Two former Air Zimbabwe CEO’s nabbed over corruption

Peter Chikumba

Peter Chikumba, the Zimbabwe Airways boss from 2007 to 2010

By Tichaona Sibanda
SW Radio Africa
14 February 2014

Investigations into allegations of graft in parastatals have seen the police arrest the former CEO and acting CEO of Air Zimbabwe on corruption charges.

Peter Chikumba, the national airline boss from 2007 to 2010, and his successor Innocent Mavhunga, were picked up by police in Harare on Thursday. Company secretary Grace Pfumbidzai was nabbed on Wednesday.

The airline has been rocked by the scandal that resulted from its appointment of Navistar Insurance Brokers in 2009 to handle the insurance of its planes.

The insurance transactions are said to have violated the airline’s tender regulations. There are claims of premiums being ‘fraudulently’ overcharged by almost $10 million over a four-year period.

This week Transport Minister Obert Mpofu fired all the boards under his ministry for non-performance. This included the Air Zimbabwe board led by Ozias Bvute. Political observers have noted however that only the ‘small fish’ have been exposed and arrested in the scandals that have emerged, with the real culprits, like cabinet ministers, still enjoying protection from President Robert Mugabe.

Meanwhile there are reports that senior officers in the Zimbabwe National Army are earning as much $10,000 per month in basic salaries, in addition to a range of other perks. Rank and file soldiers earn a monthly average of $370.
Sources in the ZNA Pay and Records Department revealed to The Zimbabwean newspaper that ranks of Lieutenant Colonel and above enjoy hefty perks, and most of them are war veterans.

The lowest paid private soldier earns an average $340 before transport and housing allowances, and the next nine ranks to that of major are separated from each other by a mere $20 a month. The salary difference widens with each senior rank. Generals enjoy salaries in the $5,000-$10,000 range, plus fleets of vehicles.

Giles Mutsekwa, the MDC-T’s secretary for intelligence and security, said while it is their wish to see all civil servants and members of the defence forces well remunerated, they were however concerned with ZANU PF’s selective handling of the issue by paying huge salaries to the military hierarchy.

As more reports of corruption in parastatals and government institutions are released, the board and management of the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) is embroiled in a $4 million scandal.

The Financial Gazette reported on Thursday that top management extended to themselves, and other connected private citizens, loans amounting to close to $4 million. Of that amount $2.5 million was given to individuals with political connections while $1.5 million was shared among board members, the agency’s managers and other REA staff, which they used to build houses.

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  1. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Let all heads roll for all executives who are implicated in graft. A country can not survive or prosper with such criminality and organised crime.


      And lets start with Africa’s 8th richest person Robert Mugabe!

      Zimbabwe may be home to millions of poverty stricken families yet it’s not short of billionaire criminals like Mugabe who exploit them. The African rich list, provokes debate as to how a president of one of the poorest country’s in the world, can end up being on the rich list without any investment or property portfolio?

      How Mugabe the President of Zimbabwe can accumulate a net worth of US $5 Billion, in a country where much of the population routinely depends on food aid is totally scandalous.

      It begs the question where are these billions and where did they come from. We can understand Strive Masiwa being a billionaire because he is an entrepreneur par excellent but what of Robert Mugabe, president of a self inflicted poverty stricken country, who has never had a proper job outside of politics for over 50 years?

      Zimbabwe was on the brink of collapse before the Government of National Unity (GNU) in late 2008, cholera claimed thousands, hospitals grounded to a halt, and water supply dwindled, electricity supply was erratic and essential services collapsed, all because of a shortage of funding, while Zanu PF politicians stashed money in offshore European banks, which unfortunately for these state looters were closely monitored by International Crime Authorities.

      No wonder these revolting parasites had asset freezes and travel restrictions placed on them – the outrageous amounts of money they stole and continue to steal and now stash in far eastern banks, actually belongs to the Zimbabwean people.

      Mugabe and his fellow Zanu PF looters, should show some responsibility and duty of care towards the 2.2 million needing food aid, by selling off their $20m private jets and use the cash raised to help feed the nation, since it was their disastrous economic policies that bankrupted the country, and reduced millions of rural folk back to impoverished, stone age hunter gatherers !

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        I would rather let the indigenous people of this country loot their land and mineral resources than allowing the greatest of all looters who have been pillaging and plundering our land and mineral resources for nearly two hundred years. For you British guys as you call yourself, it is pure sour grapes that you have been denied the right to exploit the Zimbabwean people and hence your anger and frustration. They are enjoying the wealth of their country and leave them in peace, you idiot. Stone age hunter gatherers? What a joke of the night!!!!!!

        • Larry King says:

          You are in effect acknowledging that looting is okay. By doing so you condone the vile criminal behavior of these black chefs who are stealing wholesale in broad daylight. The majority, 13 million Zimbabweans are no chefs who are forced to lead a very difficult life under black minority rule. The chefs whom you conveniently refer to as indigenous are a new breed a class of their own. These are the very ones involved in looting.

          The looting in Zimbabwe of its wealth and treasure is carried out by a tiny minority of black bourgeois elitists. In a short period they have plundered our mineral wealth or sold it for peanuts to the Chinese. The fact that you are also a British citizen shows you love them. You claim to be one of them it is rather stupid of you to run them down. Why carry dual citizenship when all you do is find fault in them, is it because you a sour grape Zimbabwean?

          Mugabe and his backward looking bunch of thieves have not taken Zimbabwe into the 21st century. It was never in their interest to do so because it suits their selfish and crooked agendas. We were made to look like people of the stone age when our old Zimbabwean currency ran into God knows how many trillions just to buy a loaf of bread. The rural folk in particular became hunters bringing down anything that moved for food. You are proud of this. You are a heartless moron showing no remorse whatsoever for the hardships that indigenous Zimbabweans live through.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Zimbabwe has been looted and pillaged of its natural resources and human labour that built this country to be what its is today by well known foreigners for close to two hundred years. But the colonial power that should have helped Zimbabwe for its reconstruction and economic development after the war, simply walked away without offering the country any meaningful assistance. Zimbabwe like many countries that were colonised by the United Kingdom, deserved to be paid reparations for the human suffering and pillaging of its resources it endured at the hands of its colonial power. What did Zimbabwe get after it attained its independence. It got nothing from its former colonial power and you think you can fool the world by talking this sh.t. You can fool other foolish Zimbabweans and not Chimbwido Warvet because he is well informed and more educated than you. Fcking sour grapes.
            Let them enjoy themselves because you had your time although this was not your country. A visitor who comes to one’s country seeking for food and shelter but ended up controlling and owning my people and still lives at peace to himself can only be classified as a devil.

          • Larry King says:

            Your response contains nothing new it merely reaffirms you are a thorough idiot, a CIO informer who does the talking on behalf of Zanu PF’s black elite. You are on their payroll, so whatever you say is 100% baloney and has no moral value. You will return to the past as though Zanu PF is owed for its own self made blunders which it has inflicted on the nation of Zimbabwe. You blame Wall Street, High Street, sanctions, the white man just about anyone you can lay your dirty hands on. You and your Zanu PF have had nothing to show except failure after failures and of course the massive thieving they are involved in.

            Zimbabwe has an abundance of natural resources, including the former white farms which are now in the hands of morons, Zanu PF morons.. When a clueless moron who has no farming acumen grabs a farm or farms, does not pay a cent for it, what would you expect from this moron. He kicks out the farm workers who tilled the land for the white boss, abuses his loot, the tractors irrigation pipes etc because he just does not have it in him to do farming.

            The white man left Mugabe and Zanu PF a properly functional state which was built by them and by hard working black Zimbabweans. Zanu PF thugs like you were busy roaming the bushes then and the only thing that you learned was to handle weapons of war. You were also severely brainwashed which killed whatever little intellect you had. Thus when you guys returned from the bush all you expected was charity.

            Why expect your ex colonial authority, Britain whose citizenship you cherish to willingly dish out charity to your Zimbabwean elitists who would only abuse this and divert this for themselves. Zanu PF ought to be paying Zimbabweans reparations for literally killing this country. What more did you expect from the British that we get doled out from a crisis created by Zanu PF. You are British and fortunate enough to be on their dole which is paid for by the British taxpayer. Zimbabwean do not have that luxury even though they pay taxes because most of their tax dollars goes into the pockets of your chefs in Zanu PF.

            Zimbabwe is my country it is a country I know best unlike you who proclaims to be a “black” Britain and also a Zimbabwean. How many blacks in Zimbabwe have dual citizenship the only ones I can bet on are the chefs like you and their offspring. And they have this dual arrangement as a safety valve in case they have to run when the sh@t hits the fan. So tell me are you visiting Britain or visiting Zimbabwe, you hypocrite.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            My rhodie friend, just shut the fck up and be human. Zimbabwe is in the position it is because of people like you. Zimbabwe has never been your country and will not be at all times. If it was your country, I am sure you could have spending your time demonizing your people and country all day. This behaviour can only be associated with foes of the people as it has the potential of helping enemies of Zimbabwe to tear it apart.
            Your country is where you are right now. You and ancestors enjoyed the wealth of this country for centuries all by yourselves without the foresight that the indigenous people of this country also had the right to enjoy the wealth of their country and now you are crying like a baby all because you are now a vagabond in foreign land. Well, these guys in Zimbabwe are now enjoying themselves like you did before and you are now very envious as always. It can not be their fault, my fault or that of Mugabe but yourself. Leave them alone and let them enjoy their wealth. We have the seas around us in the UK and I can join you in fishing. That is all we can do mate.

          • Larry King says:

            The moderator of this website chose not to to publish my initial candid response to your rubbish above. It is his prerogative to be selective but all I said was to confirm you are a Zanu PF informer in sheep’s clothes. That you are proud of wanting it to be known you are British. That you are ashamed to defend the majority blacks here in Zimbabwe who are the victims of Zanu PF aggression since it is in your self interest to do so. You are a traitor to millions of Zimbabweans undermining them through your activities as an agent provocateur

        • Zim 1 says:

          Shut up! and grovel to your CIO bosses!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            You are crippled and unable to argue your case. Writing two sentences only. What a parasite that reads the work of others without any contribution to the debate. Is it because of lack of education or what? If so that can not be my problem but yours buddy. There are night schools all over the United Kingdom for people like you. Uri mhata kana kuti duzvi blaz

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            No point in having an education if largely everything goes straight over your head !

            He says more in 8 words than you could ever do in 500 !

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            You should shut the fck up Wilbert Muroyi, the foolish hedge manager who claims to be a millionaire in the UK while he is a foolish employee for the pirate radio station in London. If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.

    • wilbert says:

      So you admit that corruption destroys the economy! Well done. By the way we must also punish all those who have beaten, raped and/or murdered our people.

  2. Cafe Wha says:

    The Guky party gravy train choochooes unabated.


    The lifestyle, standard of living and earning power of Zimbabweans now living in Europe is light years ahead of anything most would be able to earn in bankrupt Zimbabwe, due to the appalling economic destruction 34 years of Zanu PF ‘rule’ has delivered.

    And with the prospect of little or no foreign inward investment, the economic outlook for those remaining in Zimbabwe over the next 5 years looks to be very bleak indeed, unless of course they belong to the Zanu PF elite, whose billionaire lifestyles will continued to be funded by industrial scale looting of the Nation’s diamond mines and other state assets, and the criminal exploitation of their own citizens.

    Utterly deluded Mugabe needs to get real and wake up from his hallucinations and smell the coffee ! The only reason he and his henchmen are annoyed and irritated at the USA is because the USA froze all the billions of dollars of looted assets that they have stashed away in foreign banks, preventing them from spending it.

    When Gaddafi was removed from power by the the repressed masses, some $70 billion of cash, gold, commercial and residential property, and other investments were found in his offshore accounts – enough money to run the Zimbabwean economy for more than 15 years.

    Targeted travel restrictions and a financial freeze on the assets of the Zimbabwean First Looter and First Sausage Jockey and their military dictatorship henchmen should remain but, economic sanctions should be introduced – to give them what they claim incorrectly is already happening – then you’ll hear them squeal like the overweight pigs most of the already look like!

    More of the appalling Zanu PF criminals looting the Nation’s cash and assets for personal enrichment, and economically, destroying everything they touch is all the dirt poor , unemployed Zimbabweans have ever known since ‘independence’, and will ever know so long as these violent uneducated thugs continue to get away with stealing elections, in order to keep them firmly ensconced in their 50 bed mansions and $20m private jets, and away from the ICC’s noose!

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      A man is presumed innocent until such time he is tried by the courts and found guilty. Mugabe is on record as having told the world that if he has any penny stacked in any foreign bank that it be confiscated. There is no serious debate in this matter.
      Gaddafi was not removed by his people but murdered by well known governments for purposes of controlling the oil fields in Libya. In terms of international law, the Libyan leader should have been arrested and prosecuted for the alleged crimes but he was arrested and shot in the head by foreign forces who wanted to control the wealth of this country. The same fate fell to Saddam Hussein. And who follows the norms and values of international law when the United States and other countries in the so-called developed world have refused to ratify international treaties against genocide and aggression on other independent and sovereign states? You are a fool of gigantic proportions.
      You should remember what Chimbwido Warvet has said above all the time and stop parroting nonsense.

      • Larry King says:

        Mugabe can only be presumed innocent if and when he removes all obstacles which allows Zimbabweans to have complete and unfettered freedom in a just society. This would include a free press, an impartial judiciary, a impartial police force and the right to speak out. You are only being protective of your paymaster, Robert Mugabe, pretending that the man has clean hands. We are a typical third world country where politicians rarely get punished for their crimes against the state. Mugabe lives the lifestyle of a rich tycoon but when he emerged from the bush he wore his jacket above his belt. In recent years he has boosted his income in his farming ventures only because he got the very best farms repeat Farms under the land grab. The apartment in Hong Kong is a good example of how the Mugabes are hiding from the fact that they paid for this on the backs of Zimbabweans.

        Gaddafi was an idiot so was Saddam Hussein. They were both desperate despots who in the end by the help of the west met their fate. Both of them deserved to go the way they did, only if they had done so voluntarily. I accept that the USA in particular had no legitimacy in invading Iraq nor was the west’s intervention in Libya particularly the French. I also agree that international law is for every country to respect and honor. The USA violated this in the case of Iraq. As for Libya the UN Security Council with the blessings of Zimbabwe’s strong allies China and Russia authorized the use of force

        You are parroting stories about Iraq and Libya for millions of Zimbabweans they do not care a damn on what happens in foreign countries especially in the Middle East. You have a fixation for topics that has no relevance to Zimbabweans. But this is a deliberate ploy played by you after all you are paid to do so, to sweep under the carpet the fate of millions of Zimbabweans who are suffering under minority black rule.


        ‘Gaddafi was not removed by his people but murdered by well known governments for purposes of controlling the oil fields in Libya. ‘

        To protect what little remains of your own credibility, do some research before you utter such total nonsense.

        Western oil companies did not need to control the oil fields, they ALREADY had 98% of all Libyan oil and gas production under 25 year supply contracts !!

        You know very well, Mugabe is so petrified of being held to account for the genocide he was personally responsible for in his own country, he was prepared to accept the USA’s offer of asylum in another country after being thrashed in the 2008 presidential elections, rather than face the wrath of the Zimbabwean people, or the ICC’s hangman noose!

        International diplomatic sources know very well, his Military senior staff prevented him from taking up this offer, since it was not extended to them, and they had no intention of being left behind to face the music, and so forced a rigged run-off election, although laughingly, it took these low IQ knuckleheads and their election riggers a month just to get Mugabe’s pitiful share of the ‘vote’ up to 43% to trigger it !

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          You can not lie to the well informed Chimbwido Warvet. He is fully aware and the world was watching when crimes against humanity were being committed in broad daylight. Gaddafi had wanted to kick out all foreign oil companies for his country to go it alone. It is well documented and the world is aware. Your attempt to deceive and cheat us is futile.
          Mugabe did not have to leave his country he fought for its independence and sovereignty to be given political asylum by those he fought against. That is a false statement that is not supported by evidence. You better shut the fck up if you do not know what you are talking about.

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            Well informed???? Lol!!!

            False statement? Dear oh dear, for all your jumped up self importance, you obviously have not got a clue as to what went on behind the scenes in 2008! Read Wikileaks !

            Your pathetic threats are as weak and as hollow as your arguments, which is mostly Zanu PF propaganda or blatant lies and ill informed opinions dressed up as ‘facts’ as long suffering Zimbabweans call it!

            You seem to forget you’re not back home barking out your orders at a voter re-education meeting ! Your in the UK living off benefits courtesy of the UK taxpayer, of which i am one !

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            I told you a long time ago that I am a British citizen who fends for himself. At no time has Chimbwido Warvet lived on the sweat and blood of anybody. If you still doubt what I told you before, you better check my employment records which are readily available. I am well educated and gainfully employed. I do not lie unlike you who tells the whole world that you are a hedge fund manager who spends his time writing crap on this site all day. Where would get the time to work on your claimed businesses when you are always writing crap on this site day in and day out. You are miserable and the most foolish businessman I have known all my life. Mind you fcking business and stop making silly comments on Zimbabwe.
            As a fully fledged British national, I have my constitutional rights and obligations. It is not against the law of this country to express my views on what I consider as unjustified attacks which border on criminality against the leadership of Zimbabwe. Who gave you the moral right of attacking Mugabe and associates as you do in this country? And should I just fold my hands and do nothing about it because you have said so. I do not think so. You are just as good as any other British national and you should therefore mind your fcking business. And you do not have a right to tell me what I should write here. If you are from the security apparatus, then you know what to do. You can shoot me and kill or murder me if you have the power to do so. I am not scared of nothing, fck you.

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            Lol!!! There you go again telling people what to do !

            Typical of the Zanu ‘do as i say, not as i do’ PF behaviour, Zimbabweans sadly have to endure year in year out, at the point of a gun!

            For the umpteenth time you need to get into that thick skull of yours, that you’re not back in Zimbabwe with your fellow armed criminals and thugs, barking out your orders at a voter re-education camp in the unseen rural areas.

            Clearly, in light of your admissions on here, your previous activities in Zimbabwe and behaviour since coming to the UK, must of meant you almost certainly achieved your British citizenship under false pretences.

            Hopefully, the UK immigration authorities and Dept of Works and Pensions will soon become aware of your clandestine intelligence activities as a Zimbabwean CIO mole now based in the UK, supporting the International pariah Mugabe and his appalling regime, and review the situation as a matter of urgency, in light of the fact you intentionally misrepresented your past to obtain citizenship, and the smorgasbord of benefits you now live off.

            Finger crossed for all UK taxpayers, and genuine immigrants applying for citizenship, they catch up with you sooner rather than later !

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Nonsense, Wilbert Muroyi, the hedge fund manager in the United Kingdom. You wish you were and can you now shut the fck up, please? The British immigration authorities have more important work to do than wasting their time over a British national who is law abiding and does not live on the sweat and blood of other British citizens. You can now kiss my butt, Wilbert Muroyi and have a good night.

  4. wilbert says:

    After a life of total luxury they will see how the common man lived, particularly prison live!

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