Mugabe scholarship students stranded in SA

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

By Nomalanga Moyo
SW Radio Africa
11 February 2014

Dozens of Zimbabwean students enrolled at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology on a Robert Mugabe scholarship have been barred from lectures and thrown out of residential halls, because the government has not paid.

More than 100 Zim students, including those in their final year, have reportedly been affected, with most of them reduced to begging friends for their upkeep.

One of the affected students told SW Radio Africa correspondent Lionel Saungweme that students’ fees were already in arrears as the government failed to release last term’s grants to enable them to pay.

“The students have tried to contact Minister Christopher Mushowe, who is also the Presidential Fund director, but were told he was on holiday,” Saungweme said.

The student told Saungweme that they have not contacted the Zim Embassy in South Africa for fear of being victimised by the country’s dreaded central intelligence operatives.

“There is fear amongst the students that government officials may think they are complaining by approaching the embassy for help and victimise them as a result.

“But the plight of the students does not speak well of the government and President Mugabe should be ashamed to be associated with such a poorly-run scheme,” Saungweme added.

The Presidential Scholarship Fund is supposed to pay for tuition, accommodation and other needs of students from underprivileged backgrounds.

But over the years, students whose families have established links to ZANU PF, have tended to benefit at the expense of deserving cases.

Zimbabwe has an estimated 7,000 students enrolled at various South African universities under the presidential scheme.

Most of the students on Mugabe’s scheme have at some point been left stranded due to non-payment of grants, exposing them to abuse and risky behaviour such as prostitution and stealing.

Last year Fort Hare University was said to be owed more than R40 million in unpaid student fees by the broke Zimbabwe government.

President Mugabe and his party ZANU PF regularly portray the scheme as a success story and proof of their commitment to elevating educational standards.

Observers however say the country’s educational system will be better served if the government invested in its own collapsing institutions and paid for these students to study locally.

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  1. wilbert says:

    Last year just before the elections Mugabe paid all the fees in full because he wanted the continued support of the students’ parents and relatives who constitute the rump of Zanu PF die-hard loyalists. His vote rigging plans would fail without their support.

    Some of us predicted that this was going to be the last payment these students would ever get and is exactly what has happened. These students and their parents were naïve not to see this coming.

    Zimbabwe is broke. Five women are dying in child-birth and 100 children below the age of five are dying of preventable diseases everyday because the country’s health sector has collapse because of the lack of funds. If there was any money then surely it would be better to spend it on saving lives than expensive fees for die-hard Zanu PF loyalists!

    The Students should go back to Zimbabwe and ask their parents how they helped Mugabe rig the elections!


      Indeed, and why Mugabe and his cronies choose to live in luxury behind high walls festooned with high tech security systems, having looted their country into bankruptcy and impoverished their people.

      They now act like the late Mobutu Sese Seko, the dictator in his leopard-skin pillbox hat who plundered Zaire and lived in splendid isolation on a vast compound in his pillaged, ruined nation.


    By some margin, the most significant votes cast during the 2013 Zimbabwean Presidential election were not in Harare’s token polling booths or the stage-managed rural voting stations but from the ‘leaders’ of independent African states.

    The position Mugabe has just been voted into is that of the ideological leader of the sub-Saharan Africa’s Dictators Club’s. He has ‘won’ from his fellow heads of state an endorsement for his ‘belief’ that the Western democratic system, has brought Africa nothing but chaos, corruption, poverty and brutality, and that Africa needs Dictators not democracy to free itself from economic poverty.

    His eventual goal is a Marxist-led United States of Africa. Significant steps on Mugabe’s political and economic deconstruction of Zimbabwe and his path toward this black utopia have been the Zimbabwe Land Acquisition Act, military involvement in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the assassination of the Congo’s President Laurent Kabila, and the granting of life residence in Zimbabwe to the former Ethiopian dictator and passionate Afro-Marxist Mengistu Haile Mariam, who fled to Zimbabwe in 1991, and remains there despite an Ethiopian court verdict finding him guilty in absentia of genocide.

    Some estimate that Megistu was responsible for more than 2 million deaths. What is a fact is that Mengistu has been Mugabe’s close and constant confidant and it is worth noting that the cornerstone of Mengistu’s brutal attempt at social engineering was “land redistribution”.

    What has happened in Zimbabwe has not been “land redistribution” as such but the nationalisation of the agricultural sector. This is a continuing process, as is the nationalisation of the industrial and economic base. The economy may been reduced to total ruins, in capitalist terms, but from Mugabe’s warped perspective he has removed external economic dependence and is in the process of redistributing ‘wealth’ and “empowering” the peasantry.

    The West’s extreme trepidation at the prospect of a Mugabe victory in the 1980 independence elections, and its preference for either Abel Muzorewa or Joshua Nkomo, both non-Marxists, as the first leader of Zimbabwe was clearly both very prescient and justified.

    Mugabe has been, and is, building a socialist/communist state in Zimbabwe, and he has been doing this with the full knowledge and tacit support of his regional neighbours. Following the 2013 ‘elections’ this support is now out in the open.

    Consequently, what has been seen by the West as the corruption and subornation of the police, the judiciary and the military has actually been, in terms of Mugabe’s strategy, the redefining of those institutions’ primary obligation. That obligation is now to “the state”, and therefore the society, not the individual. And the state, of course, is “the party” Zanu PF, and the party is the state.

    As marxist Eastern Europe found to it’s cost, the end result will always be endemic corruption, ultra high unemployment, an inability for the nation to feed itself, and the masses living in abject poverty, while a ruling elite who consider themselves above the law and the rightful owners and rulers of the Nation, living the life of billionaires – which is fine for them, until as in Eastern Europe the people eventually say enough is enough !

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