Donated helicopters find their way into Zimbabwe?

Alouette III helicopter

Alouette III helicopter

By Tichaona Sibanda
SW Radio Africa
14 February 2014

Namibia could have controversially used a ‘perfect cover’ to send helicopters to Zimbabwe, for rescue operations to save flood victims in the Tokwe-Mukosi basin, following the heavy rains in the last few weeks.

The Alouette III helicopters are the same aircraft the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) wanted to donate to Zimbabwe last year. But an urgent court order obtained by AfriForum in 2013 prevented the donation to Zimbabwe over fears that President Robert Mugabe’s regime would use the aircraft against its own people.

Earlier this month South Africa announced it would donate the 12 Alouette helicopters to Namibia. Following these reports AfriForum said they would monitor the donation to Namibia to ensure that it does not end up benefiting the Mugabe regime.

But following floods in the country, the Namibia Defence Force (NDF), sent three of its helicopters to Zimbabwe on Wednesday, after appeals from Zimbabwe to assist with airlifting marooned families affected by flooding at Tokwe-Mukosi in Masvingo.

NDF public relations officer Petrus Shilumbu said: “The heavy rainfall experienced in the Republic of Zimbabwe have prompted the Government of Zimbabwe to request assistance from the Republic of Namibia.” Shilumbu said in response to that request the Namibian airforce sent three of its helicopters, with six pilots and seven technicians.

However Namibia’s generosity has raised eyebrows, taking into account that it is sending to Zimbabwe the same type of helicopters that were blocked from being donated to the airforce of Zimbabwe.

AfriForum legal advisor, Willie Spies, said while they do not object to Namibia offering help to Zimbabwe, they will not hesitate to approach the South African courts again if they discover that the rescue mission has been used to sidestep legal issues concerning the helicopters.

Solomon Chikohwero, a former airforce officer in Zimbabwe and director of Intelligence for the MDC-T, said the ‘help’ from Namibia was part of a grand plan to deliver the helicopters from South Africa via Namibia.

‘If Zimbabwe really needed help airlifting marooned villagers, they would have simply asked Zambia or South Africa, that are an hour away from the flood victims by air.‘To seek help from a country that is half a day away using helicopters raises eyebrows. South Africa has helicopters permanently stationed at Limpopo and Messina for rescue operations and it would have made sense asking help from them,’ Chikohwero said.

He said he felt certain the helicopters would not be going back to Namibia.

‘They will use every trick or excuse for the helicopters to remain in Zimbabwe. Either they will say they have developed mechanical failures or will leave them in the country until the floods are over,’ he added.

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  1. inini says:

    KIKIKIKIKI I love Namibia

  2. John Bizzy says:


  3. ChandoT says:

    Namibia….our true comrade in arms…..

  4. Cafe Wha says:

    Down the road Namibia will feel the pinch of aiding and abating a rogue dictatorship.

  5. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Don’t worry. I have been reliably informed that these obsolete copters will be going back when they accomplish the tasks they were sent to do in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is better off without these copters as spare parts will be difficult to procure in the event such copters will need to be serviced. It is best to deal with Russian and Chinese helicopters only.


    What Mugabe and his goons are petrified of, is that one day everyone in Zimbabwe will have an AK 47!

    Mugabe’s form of ‘government’ only works while they have all the guns !

    It also relies on mass unemployment and keeping most of the population hungry and uneducated – this is why under his regime the country has made no progress economically during the last 34 years – its just not in their political interest and never will be – they need the abject poor to remain poor and uneducated!

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      Lies buddy. Zimbabwe has a highly educated people on the African continent all because of Mugabe who made education affordable to all school going children in 1980. You must be living on Jupiter if you do not know this. We were denied education during the era of Ian Smith, your cousin, but we still could beat his draconian educational system that was skewed in favour of your white cousins. ,Today, the majority of the Zimbabwean people can read and write, thanks to Robert Mugabe’s policy on education for all.

      • Museyamwa says:

        And now we have pple with degrees selling dvds at street corners and being conductors and accepting it without question. What education is that.? We shld have a critical thinking population that asks questions and are given the chance to lead. Sadly they may never use those skills in their lives.

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          It is greed, that our students and academics should be trained in critical thinking and be able to seek the truth without fear and favour. That people with degrees are selling DVDs at street corners is not unique to Zimbabwe alone but is a global problem. Students who are coming from universities in the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries in the so-called developed countries have no jobs commensurate with their qualifications. I live in a country where I am witnessing and experiencing this reality everyday, my friend. It is factual and not misleading, museyamwa.

          The global economy has been screwed up by thieves at Wall Street who continue to be bailed by us – the taxpayers because they are too big to fail. They have tampered with the reserve currency of the world, the US dollar to the extent that there is a global economic crisis.

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            ‘bailed by us – the taxpayers’ ????????

            Immigrants living off benefits generously paid for by hardworking taxpayers, do not pay tax!

          • THE BLACK ARISTCRAT says:

            You should be careful, as welfare claimants living off benefits provided by other people’s sweat and toil, that have the time to endlessly post comments on online bulletin boards are clearly not spending their time productively looking for work, as is required under the rules for receiving such generous payments from hardworking taxpayers.

            UK government enforcement authorities looking after taxpayers interests, always cut or take away the benefits of such people, and often prosecute, particularly where undeclared income is also being received from other sources.

            Have a nice day !

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            My friend, I pay more taxes than the hedge fund managers who are being bailed by us the taxpayers because they are too big to fail. While I pay a heavy tax, hedge fund managers do not pay taxes that are commensurate with their income. In other words, they pay regressive taxes which do not take into account the wealth they milk from us, the middle and working classes. You should stop talking nonsense as you are in the league of those milking us everyday of our existence through failures after failure but continue to be bailed out by us, the taxpayers. For you, that is what you term as true freedom that is practised in a democratic country. Well, for a hedge manager who gets everything free from others without being punished for the ills you have caused to the economy of this country, it is democracy. Bailed for failure and milking others dry and you do not get punished, what can I say? It is true freedom to do what you can dream of without facing the consequences for your failures.

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            Son, you have not got a clue what you are talking about.

            Fact number one – 97% of people who trade the stock and forex markets lose money over the longer term !

            Fact number two – 95 % of fund manager who trade the stock market, fail to beat the return from a simple index tracker.

            The only people who earn huge salaries aside from the best performing hedge fund managers are the investment bankers, who largely get paid by commission for raising funds for quoted companies.

            Anyway, if you’re as educated and as good as you deludingly think you are, there is nothing stop you following a career in the financial services industry, rather than rely on us taxpayers to fund you benefits lifestyle

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Any attempt to lecture to the readership the majority of which belongs to the working class that faces the brunt of high taxes and is not conversant with your highly skilled job as a hedge fund manager is not that helpful.

            The majority of the working class are not so sophisticated in understanding the percentages you have alluded above and that explains why they are being coerced to bail out hedge fund managers when they fail in running their businesses. Some of them just pay their taxes without any idea that public funds will end up in your filthy pockets.

            Chimbwido Warvet is law abiding and has the pride of leading a very clean way of life. He, therefore, has no intention of joining a profession of hedge fund managers who have looted and pillaged the UK economy that has contributed to the economic crisis we are currently experiencing in the country. What concerns most of us is while you have committed a crime, you have not been arrested and prosecuted for the suffering you have caused to the British citizens. Instead, you have continually been bailed out by us the taxpayers each time your businesses fail. And you live at peace with yourself and have the audacity of lecturing to Robert Mugabe for looting when you are a thief. That is hypocrisy of the highest order, Wilbert Muroyi.

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            Taxpayer? Don’t make us laugh ! You can’t fool us !

            Of course, a cursory glance at the timings of your postings tells a different story – someone and his family shamelessly living off the backs of hardworking taxpayers, by fraudulently claiming a smorgasbord of benefits !

            The sooner the British immigration authorities and Dept of W&P look into how you obtained British Citizenship, and your application’s compatibility with your undeclared, paid work for the Zimbabwean CIO the better !

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Is it because you can not handle the truth? And whose bidding are you doing or representing apart from the daily concoctions you are fed by this pirate radio station to spew on this site? A hedge fund manager, oh my God, it is too good to be true, Wilbert Muroyi.


        The only difference between the Smith Regime and the Mugabe Military Dictatorship apart from the colour of their skins, is that Smith’s regime knew how to run a modern free market economy and were brilliant at it – other than that, history will remember them both as violent, human rights violating, racist, repressive organisations, lead by deluded psychopaths intent on retaining power at all costs.

        As for the Zanu PF leadership being well educated and of high intelligence, spare us the patronising nonsense – that’s the sort of comment you would expect to hear from a party of ill educated knuckleheads that could be duped into believing that refined diesel flowed out of rocks!

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          There should be no comparison between Mugabe and Smith at all. The rule of Smith was illegitimate while that of Mugabe is legal and constitutional. The debate should just end right here. Ok?

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            There is absolutely nothing legitimate about a repulsive dictator who has rigged every election since 1980, and has admitted personal responsibility for the Genocide of tens of thousands of his own people in Matabeleland. Ok?

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Wilbert Muroyi, tell the nation how many millions of Zimbabweans were murdered by the rhodesian forces with your connivance and collaboration. And today, you are a hedge fund manager who spends time writing crap on this site but still manage to accumulate millions of pounds. How lucky you have been that the British taxpayers have bailed you out together with your colleagues in business for failure after failure. It is no wonder it is not difficult to explain why you and colleagues have failed because instead of concentrating your energies on issues that matters and crucial to business success, you spent your time writing crap on this site. What most British nationals like Chimbwido Warvet are concerned about is being coerced by government to bail you out each time you and colleagues fail as our government considers your businesses are too big to fail. Don’t you think that is unfair and a diabolic way of looting public funds when you are bailed by the working class who is struggling to make ends meet?

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