UK based pressure group asks Cameron to boycott EU summit

Zimbabwe Vigil in action

By Tichaona Sibanda
SW Radio Africa
17 February 2014

UK based pressure group the Zimbabwe Vigil has written a letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron, urging him to boycott April’s EU/AU Summit in Brussels.

President Robert Mugabe is to attend the summit from 2nd-3rd April after he received a formal invitation. Since 2002 he has officially been banned from visiting the EU, under their ‘restrictive measures’, because of human rights abuses and corruption. He is not prevented from attending international meetings.

The two-day summit is expected to explore ways of ‘strengthening political partnership and enhanced co-operation at all levels.’

Dennis Benton, the Vigil spokesman, told SW Radio Africa that nothing has changed in Zimbabwe that should allow the EU to change its policy towards Zimbabwe.

‘The ZANU PF gangsters that run the country have not changed any of their policies, what we see now is a country being run into the ground,’ Benton said.

He added: ‘Our advice to the Prime Minister is that Mugabe has not changed his hatred of the West, especially the UK, so why should he go to Brussels to be abused by the ageing man. So as far is Cameron is concerned he should stay home.’

Recently the Reuters news agency reported that the EU will this week lift most of its remaining targeted sanctions against Zimbabwe. The EU’sforeign policy chief Catherine Ashton told lawmakers at the European Parliament that they were probably now in the right place remove targeted sanctions, on the basis that ‘if things go badly we can move back again.’

The EU imposed the restrictive measures on Zimbabwe in 2002, in response to a government crackdown on the opposition and the violent land reform program. These have gradually been lifted in recent years, following political improvements, but measures have remained in place against key individuals in Mugabe’s inner circle.

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    ‘The ZANU PF gangsters that run the country have not changed any of their policies, what we see now is a country being run into the ground,’ Benton said.

    Spot on with that assessment.

    And let nobody deceive Zimbabweans, that Mugabe and Zanu PF ushered in Independence in Zimbabwe, because Independence is not simply the absence of war.

    Real Independence means, freedom from oppression, freedom from fear, freedom from arbitrary arrests and detention, freedom from hunger, freedom of association, freedom of assembly, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech and freedom of the press. After 34 years, Mugabe’s Zimbabwe has none of the above standards.

    If there was true Independence, Mugabe and his corrupt, murderous thugs, would not need thousands of heavily armed body guards; there would be no need to build high walls with barbed wires around their luxury houses and there would be no need for the myriad of private security organisations to guard them.

    There would be no need for a huge Zimbabwean army, which squanders at least 30 per cent of the Zimbabwean budget, to protect and defend a corrupt to the bone marrow, hated and despised regime; and an army which Zimbabwe can ill afford.

    In many respects, as a result of 34 years of black tyranny, the vast majority of Zimbabweans are now hostages in their own country, and if the gangsters and their henchmen have their way, that is exactly how things will stay for another 34 years!

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      The United States and its allies in the western world , including the United Kingdom, France and Germany have millions of forces not only stationed in their own countries but scattered across the globe for protecting what they term as their political and economic interests. Tell us what political and economic interests the US military forces serve on the African continent. Who are they policing in the African continent and is the African continent at war with the United States?
      The United States has a military command that is codenamed Africom whose headquarters are in Uganda and has a military presence in Djibouti, a small island off the African continent which is widely believed to have a sinister motive. And you expect, an African country as Zimbabwe not to prepare itself for possible onslaught by foreign forces on its continent. This view can only be held by a worker for this pirate radio station in London whose agenda has been very clear to us. For your information and those who do not know, Zimbabwe is not going to be caught with its pants down but will prepare itself militarily with all means possible to protect its hard won independence and sovereignty. A broke country as the United States and most countries in the western world can be compared to a hungry man. They can be dangerous and need to be contained through military means and not through diplomacy. A hungry man/country can never listen to any diplomatic initiative.


        Son, the United States spends more on their military in a day than tin pot little Zimbabwe spends in 100 years.

        If the mighty USA wanted their military machine to remove Mugabe’s Military dictatorship and restore democracy to the country, it would not even take them 24 hrs, as most of the Zimbabwean Army would put down their weapons and run, rather than risk losing their lives for their corrupt, murderous billionaire service chiefs !

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          ”Son, the United States spends more on their military in a day than tin pot little Zimbabwe spends in 100 years’ said Wilbert Mukori. Is this a fact or merely points scoring by this deranged and ill informed worker for this pirate radio station? If the world would be governed by the militarily and economic powerful only, then there is nothing that can stop the Chinese government to take over the United States as its colonial power right now. You see, your arguments as always resemble those of insane children and adolescents. They bring to the fore your inability to see and read the bigger picture. That explains why it has not sink in that thick skull to appreciate what every academic fully understands that the USA is no longer a military power of gigantic proportions it was once was ten years ago. A country that survives on borrowed funds as the United States to finance its military adventures and expenditures when it has over 50 million unemployed people spells disaster in serving the interests of its people.

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:


            Go and get yourself some education, because what you have received so far has gone straight over your ZIM CIO head !

          • Tiger Shona says:

            We should not allow this idiot to influence us at all, as he is as bad as it gets. Just trying to defend Zanu PF and misinform people that does not know the facts.
            Last year he US military budget was over 500 Billion US dollars.
            And to you CW, try to prove a point. As much as you speak out against the US, get your pals to declare war against the US and see what happens next you moron

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Don’t excited over nothing old rhodie man/woman. Get down to real business other than talking nonsense all the time. The Warvet is too busy right now to be talking of Zimbabwe to be at war with the United States as people do not feed on military adventures of this country. Here the issue for discussion is whether or not the British Premier should boycott the European Union summit just to please the ill-conceived ideas of people like you.
            The British government that is led by David Cameron, represents the interests of its own nationals and not that of foolish Zimbabweans like you who ran away from their country due to crimes against humanity they have committed in my country.
            And by the way, I do not intend to influence anybody who does not believe with my views and neither can you influence my constituency not to take heed of what I write on this site. Just hold on to your warped views and leave me alone, ok?

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            The world reserve currency – the US dollar has been screwed up and is being replaced by other currencies of the world, if you did not know. Some countries are now accepting the Chinese yen and Indian rupee only. That should give you food for thought young boy. The US dollar and its economy are completely fcked up and can no longer compete with the emerging economies of the Far East. All renowned academics of the world are grappling with this question everyday while you still think it is false. What an intellectual maggot.

            A hedge fund manager who does not know these basic facts, is a good as dead. Actually, you are not a hedge fund manager but a foolish employee for the pirate radio station in London who is regurgitating daily nonsense that can not be defended. I doubt if at all you have any formal education as all you write here clearly demonstrates your inability to know the world you are living in and the current economic situation in the country you are domiciled. How possible is it that you can know more about the economic situation of the United States when you can not appreciate the economic situation bedevilling the United Kingdom where you are domiciled? Of course, it is impossible. You are a miserable rat and just as poor as a church mouse.

          • Tiger Shona says:

            You claim to have all that education. Well, we know Mugabe has it. But there is the evidence. He is totally rotten. And so are you.
            Money spent on your education, was absolutely wasted.

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