Mujuru backtracks on corruption, says she was misquoted

Vice President Joice Mujuru

By Tichaona Sibanda
SW Radio Africa
12 February 2014

Vice-President Joice Mujuru, facing a barrage of criticism for her comments on corruption, has backtracked claiming she was misquoted about wanting to gag the media for exposing the rot in parastatals.

Mujuru’s remarks have badly tainted her image and were uttered during an address to members of the ZANU PF Women’s League in Mashonaland West.

She warned the party to be wary of individuals who have infiltrated it with the aim of destabilizing it from within; accusing the media of being part of the plan. She said they should stop exposing the scandals.

The comments have sparked furious reaction from many Zimbabweans, both inside and outside the country and so she has backtracked and denied that she is against media revelations on corrupt activities. Then she blamed the media for allegedly misquoting her.

Analysts said while she may want to distance herself from the storm she created, they say it’s apparent the comments were directed towards individuals from the other faction led by party stalwart Emmerson Mnangagwa.

It is her insinuation that corruption should not be exposed in the media that has touched a raw nerve. Businessman and opposition politician Charlton Hwende said it is understandable why Mujuru is not comfortable reading about corruption in the media, because she belongs to a party that is corrupt to the bone.

‘If you look at Mujuru, the late husband was probably one of the most corrupt people to live in Zimbabwe and the whole ZANU PF machinery is oiled by corruption. From 1980 until now, you will see that ZANU PF has been sustained by corruption, so we are not surprised that Mujuru is defending the rot.

‘Even if you look at Mugabe, he’s now fighting for a $5 million mansion in Singapore, where did he get that money? asked Hwende.

The MDC-T national executive member said the furore caused by Mujuru was a result of factionalism pitting her against Mnangagwa. He said Mujuru was not wrong in pointing a finger of accusation at her rivals.

‘The exposés can be directly linked to Mnangagwa’s camp that is now hitting back after their provincial losses in the party elections to the Mujuru’s faction,’ Hwende said.

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  1. wilbert says:

    She is really not used to being held to account and so this is a real shock to her! After 34 years of absolute power she was really beginning to believe that all Zimbabwe are stupid. The ease with which Zanu PF out manoeuvred Tsvangirai and MDC after the 2008 elections when everyone thought Mugabe and Zanu PF were in trouble has done wonders for Zanu PF leaders, it gave them wings and they were sure they could fly!

    So for Mai Mujuru to now hear that ordinary Zimbabweans are demanding to know about the corruption and looting that has been going on including how she got her $ 3 billion fortune must be a real shock for her. She thought this was the time she could exercise her wings and silence the public with the usual bull about the West pushing their regime change agenda. Well the public’s outrage was loud and very clear and unmistakable – we are not stupid, it is us who are demanding answers and not the West!

    So what answers she is going to give for her $ 3 billion loot. Of course she may choose to go the Maurice Nyagumbo way – no chance of ever being misquoted, that much was clear.

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      The nation wants both the Vice President and the President of the MDC-T to shed more light on the financial irregularities that have been widely reported in government parastatals and the financial saga bedevilling the MDC-T on funds that have been donated by foreign donors to his political party that is alleged to have been inappropriately used by the former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai. Both leaders have a responsibility of explaining and defending themselves of the allegations that are being levelled against them. This is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly.

      • succuba says:

        Which foreign donors have been funding MDC-T CW… please name and shame here.

        I wont hold my breath.

        • wilbert says:

          Why I it a shame for everybody else to receive anything from a foreigner but ok for Mugabe and Zanu PF to so! Indeed the tyrant has even sold away the nation’s treasures for a song in return for these so called donations!

          Do not let yourself be sucked into these stupid arguments in which only Mugabe and Zanu PF are allowed to talk to outsiders and everyone else branded a traitor if you do!

          The WB, IMF and the rest have stopped giving Zimbabwe any financial assistance because Mugabe failed to account for what he got. The nation is up to its ears in debt because of Mugabe.

          If MDC have abused the money given to them by donors then the later will cut the funds; and it seems they have done that. Mugabe and his cronies have been robbing us blind for 34 years and we have been as helpless us infants!

      • Yepec says:

        Fake, Chimbwido Warvet, you should not be defensive, for nobody is trying to get you but understand your comment, you have a responsibility to explain yourself to the readers. What do you meant by, “The nation wants both the Vice President and the President of the MDC-T to shed more light on the financial irregularities that have been widely reported in government parastatals and the financial saga bedevilling the MDC-T on funds that have been donated by foreign donors to his political party that is alleged to have been inappropriately used by the former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai”. To be effective in your explanation, use examples involved in the cases, not your vivid and runaway imagination..

  2. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    The debate on financial irregularities on donor funds by the former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has all of a sudden disappeared from this site. We will not rest until a satisfactory answer is given as to the origin of the donated funds and the reasons behind donating funds to a Zimbabwean political party.
    It will also be interesting to know how the funds that are in dispute were disbursed by the office of the former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe. This is an issue that can not be brushed aside as the nation has the right to know. The Vice President of this country has defended herself but we have not heard the views of the former Prime Minister on donated funds he is alleged to have used for his personal interests. While the Warvet believes that corruption can not be condoned in government or in political parties, both the Vice President and the former Prime Minister have to come out in the open. The ball is in the court of the former Prime Minister to narrate the story.

    • Bekhi says:

      These silly allegations of corruption are internal ZANUPF family matters and it is impolite to speak about them in public. Let us speak about these matters behind closed doors. We must hide these matters from the public as it is dangerous to talk about it outside of the Club. We must refocus and continue our battle with the evil West and their allies and their filthy sanctions on our gentle peaceful country.

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Don’t be silly Bekhi. I would like both the Vice President and former Prime Minister of this country to shed light on the irregularities that have been widely reported. I am not taking sides here but seeking only the truth on what really transpired with the funds that were donated to the MDC-T and can not be accounted for. I also want the Vice President of this country to tell the nation why on earth a small economy as that of Zimbabwe can afford to pay outrageous salaries to its chief executives leading government parastatals. This is not a joking matter as the nation has a right to know, you monkey.

    • Larry King says:

      As usual you love making an idiot of yourself talking nonsense for which you are noted for. Something we have grown accustomed to and which we dismiss with a pinch of salt. You are wasting your time giving credence to the MDC and what it did with donor funds. You have not even ascertained that they are getting funds and if they are, the amount they got and if this went into certain pocket(s) It is between the donor and the MDC for the latter to account to the former. It is not for your CIO or your Zanu PF to lose sleep over.

      Since when have we ever debated financial irregularities during the last 33 years. Willowgate was the first and the last. Ever since that time, we are witnessing massive looting of Zimbabwean treasures by a bunch of your friends and comrades in crime in Zanu PF. You never venture into this serious topic because corruption has permeated into every body part of Zanu PF, including your notorious agency the CIO. Zanu PF chefs are stealing public money from wherever they can, many of whom have become multimillionaires. The party that claims it liberated Zimbabweans from the shackles of white rule has instead placed 13 million Zimbabweans in shackles of poverty. That is extreme poverty making us lie at the bottom of the bottom of the most poorest country. And you are proud of this, how silly can you be.

      When the MDC joined the GNU its top brass including Tsvangirai made a lot of money, and this is true. But how much he made or his colleagues made is literally pittance compared to the riches accumulated by your chefs in Zanu PF. I do not condone any fingering of public money by whoever two wrongs never make a right.

      The ball is in Mugabe’s court to deal with the massive thieving that we have heard off and which is but a tip of the iceberg. Why should it be in the hands of a person who is now past tense Tsvangirai was the worthless Prime Minister for what that post was in the GNU. Robert Mugabe is the head of our banana republic and it is he who is under obligation to come out in the open which he so far is very silent on.But this is typical Mugabe style blame others and not take responsibility for the rot that has destroyed Zimbabwe.

  3. Cafe Wha says:

    Liar! Shame on you.

  4. Common Sense says:

    Fascinating, but it was OK for 33 years for the Media (read: The Herald), to spit hatred and lies on whites and the MDC formations… and ZANU-PF (Charmaba and others) were feeding the machine…. and ZANU-PF didn’t complain then… only it when it backfires do you get cold feet and try and divert attention.

    Such immature politicians, it simply demonstrates they have continued to have ‘power’ by corrupt means and not the will of the people….

    I look forward to the exposure of ALL corruption, regardless…. and that my friends will determine who is in power and who is not

  5. Zim 1 says:

    Warvet, you are the biggest liar ever on this forum!!!! If you are the face of the CIO it is an extremely poor reflection of the organization… you are pathetic the way you have to sing for your supper!

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