New ZBC board chairman embroiled in ‘salarygate’

Jonathan Moyo

Jonathan Moyo has announced a new board for the ZBC

By Tichaona Sibanda
SW Radio Africa
17 February 2014

Information Minister Jonathan Moyo has announced a new board for the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC). It will be chaired by telecoms entrepreneur Dennis Magaya, who is currently embroiled in the ‘salarygate’ scandal.

Magaya, 44, will lead a ten-member board, some of whom have in the past been involved in nefarious activities and the remainder are strong supporters of the ruling party. The other members of the board are Ndabezinhle Dlodlo, Phyllis Johnson, South Africa-based Zimbabwean broadcast engineer Gelfand Kausiyo and Donald Khumalo.

Also on the board are film maker Joyce Jenje-Makwenda, ZANU PF apologist and University of Zimbabwe lecturer Charity Manyeruke, Rudo Mudavanhu, Gibson Munyoro, Cleopatra Matanhire-Mutisi and Blessing Rugara.

Recently the weekly Financial Gazette revealed that in 2012 Magaya was controversially appointed as a strategy consultant to a ZESA subsidiary company. He is earning a monthly salary of $44,000, almost the same amount as the suspended ZBC CEO, Happison Muchechetere. The revelations come at a time when workers at the company are grappling with low salaries.

It was reported that Magaya is currently pocketing a monthly salary of over $25,000 plus a bonus of $18,000, which translates into an annual salary of over $500,000. He is entitled to this package up to August this year, and the salary could be reviewed upwards at this time.

Settlement Chikwinya, the MDC-T MP for Mbizo in KweKwe, said the new board contains many individuals with dubious characters. In the case of Gelfand Kausiyo, the MP said he was suspended by the SABC last year, following allegations he used a plagiarised document in a failed bid for Kiss FM for a radio license. Kausiyo worked in SABC’s technical department in South Africa.

Then there is the issue of Cleopatra Shingirai Matanhire-Mutisi, the wife of Brigadier-General Francis Mutisi. She was in the news in late 2012 for allegedly unleashing two soldiers on her 13-year-old nephew, who she accused of stealing $70.
She is alleged to have locked the child up for two days without food or water before ordering the two soldiers to assault him. Mutisi allegedly then joined them in the morning to assault the boy before leaving for her rural home.
The soldiers then beat the nephew again and he died. Mutisi has appeared in court facing murder charges. In December 2013 she was granted a temporary reprieve, following the State’s failure to furnish her with a trial date.

Settlement Chikwinya, who sits on the Parliamentary Portfolio committee on media, broadcasting and information, described this new board as a unit that will not give advice, but will merely prop up the minister.

‘What do you expect from a board full of bootlickers and ZANU PF supporters? This does not augur well with the institution. This is why we saw ZBC failing to live up to competition to the extent that workers went for 7 months without salaries.

‘Looking at the other board members, I have no respect at all for Charity Manyeruke, a known ZANU PF supporter and mouthpiece, masquerading as a lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe. She is in the same bracket as Sylvester Nguni and Psychology Mazivisa. For Moyo to expect policy advice from Manyeruke is like expecting advice from a tout at Mbare Musika,’ the MP said.

Chikwinya said he would raise the issue with Moyo in parliament and demand an explanation on why he picked people with little media experience and with serious legal cases hanging over their heads.

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    The most important thing to ZANU PF is not the democratization of the state but the retention of power at all costs, through the widespread use of patronage, by stuffing all state organs with their professional mouthpieces and henchmen.

    The illegal Zanu PF Military Dictatorship is led by a macabre and lunatic fringe regime that composes of diehard kindred spirit kleptomaniac ‘kingpins’ whose insatiable desire for power and material aggrandizement has consigned the country and its people to confiscatory dictatorship.

    Zimbabwean political leaders should know and act like Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans first and foremost, and not for ZANU PF, the MDC or any contemporary or future political formations.

    Zimbabwe’s major problem is that Zanu PF political leaders have institutionalised themselves. A country cannot be progressive without sculpting strong institutions which will in turn regulate human behavior.

    In the case of Zimbabwe, instead of building institutions which are intended to further the interests of the nation, the Zanu PF ‘leaders’ have turned themselves into institutions. What Zimbabwe is experiencing is not bad governance, it is evil governance.

    It is clear that ZANU PF will always use force against any opposition to their rule. The use of violence by ZANU PF has largely enabled the party to maintain power, without it they would have been kicked into the dustbin of history long ago.

    However, the continued use of this strategy will come to a point where it becomes a blind alley and at worst, a form of precarious jaywalking. Like Muammar Mohammed Gaddafi of Libya, the use of violence and vote rigging will make Mugabe a victim of changed history.

    When people decide to make history they can make it. When history has changed, it does not matter how long a certain regime has been in power and how authoritarian it is.

    The people of Zimbabwe need to join hands and build an all-inclusive, tolerant and democratic Zimbabwe which will stand as an ultimate rebuke of the evil and sinister ZANU PF Military dictatorship.

    Zimbabwe has to close the deeply regrettable dark chapter in its post-independence history and turn over a new page.

    At this point, the road on which the country has traveled does not matter. What matters is that it is here and that it has to find its way towards a destination which is called democracy, via an unstoppable wind of change. I believe this will occur before the next elections, and be such an unstoppable force, that it kicks the hated and despised Zanu PF into the dustbin of history, once and for all.

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      ”At this point, the road on which the country has travelled does not matter. What matters is that it is here and that it has to find its way towards a destination which is called democracy, via an unstoppable wind of change. I believe this will occur before the next elections, and be such an unstoppable force, that it kicks the hated and despised Zanu PF into the dustbin of history, once and for all”, Wilbert Muroyi said.

      For as long as we can detect a foreign hand at play in choosing a leader for this country, ZANU PF, will be in charge for the foreseeable future. We may consider the possibility of sharing power with political parties that do not receive funding from foreign players and well known governments who want to influence the economic and political direction the country should follow. That much, we are fully aware and will not be inclined to give the MDC-T, a chance come what may. Zimbabweans got their independence and sovereignty in 1980 after close to two hundred years under foreign domination and control. The pain and suffering we endured at the hands of foreigners in our own country is still being felt by Zimbabweans 34 years after the attainment of their independence. They should, therefore, be vigilant and never allow crooks who came to our country as visitors but ended up driving my people from their land to pave way for their own settlements and commercial farms.

      And by the way, ZANU PF is the ruling political party of this country. It follows that the composition of the ZBC/ZTV board of governors should reflect this reality. There is no way it can be composed of the MDC-T as they can not work at tandem with the policies of a political party they are at variance. It is therefore normal for a ruling political party to put in place a board of governors that works in harmony with the ruling political party of this country, ZANU PF. If the MDC-T had won the elections last year, it would have done the same. Let us be realistic and reasonable for once and stop the nonsense you are parroting above.


        “We may consider the possibility of sharing power with political parties”

        Lol!!!!! Says the British National !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          Oh yes, we are not apologetic about it. Any political party that receives or has ever been given financial and moral backing by a foreign player or foreign governments that are fully known, is automatically ruled out in the governance of Zimbabwe. That is a truism that is well understood by all British nationals, including Chimbwido Warvet as we do not allow our political parties to be bankrolled or financed by outside sources for obvious reasons.

          Political parties in the United Kingdom are only allowed to fend for themselves as we firmly and strongly believe outside financiers will have vested interests in the governance of the country. We British nationals firmly and strongly believe nobody in the western world has the funds to finance a political party in Zimbabwe for no financial reward or for not influencing the political and economic direction the country should take. It is not a joke but a truism that we do not take lightly. We do it all the time if we want to influence a regime change in countries that do not agree with our political and economic philosophies.

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            As is usual from you, lies and hypocrisy of the highest order from our resident Zimbabwean CIO operative – as Zimbabweans well know, Mugabe and Zanu PF for the last 5 years, have with he assistance of Chinese companies stole tens of billions of dollars of the Nation’s diamond wealth for party political and personal material aggrandisement.

            You, along with most indigenous Zimbabweans, know very well, that Mugabe since 1980 has politically strived for one thing and one thing only – A ONE PARTY STATE – with him in role of President for life. The fact that he has not achieved this as a result of the Zimbabwean people opposing it at every juncture, continues to infuriate him in the extreme.

            Mugabe, even after getting thrashed in the 2008 elections, had to resort to raising $100m from a USA hedge fund, with which to fund his ‘re-election’ through the use of paid intimidation and repression.

            So, you’re going to have to do much better than your usual display of outright lying, synthetic indignation and appallingly low IQ Zanu PF propaganda – as Zimbabweans long ago dismissed this type of contrived misleading nonsense as complete rubbish, of zero value to them.

            Why is it that every Zimbabwean nurse i have ever met in the UK National Health Service, and i have met many, has never had a good word to say about Mugabe, with most hating and despising him and his party with a passion bordering on loathing.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            The Warvet has no moral right to answer for every Zimbabwean nurse you have met or your figment of imagination. If anything, it should be you or the so-called imaginary nurses who should give answers to your questions. What the Warvet has said is all he knows and which is shared by the majority of Zimbabweans. All Zimbabweans have their own personal views and admittedly not all agree with my sentiments above. What we count and of paramount importance to us is on which political party commands a majority of the electorate and who is calling the shots. If it is ZANU PF that is the ruling political party of the country, naturally it should be given the latitude in deciding the composition of the ZBC/ZTV’s board of governors. That is the norm all over the world that any ruling political party should be seen as governing the country as it sees fit without any dictates from losers of the general elections.

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