Civil Society call for commission of enquiry into corporate corruption

ZimRights director Okay Machisa

By Mthulisi Mathuthu
SW Radio Africa
14 February 2014

Civil society groups this week registered their ‘sternest disapproval’ of the breakdown of public accountability and called on the government to urgently set up a commission of enquiry into corporate corruption.

The call was made Thursday by 66 civil society groups, through a joint statement. The commission should investigate ‘obscene salaries’ and other underhand dealings in the local government and public sector, the statement said.

The civil society groups also called on President Robert Mugabe to break his silence on corruption, in which his aides and close allies have been named. The statement, issued after what has been dubbed the biggest civil society gathering to discuss graft, called on Mugabe to deal with corrupt government officials.

Government was also called upon to replace corrupt officials with those whose profiles ‘reflect good corporate governance, professionalism and integrity.’

The statement also called on government to allow Parliament and the anti-corruption commission to ‘perform their role without hindrance.’ Those who participated at the Thursday meeting said public anger was apparent. Speakers expressed disquiet at government attempts to prevent action against corruption.

The call came as government is targeting only peripheral figures. So far only members of the suspended Air Zimbabwe board have been nabbed for corruption while Mugabe’s close allies, who include his spokesman George Charamba, have remained free.

Charamba has been named in the looting of the Premier Service Medical Aid Society where he was paid $100,000 last year for sitting on the board. His membership on that board is said to have been against a government policy on corporate governance, which prohibits permanent secretaries from boards of public entities.

But the government is also steadfastly determined to block free expression against corruption. Ahead of this week’s gathering the police refused civil society groups permission to march against corruption. Then on Thursday WOZA women activists were assaulted as they left Parliament after handing in a petition. On the same day, MPs who were geared-up to discuss graft, were told at the last minute to go home, because the toilets were faulty. Opposition MPs said they saw this as a flimsy excuse to prevent debate on corruption.

ZimRights director, Okay Machisa, said the fact that the police were blocking marches instead of arresting corrupt individuals was an indicator that the government was not serious about tackling graft. Machisa said: Government has so far failed to deal with corruption. There is absolutely no political will and so we need action as civil society and the police must allow us to express ourselves.’

The veteran human rights campaigner warned the public to be wary of ‘political games.’ He said the government is trying to hoodwink people into thinking that it was acting on corruption, when the real culprits remain untouched.

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    Any company or person that does business with the Zanu criminals and their personal fiefdom Zimbabwe, needs their head read – it is a totally corrupt mafia state, where the crooks actually run the country for their own material gain !

    Zimbabwe, is the only country in the world where the only billionaires are Zanu PF politicians, who apart from lowly paid ‘public service’ and i use that phrase in its loosest possible sense, have never had a proper job in their lives !

    Rest assured, nothing will change until these appalling criminals are removed from power, because as sure as night follows day, they are not going to give up their looted $25m private jets and 50 bed mansions while they have a state financed private army and police force to brutally enforce their continued rule and look after their personal security.

    Rest assured Obama will keep his asset freeze and travel restriction boot firmly on Mugabe’s scrawny little neck until he is wearing a pine overcoat, because there is no way the hated and despised Mugabe military dictatorship is going to embrace democracy, desist from industrial scale looting of the Nations resources, and respect human rights any time soon !


    ‘He said the government is trying to hoodwink people into thinking that it was acting on corruption, when the real culprits remain untouched.’

    Indeed they do !

    As i predicted in a post back in April 2013,(see below), after the Zanu election rigging disaster of 2008, Mugabe wanted the 2013 election rigged so thoroughly, it would guarantee him and the Zanu PF Military Dictatorship a landslide ‘victory’ – even if no one in the country voted for them !

    Zanu PF could not believe it when they lost the 2008 elections after having spent four years systematically rigging the vote to ensure ‘victory’ by including millions of Zanu ghost voters.

    Mugabe was utterly amazed that despite starting off with a rigged advantage of more than 2 million ‘votes’, he still ended up getting so badly thrashed, it took his riggers another 6 weeks of behind the scenes vote manipulation, just to get his vote up to 43%!

    April 2013 – The Zimbabwe Mail

    “In 2013, Mugabe and Zanu PF, knowing they have no chance of winning a free and fair election, the gangsters will not leave anything to chance – so a voters roll with an inbuilt Zanu ghost voter majority has been prepared – meaning that if eveybody who can legitimately vote, votes against them, it will not matter, their rigged ghost vote will still be larger !”

    The mighty US with an economy 8 times larger than all the African continent combined and 2,200 times larger than bankrupt little Zimbabwe will be keeping her travel restrictions boot firmly on Mugabe’s scrawny little neck.

    The growing evidence of widespread voter intimidation, voter fraud and manipulation, with civic groups saying that nearly 2,000 total breaches of SADC’s principles and guidelines, governing democratic elections, were documented during the July poll, gives the US all the ammunition it needs to ratchet up its support of the oppressed Zimbabwean people against the murderous black tyranny they seek liberation from.

    Mugabe has populated the judiciary with his puppets, the attorney general is unapologetically partisan, the police are blatant crooks, the murderous military chiefs run the country and the diamond and gold mines, and all other government institutions are hopelessly corrupt.

    Recipe for a disaster economically for all but the billionaire state looting elite.

    As for indigenisation, it will amount to next to nothing in terms of wealth transfer – most of the companies at threat, have seen the writing on the wall years ago and have loaded up their balance sheets with debt, while removing the cash abroad – the only thing most of the new shareholders will have to look forward to is a share of the huge debt these companies now carry.

    “Indigenisation, what Indigenisation? screamed the Zanu crooks after going through the books, there’s nothing left for us but the debts!” There is no doubt Mugabe will have met his match taking on the management of these companies !

    Economic Empowerment? – where the people are concerned, it’s just another fresh Zanu PF turd described as a rose !

  3. super mondo says:

    you can call allday long but ignorant thieves wont hear,,.send them a bomb and they will hear.

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