicopters were donated long ago. On the matter of why it “[denies] other countries the same facility,” Zimbabwe has an arms embargo against it owing to the brutality its army demonstrated during the Congo crisis.

  2. mike hondo says:

    i cant see any reason for namibia to have these old and expensive helicopters or why south africa wants to donate in the first place , the whole thing stinks of brown envelope politics. is zimbabwe at war , the nikuv bomb has already decided things and there is no money to fly these machines.

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