Hunger striker calls off protest


Philosophy Josiah Nyapfumbi has called off his hunger strike after assurances

By Nomalanga Moyo
SW Radio Africa
14 February 2014

Corruption protester Philosophy Nyapfumbi has ended his week-long hunger strike, following a meeting with Harare Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni.

Nyapfumbi spent five days camped at Town House on a diet of popcorn and water to protest the re-instatement of Town Clerk Tendai Mahachi.

The Town Clerk had been suspended on allegations of corruption, but Mayor Manyenyeni reinstated him on the orders of Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo.

The Mayor had also accused Mahachi of failing to properly discharge his duties after he refused to provide the salary and benefits schedule of all senior council employees, including his own schedule.

Nyapfumbi said he was suspending his hunger protest until Monday, when results of a forensic audit will be known.

He told SW Radio Africa that the mayor had assured him during a meeting that the council was doing its best to address the matter.

“Once I know the results of the report, I will decide on the next course of action,” Nyapfumbi said.

He however vowed to mobilise other residents to join in the strike if the results of the audit are not favourable to rate payers.

Nyapfumbi said he was happy with the results he has achieved by going on strike despite Mahachi still being in office.

“At least they have brought in the auditors and this is going to expose what the problems are and then we can begin to press for action to be taken,” he added.

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  1. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    He could have been our hero if he kept on eating maputi nekunwa mvura. What a coward who chickens out before his goal had been accomplished. Is he not one the crooks who starves during the day but eats at night when everybody is asleep? Ngakadye sadza karege kutifira kamudara kachena ndebvu nemusoro kanotinyepera kuti hakasikudya sadza. Ngakatibvire!!!!

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