Govt needs $27 billion for ZimAsset

Ministry of Finance official Jonah Mushayi

By Nomalanga Moyo
SW radio Africa
07 February 2014

The ZANU PF government has admitted that it does not have the $27 billion it needs to implement its much-touted economic recovery plan.

The Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset) was central to ZANU PF’s election campaign, but 7 months since the party’s disputed victory, there is no sign that the blueprint will translate into any programmes.

Ministry of Finance official Jonah Mushayi revealed that the government will be approaching donors to help raise the $27 billion, the NewsDay quoted him as having said Thursday.

“There are certain things we need to attend to as government and business. $27 billion is required for the blueprint. It’s quite a huge figure over five years,” Mushayi told a business conference.

Mushayi added that government will be approaching local and international donors to fund the implantation of the economic plan, adding that the national budget of $4.1 billion is insufficient, as the bulk of it goes towards civil service wages.

Economist Vince Musewe told SW Radio Africa that the problem in Zimbabwe is not the shortage of money but the system institutional failure due to corruption.

“There is evidence that between 2008 and 2012, a total of $12 billion was looted from the Marange diamond field, and $3 billion is missing from pension fund NSSA.

“This is not a country without money, but one where there is rampant institutional incapacity. ZimAsset is just a joke and this government has no political will to implement good programmes,” Musewe said.

Musewe said it will be foolhardy for western donors to give the Zim government funds, considering the illicit dealings and corruption prevalent in the country.

“With the money that has been looted so far from State coffers, the government doesn’t need to be begging,” Musewe added.

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  1. Sithu says:

    ZimAsset (“Zimbabwe Additional State Syndicate Economic Theft”) is critical in order to maintain the high economic standards of living for our ZANU PF leadership. Please continue to support this effort and we employ Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to purchase the upcoming Corruption Bonds to help maintain the high standards of living of our leaders.


    ‘Ministry of Finance official Jonah Mushayi revealed that the government will be approaching donors to help raise the $27 billion, the NewsDay quoted him as having said Thursday.’ lol!!!!

    Don’t bother wasting your time, as little Chinamasa found when he took his begging bowl to the USA, only to be sent packing with his tail between his legs, the answer is NO, you’re not getting a penny !

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      My friend, the view of a government official can not be considered as government policy. It can easily be compared to your foolish views above which do not influence the government policy of the United States or the United Kingdom you claim is your own country.
      If Chinamasa ever had time to travel all the way to the United States to seek for financial assistance, then perhaps, he does not have good advisers who should have told him the truth about the US debt burden it is unable to service. It is now common knowledge that the US economy is being sustained by the Chinese who are lending money to this country for its government expenditure. Quite frankly, it is inconceivable that a beggar can beg for financial assistance from another beggar. That will be criminal for any right thinking Minister as Chinamasa to do it. It can not be true or highly unlikely that a Minister who is well informed can ever go to the US begging for money which they do not have.

      • Tiger Shona says:

        Just as usual , this idiot is writing down a load of rubbish.

        Zimbabwe is ruled by people that think like you, and you are too dishonest to admit that the country is going backwards very fast at the moment.
        Just take note of all the recently exposed looters.
        I guess you wish that you were one of them.
        And you may well be.
        And I think since they are Zanu members, they will be quite safe.
        Selective application of the law.

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