Mujuru attacks media for exposing corruption

Joice Mujuru critical of media for highlighting corruption

By Nomalanga Moyo
SW Radio Africa
10 February 2014

ZANU PF deputy leader and acting Vice President, Joice Mujuru, says detractors are behind the on-going exposure by the media of salary scandals in state-linked institutions.

Mujuru was addressing a women’s conference at the weekend when she suggested that those leaking details about the corruption at parastatals are ZANU PF people bent on destroying the government and the party from within, the Herald reported Monday.

Mujuru accused these enemies within the party of sitting on projects and businesses that she said are crucial to the success of ZANU PF’s economic blueprint ZimAsset.

The acting president said the malpractices at these institutions should not be discussed in the media but should be handled by the Office of the President.

In an audio clip from the conference, Mujuru tells the women in Shona: “Iyi nyaya yatiri kutaura iyi yehuori hwemaparastatals muchenjere kuti ndeimwe nzira yaunzwa nevanhu vari kuda kupwanya nyika ino iyi.

“Vari kuziva kuti chii chakabata nyika yeZimbabwe. They know what is done by our parastatals. They will go and talk to some of our people and do what is happening.

“Vanotaura kuti kana tabva kuZBC, toenda kuZESA, toenda kuZINWA. Regai kuzoti vanhu vacho havasi veZANU PF aiwa, zvinonzi kana usingagone kumukurira unomujoina, worova uchibva mukati make, saka mochenjera. Saka tiri kuti nyaya iri mumaoko mehofisi yaPresident,” Mujuru said.

Following Mujuru’s remarks, which some observers said was an attempt to gag the media, the MDC-T has called on her to resign from her VP post for condoning corruption.

In a statement signed by MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora, the party said it is “extremely disgusted and outraged” by Mujuru’s suggestion that revelations in the press are the work of “detractors”.

Mwonzora added: “The ZANU PF government must resign over this corruption. Vice President Mujuru must resign for condoning corruption and she must be investigated by the Anti-Corruption Commission and the police to find out what motivated her to make these threatening utterances.”

“We call upon the people of Zimbabwe to stage a massive demonstration against this corruption. We demand to know what is going on in the diamond industry because that is exactly where a lot of corruption was done by ZANU PF and state officials.”

Nhlanhla Dube, of the Welshman Ncube-led MDC, said: “The media as the mirror of society cannot and should not be blamed for reporting things as they are. The statements attributed to VP Mujuru cannot be allowed to go unchallenged as they are a dangerous footnote signalling desire for a muzzled media.

“This if allowed, besides being constitutionally wrong, it would drag our society back into retrogressive political and administrative abyss,” Dube added.

There are strong indications that the on-going exposés are part of the infighting within the ruling party, with claims that the anti-Mujuru faction, led by Emmerson Mnangagwa, is behind the leaks.

The Mujuru family is one of the richest and most corrupt in the country, with the Vice President and her late husband Solomon fingered in several scandals, including the looting at the Marange diamond fields.

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19 Responsesto “Mujuru attacks media for exposing corruption”

  1. suomi says:

    Hei Joyce we would rather your party is destroyed than our country. Parties and governments come and go… Now we know why corruption has become endemic, you are using it to maintain your own political hegemony. The opposition should consider impeaching you, with the division in ZPF they chance of making a VERY bold statement.

  2. Cafe Wha says:

    How moronic can you get? 86% disability was not a feeb. This woman is mentally challenged.

  3. wilbert says:

    Some people had viewed Mai Mujuru as presidential material her stupid and flippant comments on this very serious problem of rampant corruption that has destroyed the nation’s economy and forcing millions of Zimbabweans into a life of abject poverty proves beyond all doubt she is just another stupid and corrupt Zanu PF leader, not fit to hold the highest office in the land.

    Mismanagement, corruption and looting have been rampant in Zimbabwe ever since the country attained its independence but of course the regime has kept it under wraps because it had total control of the country’s media, judiciary, Police, etc. and, most critical of all, systematically denied the people their right to vote the regime out of power. The regime itself has vehemently denied there was corruption and blamed the economic melt-down on sanctions, drought – it used to be a one in ten or twenty years but has since become a yearly phenomenon – etc.

    Mai Mujuru has herself amassed a fortune of $ 3 billion and her late husband’s loot was $ 9 billion. Are these figures another fictitious creation by the media? Just “another tactic being used by those keen to destroy the
    country”! She must think all Zimbabweans are morons!

    It is no wonder the country is in a real mess given it was ruled for 34 years
    by the likes of Mai Mujuru and Mugabe! Well the time is up. They have lied,
    looted, and rigged elections for far too long, they must now go!


      I agree, Mai Majuru would be a complete disaster as President.

      In my opinion, Simba Makoni is a rare breed, a highly articulate and educated black Zimbabwean politician who actually knows what he is talking about. He speaks with a fluency, coherency, authority and intelligence Mugabe can only dream about!

      And he has more understanding of economics, finance and world affairs, than the entire Zanu PF and MDC leadership and front benches put together!

      Simba is the type of leader Zimbabwe and Africa desperately needs, but history sadly has shown rarely ever sees as President.

      • Ziziharinanyanga says:

        This is the world’s most barbarous statement coming from the highest office in the world.

      • wilbert says:

        He only used his education, articulate voice, etc., etc. to worm his way into power. He used to wag his tail like a puppy in Mugabe’s presence. Makoni is corrupt, he did everything he could to get on the gravy train. He will do so again just to get back on the gravy train again!

        • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

          Wilbert – you would know him better than I.

          I comment simply from the perspective of his understanding and knowledge of how a modern, free market economy should be run, and the benefits it brings to all, rather then the few! – this is something very few so-called African leaders have the slightest idea of, and even those that do, mostly fail to embrace it through fear of losing office as a result of a more enlightened and confident electorate.

          • wilbert says:

            Mugabe has seven, SEVEN university degrees and this much I can say, they were not all awarded to him for his good looks! At least one of the degrees is in economics and he certainly knows how the economy works.

            I am not an economists but I know what Mugabe has been implementing in Zimbabwe all these last 34 years is NOT sound economic policies. No can even say the policies defy common sense. How do you expect the economy to grow and prosper when the corrupt few suck up all the money and waste it on luxuries, for example.

            Of course Mugabe knows that the country’s economic melt-down was caused by the gross mismanagement, corruption and looting. He does not care about that or the heart breaking suffering and deaths it has brought to millions of Zimbabweans. All he cares about is that by allowing the mismanagement and corruption he bought for himself and the Zanu PF dictatorship a political system that has kept him and his cronies in power for 34 years.

            That is what corruption means and does to people.
            Simba Makoni knows what has gone wrong in Zimbabwe and can say it in them most flowery turn of phrases Shakespeare himself would cheer and applaud now that he wants to get back on the gravy train.

            The minute he is on board – he is back to the Simba Makoni of his Zanu PF politburo member days!

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            Just because an individual may have studied for an economics or business studies degree, does not mean they know much about how to run a successful business or a modern economy, or even really understand much about the subject they had been studying.

            When Margaret Thatcher asked her civil servants to look into the educational backgrounds of 50 of Britain’s most successful businessmen who headed up many of the Nation’s largest public and private sector companies, she was astonished to find that not one individual had even been to University!

            Their only common traits were that most had high IQ’s, were extremely hard working and driven individuals, personable, quick witted, natural salesman, and mostly came from very modest backgrounds.

          • wilbert says:

            I never said only those with University degrees have the monopoly of knowledge much less know how to apply it. What I said and is universal accepted is that if a reputable University awarded Mugabe a degree in economics then it must be because he had demonstrated his understanding of the subject to degree level and not because of his good looks!

      • Sithu says:

        Unfortunately, Simba has never demonstrated his qualifications when it comes to violently snuffing out the lives of Zimbabweans with his bare hands. The minimum experience threshold is 25,000+ (Gukurahundi style) and it is understood on the sly that they must all be Ndebele in heritage if he is to be considered patriotic. Once he establishes those credentials, he can then be considered.

  4. Sithu says:

    Yes, these corruption leaks are unfortunate and should not be discussed in public. They are private matters which need only be mentioned by those comrades within the “old boys network”. These are small matters not politely spoken about in public. Let us refrain from thinking about and mentioning our business strategies in public. It is nobody else’s business what we do behind closed doors. All door must remain closed at all times. Now, let’s continue with our business strategies and not be deterred by these unfortunate false stories planted in our tender loving country. Members of the public, remember, those things did not happen and are Western values we must reject.

  5. Hungwe says:

    Hey Joyce, what happened to your gold & diamonds that you had smuggled to Asia. Did you ultimately managed to dispose of it. You & your husband were some of the most corrupt since independence. All things being equal you should actually be languishing in jail.

  6. Yepec says:

    Whether the Mnangagwa faction in Zanu PF, is the one exposing these filthy salaries in the parastatals, is excusable and must be commanded. The real issue now facing the public is that with this level of corruption in existence and eating the very fabric of the society, what is the appropriate action to take? This is cheating in a different way, as in rigging the elections last July 2013.

    Some of these parastatals are yearly being subsidised by the taxpayers money in the Government budget, thus hampering the delivery of services.. Not only are they being subusidised but are tottering on the brink of collapse -. going seven months without paying the salaries of the workers, is not funny or being profitable such that their management have to be rewarded with high salaries. Was not paying the salaries of the employees, the work of the press?

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