Mugabe pardons 2,000 prisoners

Some of the elder prisoners being released.

By Mthulisi Mathuthu
SW Radio Africa
17 February 2014

2,000 prisoners are expected to have walked to freedom by the end of this week, following an amnesty order by President Robert Mugabe.

Mugabe’s order is unlikely to be seen as a gesture of goodwill and empathy, and more of one of necessity. Recently it was reported that about 19,000 prisoners countrywide were facing starvation as food stocks had dropped significantly. Reports said the situation could worsen due to poor funding.

On Monday Zimbabwe Prison Service deputy commissioner Aggrey Huggins Machingauta told journalists that his department was working with the police in indentifying deserving inmates.

A NewsDay report said people who have reached 70 years and above, except those facing life and death sentences, will qualify. Juvenile inmates at an open prison will automatically also qualify for amnesty, including the terminally ill, the report said.

Mugabe’s order states that some prisoners will not be pardoned, including people on death row, habitual criminals, as well as any person serving a sentence imposed by a court martial. Others who will not be pardoned include those jailed for rape, murder, treason, carjacking and armed robbery.

According to the NewsDay, Machingauta denied that prisons were hell and were recording high death rates. But a tour of the Harare Central Prison by the Zimbabwe Independent last week revealed otherwise. The paper quoted inmates saying they were living under ‘fatal unhygienic conditions.’ Some inmates reported witnessing fellow prisoners dying of hunger and lack of treatment.
One prisoner said it is the same whether you get a five year sentence or a death sentence, because the result in both instances is death.

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    The unemployment rate is 94%. Zimbabwe is the world leader in the number of orphans per capita, nearly a million of them are AIDS orphans.

    Up to a third of its citizens have fled the country to escape the rapes, tortures, imprisonments, and killings that are commonplace.

    Its illegal Military Dictatorship is widely recognized as one of the most corrupt and violent on earth. The horrendous atrocities, entrenched injustices and the seemingly impossible inhumanity and brutality of Robert Mugabe’s supporters and militia have shown no sign of letting after 34 years of tyranny !

    We’ve seen hospitals filled with victims of Mugabe’s thugs, and the unreal sight of a self-appointed pretender bishop Kunonga battling the real Anglican bishop Bakare with his crosier.

    There was the shocking report of a woman gang raped by Mugabe’s soldiers next to the body of her dead husband and decapitated twin child as her surviving twin child cries and witnesses the appalling scene.

    And then there are the prisons, cesspools of humanity with cells packed with starving, sick prisoners; the captive are victims of brutality and perpetual torment. Prisons are filled with the stench of filth, of human waste, and of decomposing dead bodies often heaped one upon the other in the next room, wretched fluids often leaking under the door and into the cells. Zanu PF prisons are places where men and women are stripped of their clothing, their dignity, and their humanity.

    Yet within this country in ruins we witness a human spirit that refuses to capitulate. Those who have lost homes, children, spouses continue defiantly to resist the evil Mugabe onslaught.

    With brutal dictatorships being overturned in the Middle East and North Africa with the encouragement of the West, is it too much to hope that the universally despised tyrant Mugabe’s Zimbabwe will follow? The courage, humour and resilience of the brutalised Zimbabweans deserve nothing less.

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      This garbage being spewed by the well known idiot working for this pirate radio station is criminal in nature. No government that preaches the norms and values of democracy as the United Kingdom should allow divisive elements in their country spewing garbage day in day out against other foreign governments. In fact, it is illegal for the United Kingdom government to host a pirate radio station in this country that beams illegal broadcasts to another country. The majority of the British nationals are unaware of the existence of pirate radio stations in the country as this has been done behind their back as always.

      If the Zimbabwean government does not agree with the views of the United Kingdom on the controversial land question and the controversial indigenisation of its economy, this should not bring about hostility between the two countries. After nearly two hundred years under British colonial rule and not getting any meaningful assistance from the former colonial power for the abuse and suffering my people endured at the hands of their colonial masters, controversies are likely to take place. The British government should have expected this and not carrying on such divisive tendencies it has always carried out in the past by hosting a pirate radio station in its country. This is morally repugnant and unjustifiable.


        “In fact, it is illegal for the United Kingdom government to host a pirate radio station in this country that beams illegal broadcasts to another country.”

        So what are you going to do about it ?

        Do you think they are going to take any notice of an unemployed, ill educated immigrant living off benefits, who has clearly obtained his citizenship under false pretences !

        Get real son, you know very well, the only reason the British Government stopped making land reform payments was because their diplomats found that the universally hated and despised tyrant Mugabe and his Zanu PF henchmen were stealing most of it for party political purposes.

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          ”So what are you going to do about it” ? You ask this naive question as a fool who cannot see and understand what I am doing right now. You need to smell the coffer and open your eyes that are still blinded in this 21st century. The wind of change is blowing right across the western world and countries that used to be the super powers of the world are now seeing reality that the power they once held and abused with impunity is slipping down from their very hands. For a number of centuries the Byzantine and Roman Empires controlled the world but due to their abuse of power people entrusted in them, the Turkish Empire took over, then came the British Empire that fell the same fate and was followed by the US Empire that took over soon after the Second World War which is also slipping down its very hands to other players as we speak right now.

          The British government had a moral right and obligation to assist Zimbabwe when it attained independence from its colonial dominance and control. The least it could have done for the abuse and suffering my people endured at its own hands was to give meaningful economic assistance to a country that is looted and pillaged for close to two centuries. Zimbabwe could have had a good start in restructuring its economy that was severely devastated by the war of liberation.

          Germany and Japan that had contributed to the human suffering of the entire world, were paid reparations through what was termed as the Marshall Plan to reconstruct their devastated economies after the Second World War in 1945.

          And what did Black African States get from their former colonial masters after they attained independence? The answer is known even to those like you whose education and understanding of issues that matter is dubious.

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