ZESA advisor joins growing list of parastatal looters

Dennis Magaya consults for Powertel, a ZESA subsidiary, at a monthly rate of $44,000

By Tererai Karimakwenda
SW Radio Africa
06 February, 2014

A business consultant hired by a subsidiary of Zimbabwe’s power authority, ZESA, has joined the list of executives reported to be receiving exorbitant salaries at state institutions, with a monthly salary of $44,000.

Dennis Magaya, who is described as a “business strategy consultant”, was hired by ZESA subsidiary Powertel Communications in 2012, under controversial circumstances according to the Financial Gazette. His contract expires in 2015.

The paper said Magaya was engaged to implement a five-year business plan that he had drafted for Powertel, which is a state-owned internet services provider. But his contract was “fast tracked” by ZESA group chief executive officer Josh Chifamba and board chairman Francis Chirimuuta, “in clear defiance” of a State Procurement Board (SPB) resolution.

SPB had reportedly decided Magaya and his company Rubiem Technologies, could not be hired to implement the strategic plan which he had drafted as there would be a conflict of interest.

But the ZESA chefs ignored this and hired Magaya in his individual capacity, insisting Powertel would benefit from and make millions of dollars from the services provided by his company.

In addition, Powertel’s former finance director Warner Mtisi and former managing director Samuel Maminimini, were both sacked by Powertel after they questioned Magaya’s hefty package and resisted efforts to hire him.

Mtisi took legal steps and reportedly won his case at the labour courts, but Chifamba is believed to have appealed against the court ruling.

Political commentator Lameck Mahachi described Magaya’s salary at Powertel as “absurd”, especially given that ZESA itself was failing to provide enough electricity to Zimbabweans and was in debt.

“It appears everyone is on the bandwagon. It’s a culture of looting and everybody wants to loot. This is really absurd. Everyone knows that Zimbabwe is on its knees economically. How can they pay someone that kind of salary?” Mahachi told SW Radio Africa.

He added: “ZESA is failing to provide power to the people. Blackouts are happening all the time and we know ZESA owes huge sums of money. They can’t afford to pay anyone $44,000 monthly. This is unacceptable and calls for making noise. How can we be quiet?”

Mahachi said senior executives running parastatals were backing each other’s salaries and bonuses because they also stand to gain financially from their decisions, regardless of the fact that they may be illegal.

Magaya joins a growing list of executives recently exposed for looting state-run institutions that are in debt. The list includes Cuthbert Dube, the CEO who made $500,000 a month at the Premier Services Medical Aid Society, and suspended ZBC boss Happison Muchechetere, who looted over $40,000 per month while ordinary staff went without wages for the last 7 months.

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  1. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Warumwa warumwa vakomana/vasikana. Zvavakuda mashiripiti kuti tizvikunde vakomana/vasikana. Kutamba danzi nehebedehebede kwawanda vakomana/vasikana. Kana tsuro magenha inosara pasi nehungwaru hwekubira vanhu. Ndicho chii ichocho. Bvisai mbava mupevanhu kwavo mabasa. Nigeria style vakomana/vasikana. Kusumuka pakadai kwenyika kunemutauro.

    • Larry King says:

      Hey you British citizen why do you have to be like a monkey. You speak the language of the Queen so why switch to a vernacular when this web site is in English. Obviously this is a deliberate move a CIO tactic

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Hey, my Rhodie friend now turned a British citizen who has testified that he is now leading a simple life in England all because of Robert Mugabe. What’s up man?

        You should have been versatile in all languages that are spoken in the country you were born and bred. Any language is just as important. Now you are envious that I read and write in a language you do not understand and have the audacity of calling me a monkey and an agent working for the CIO.
        You can’t be envious of everything on Mother Earth as this can come to haunt you in the future. You were envious of someone’s land and look what happened. The land question has come to haunt you and now you are a vagabond in England with nothing to show that once upon a time you used to live like a king in Zimbabwe. Times change, my Rhodie friend. Chaitemura chavakuseva shamwari. Kana uchidakusevawo wotokumbira blaz.

        • Larry King says:

          Call me a Rhodie why not, I was born in Southern Rhodesia. You were also Rhodie a black one and me a very brown one. You talk too much every bit of which is garbage and lies. All of a sudden according to your warped CIO mentality you decide to make me British citizen.This is news to me its as stupid as the one making it that is you moron. You forget that under colonial rule we were all British subjects, not citizens though.

          I bet you are versatile so is your big mouth. Your ability to speak Shona and English is obvious after all you are a black Zimbabwean. Even my domestic helpers in Harare are fluent in the English language. What are you blowing your trumpet for when written Shona does not have its own alphabet. The foreign languages I speak all of which are Greek to you have their own alphabets.

          Once upon a time in Smith’s Rhodesia yes I did live a good life so did blacks, life was good we had everything. Come Mugabe and your filthy Zanu PF comrades, we particularly most blacks have become victims of poverty and where life expectancy has been reduced considerably. For you in the CIO and your chefs life is good but on whose backs.

          The country I have since moved to has ample farm land on sale. But I have never had a passion for the land or farming so what makes you believe that the land question in Zimbabwe is causing me nightmares. This is typical of your naivete, what the f@ck are you talking about. You bet times have changed for 13 Zimbabweans it is for the worse far worse than one could have imagined 33 years ago. But guess what Ian Smith did predict this that Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs will destroy the country which turned out to be the case.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Oh no no my gosh Aah, so you still have domestic servants in your own house? And how much to you pay them and do you also have some in England and if not why? That explains why you still yearn for the days of glory during the era of Ian Smith when you had what you defined as your garden boys who were probably twice your age. Well, those days are now over and will never come back, you sucker and parasite. You never paid your so-called garden boys fairly and some even worked for nothing.

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            Does this make me a CIO agent or a mole working for ZANU PF in the United Kingdom? Is it not true that is what happened for you to be in that hopeless state where you are daily shouting at the top of your voice.

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