Court orders Grace Mugabe’s son to pay workers

Russell Goreraza

Grace Mugabe and her son Russell Goreraza

By Nomalanga Moyo
SW Radio Africa
10 February 2014

First Lady Grace Mugabe’s son, Russell Goreraza, has been ordered to pay workers at Tolrose Mine in Kadoma more than $340,000 in salaries arrears.

The order also empowers the deputy sheriff to attach property at the mine to raise funds to pay the 366 workers, if Goreraza does not oblige.

The gold-rich mine is at the centre of an ownership tussle after Grace’s son controversially acquired a stake in the mine in October last year, before forcing out co-owner Jameson Rushwaya.

Some workers have not been paid since 2011 due to wrangles between Rushwaya and his ex-business partner Patterson Timba, who sold his stake to Goreraza.

Goreraza, who installed himself as sole authority at the mine, has allegedly been abusing and assaulting workers using his henchmen who are permanently stationed at the mine, the workers say.

Earlier last month the workers went on strike to protest their withheld salaries and also sought court intervention after attempts to negotiate with the employer failed.

On January 24th the High Court ordered Goreraza to pay his workers their outstanding salaries, totalling $339,782.

Tinashe Mugwira, president of the National Mine Workers’ Union of Zimbabwe, who took the matter to court on behalf of Tolrose workers, said they are relieved.

“We are pleased that this will go some way to alleviate the suffering of the workers and their families who have been left destitute as a result. At least now they stand to get something,” Mugwira told SW Radio Africa on Monday.

“The $340,000 is just part of what the employees are owed. Another case involving $150,000 which has since accumulated is before the arbitrator,” he added.

Goreraza recently refused a Labour Court directive to pay up, claiming that he ‘is above the law’, forcing the workers’ lawyer to approach the High Court.

“After the employer failed to honour an earlier order from the arbitration process, we registered the arbitral order with the High Court,” lawyer Alec Muchadehama said Monday.

“This enables us to send the deputy sheriff to attach the property at the mine, and we are working on that at the moment,” Muchadehama told SW Radio Africa.

Asked what the workers would do if Goreraza refuses to comply or cooperate with the deputy sheriff, given his political connections, Muchadehama said this was unlikely.

“But should that happen, we will expect the police to assist and the law to take its course,” Muchadehama said.

The lawyer said it was regrettable that the workers have been forced to resort to the courts, when the matter could have been amicably solved through negotiations.

Workers representative Mugwira said Tolrose workers will be happier if the mine is sold to new owners “because problems will continue if the current administration remains in charge.”

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7 Responsesto “Court orders Grace Mugabe’s son to pay workers”


    Goreraza recently refused a Labour Court directive to pay up, claiming that he ‘is above the law’, !

    And Mugabe and his Zanu PF knuckleheads wonder why foreign investment has dried up since the rigged elections ?

    Lies, bullshit and intimidation are their speciality – the whole lot of them could’t be trusted to run a tap let alone a country !

    Mugabe and his henchmen better get used to the fact they are so reviled for the appalling treatment of their fellow citizens and misgovernance of the Zimbabwean economy, that the USA will never take their mighty boot off his scrawny little neck. Indeed, he should count his blessings there is not a Republican president currently in the White House, because he and his tyrannical regime would not be treated as leniently by the Republican party as they currently are by Obama and his Democrats.

    • wilbert says:

      Well what we are seeing now is the end of looting and the beginning of the nightmare for the looter – being held to account when they never they were above the law! Most of these looter are going to lose everything and for the first time in their lives they will have to learn to earn their daily bread through an honest day’s work. That is going to be really tough, for them!

  2. wilbert says:

    And so the looting sagas takes and turn and twist. All I can say is there are lot more sagas to come, 34 years of looting have produced so many stories!

  3. dumbu says:

    Son of a bitch has got it now . Majaira kudya zvekupamba .Mamboti mati baba here nhai VaGorerazvo ? Ndiro gore razvo iro rino. Muchandotora baba kwamakavaisa ikoko . Munoti havarwadziwiwo here nokutorerwa mukadzi vari vapenyu ?

  4. Yepec says:

    Fake, Chimbwido Warvet, what do you say about your praise singing of Russell Gorezano, now that even the courts have ordered him to pay the employees’s outstanding salaries?

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      It is not anything new my boy. We have heard before that Mugabe built a mansion in Borrowde and it turned out to be false. I can believe anything that is peddled this pirate radio station? Its a big no!!!!

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