White lobby group wants Mugabe restrictive measures lifted

Gary and William Smith are members of Zimbabweans Against Sanctions

By Nomalanga Moyo
SW Radio Africa
18 February 2014

A predominantly white pressure group has been formed to press Western countries to lift the remaining restrictive measures against ZANU PF officials.

The group, which calls itself Zimbabweans Against Sanctions, blames the restrictive measures imposed on the Mugabe regime 12 years ago for the collapse of the country’s economy.

Speaking in Harare on Monday, the chairman of the group Mathew Smith, a hotelier and contract miner, said they want western countries to remove all the measures which he said were imposed on all Zimbabweans.

His father Gary who is also a member of the group is the finance director of a transport and trucking business.

Mathew said his group believes that the targeted measures are hurting the country and Zimbabweans, and should be lifted unconditionally.

“We are forming this lobby group because the truth about Zimbabwe needs to be heard and for that truth to be heard it needs to be told from our perspective, especially as white Zimbabweans on whose behalf these damaging sanctions were supposedly imposed,” he said.

In a passionate speech delivered at a press briefing in Harare the leaders of the group denied that the motive behind the formation of the group is to protect their businesses from ZANU PF’s property grabs.

Speaking to SW Radio Africa Tuesday, Mathew Smith said he has never felt the need to protect himself in his 33 years living in Zimbabwe, “and we are starting now because the time just feels right”.

He said the country has just had a “fantastic, peaceful, free and fair election and it is time that the citizens are freed from the sanctions yoke. Our interest is Zimbabwe and ordinary Zimbabweans”.

Defending ZANU PF’s controversial indigenisation law which requires foreign-owned businesses to cede a 51 percent stake to locals, Smith said this was a good policy that was benefitting every Zimbabwean but which has been misunderstood due to the negative perception the world has on the country.

The restrictive measures were imposed 12 years ago on some ruling party ZANU PF officials by the United States, Britain and the European Union following a sustained campaign of human rights abuses by the Mugabe regime.

Explaining his government’s position, US Ambassador to Zimbabwe Bruce Wharton said: “The underlying principle is that the US targeted sanctions programme seeks to limit the economic activities of that very small number of individuals and entities that have shown a willful disregard for the rule of law, democratic process, and human rights in Zimbabwe.

“In our view, those are the activities that have weakened this country’s economy. Targeted sanctions are our means of expressing concern and trying to encourage decisions that will strengthen Zimbabwe,” Wharton said.

But Smith said this was a misconception, and criticised Monday’s decision by the EU to retain restrictions on Mugabe, his wife Grace and arms dealer the Zimbabwe Defence Industries.

Prominent retired Zim cricketer Heath Streak is one of the members of the Zimbabweans Against Sanctions lobby group whose membership comprises almost 3,000 others.

39 Responsesto “White lobby group wants Mugabe restrictive measures lifted”

  1. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Well, the truth of the matter is these white guys want to hijack the work of those who have always been fighting against all forms of restrictions and economic sanctions against Zimbabwe. It has been known for sometime now that the European Union now wants to lift the illegal economic sanctions and the so-called targeted restrictions on specific members of ZANU PF. As usual, they want to take credit for the efforts of others who were fighting against this illegality for many years. That is stupid and they should simply shut their mouth.


      ‘targeted restrictions on specific members of ZANU PF’

      They were put in place for a very good reason as your well know !

      Mugabe has always been the same: cunning, callous, spiteful, dictatorial, violent, ugly.

      Everything is a tactic. Mugabe complains about ‘counter-revolutionaries’, protests about supposed sanctions, condemns the opposition party as a stooge of anti-colonial forces and regularly raises the land issue to appeal to African sentiment. This is done to distract attention from the appalling suffering he has caused. He knows millions of people are starving and children still dying of preventible diseases, but does not care.

      Zimbabwe has in fact become a feudal country by Zanu PF decree. Despite his rhetoric Mugabe is not a liberator but a Stalinist sustained by a lust for power. He believes not in country but in State, cares not about his people but himself.

      He knew the farm invasions would cause shortages and knew also that international agencies would rush in with aid. His Ministers and service chiefs laughed about it. Food could be used as a weapon in elections, a weapon almost as valuable as the duped and drugged youths paid to torture opponents.

      Sadly, Zanu PF and all organs of the state have been consumed by Mugabe’s evil.

      As long suffering Zimbabweans well know, it is never sensible to trust a snake, let alone an entire den of Zanu PR vipers.

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        ”He knew the farm invasions would cause shortages and knew also that international agencies would rush in with aid. His Ministers and service chiefs laughed about it. Food could be used as a weapon in elections, a weapon almost as valuable as the duped and drugged youths paid to torture opponents”. How miserable, pathetic, ignorant, ill-informed and educated you can be, my
        pikinini boy, a derogatory term often used by the former colonial masters who are your cousins, when they were calling or addressing the elderly people of the black community.

      • wilbert says:

        MDC and that idiot, Tsvangirai, is the one who gave this nonsense of sanctions causing the economic hardships currency.

        It was MDC and that idiot, Tsvangirai’s failure to implement the democratic reforms that allowed Mugabe to rig the elections and thus stay in power. If the nation had free and fair elections in July 2013 we would not be talking of all this nonsense now!

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          When a man soliloquises or a literary form of discourse in which a character talks to himself or herself or reveals his or her thoughts without addressing a listener, he/her will have reached a point of no return to normalcy or the mind has become deranged completely.

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            I’d lay off the crack pipe if i were you !

            Security sector reform has always been key to free and fair elections in Zimbabwe, because totally illegally, these institutions are involved in all phases of the electoral process from pre-election to post election and have been the major perpetrators of human rights violations in the country.

            Following the new constitution vote, some optimists even try and convince themselves that Mugabe and his henchmen will withdraw voluntarily from their persecution of the opposition parties and Zimbabwean politics itself, but most Zimbabweans know the evil old tryant is going nowhere, except in a box or at the end of a gun.

            He dare not because he has so much blood on his hands and cannot trust anyone. Also he has an unabated lust for power. In his and his military chiefs eyes, elections are a charade put on to appease the West, to be ignored when the results are inconvenient. He will leave only when convinced it is his last remaining option.

            Rest assured Mugabe will fight to the bitter end, and is prepared to take an entire nation down with him. Already Zimbabwe has paid a terrible price for his clinging to office. Like all Dictators, whenever his position has been under threat he has always been vile and extremely violent to the people who refuse to support him.

            For a few years, between the Zapu massacres and the suppression of the MDC, he was unchallenged and was able to masquerade as a caring leader. He was protected by security forces who were enriched with diamonds from a war in the Congo fought for that very purpose. He did not need to snarl or rig. But the oppressor remained within. A friendless bookworm as a child, he has always been full of hate, especially to those who were a threat to his continued rule and looting of state assets.

            Thirty four years under Mugabe has proved, that Zimbabwe is not poor, merely poorly governed, by an ill educated, callous, spiteful, corrupt gang of repulsive thugs, who are petrified of giving the Zimbabwean people a chance to vote in free and fair elections, because they know Zanu PF will be totally destroyed.

            Principles, integrity and moral values mean nothing to appalling criminals like MUGABE and Zanu PF, their language to the Zimbabwean people has always been, WE HAVE ALL THE GUNS !

          • Larry King says:

            You never cease to amaze many of us with your silly innuendos. You are no Shakespeare and no Hamlet. Jjust an ordinary CIO informant this is who you are, pretending what you are not, ie “to be or not to be”.

    • Tiger Shona says:

      If anybody should shut its mouth, then it is you, you idiot.
      I do not like what these white guys are doing but the fact of the matter is that as much as these sanctions are deserved by the guys who it is aimed against, it did not work, because they stole so much.
      Never mind what you may reply, the truth is most people are suffering because of Zanu PF behaviour.
      And you will defend the Zanu position because you are one of the criminals.

    • Larry King says:

      Did you as a stupid British citizen do any legal “fighting” with the EU to remove sanctions. You just a worthless piece of s@it in Zimbabwe who is paid to talk nonsense. The EU sanctions were meaningless it had no impact on changing attitudes especially on Zanu PF’s expertise on rigging elections and its ability to subvert the whole electoral process. You are fast asleep. You not living in real time, for your information targeted sanctions have already been lifted on all the chefs with the exception of your dear leader Mugabe and his amazing Grace.

    • Mike Rook says:

      What have we here Chimbwido – a divisive all white Zim version of a Rumble in the Jungle? In the red corner is the chairperson of the newly-formed ‘Zimbabweans Against Sanctions’ lobby Matthew Smith. In the blue corner is Mike Campbell of the Mike Campbell foundation, an organisation specializing in helping Zim torture victims. The referee and judges are from the EU. With Campbell ahead on points the referee stops the fight, and the EU judges amazingly score in favor of Smith (that name rings a bell). A Pyrrhic victory for the previously unheard of political pugilist. As the president has a penchant for rewarding those who fight in his corner Matthew Smith should soon be expecting a cheque in the post, and a certificate of no Interest in his mining ventures.

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        I am aware that you have not struck diamonds in the United Kingdom. If anything, you are now doing those manual jobs you were not used to when you were in Zimbabwe. My advice to is if you can not beat them, you have to join them, that is if you also want a certificate of no interests and a cheque in the post. That is what you should do if you want to eat well, my rhodie friend. It is not a tall order for a white man of your calibre.

  2. wilbert says:

    For many years many whites thought Mugabe would leave them alone as long as they kept out of politics and their heads down. When Mugabe had nothing let to loot and his cronies were clamouring for more loot he turned on the whites, playing the race card. The violent seizure of the white owned farms was racist move and by giving the farms to his cronies who failed to make productive use of them Mugabe triggered the country’s economic melt-down.

    The farm seizures started in 2000 and by the time the sanctions were imposed in 2002 the country’s economy was already in serious trouble. So what are these white Zimbabweans wittering about, it is the sanctions that caused the economic melt-down? These whites are nothing but a new wave of those seeking to appease Mugabe in the hope the tyrannical regime will leave them alone!

    • whichfool? says:

      Did Roy Banditi rope you in in the futile fight to reverse our Land Reform nhai wilbert? Do you honestly think Zimbabweans will buy your London story that our land should be given to Roy Banditi and Ian Kay…try it and not a single inbred rhodie will be left standing and I do not mean a few claps like Mr CATCH organized for Mr Elton? Zim Vigil and ZEN will never have an impact on Zimbabwe, so stop farting against thunder dofo wilbert?

      Zimbabwe is not for those who pay you a couple of quid for KFC?

      • wilbert says:

        The Zimbabwe economic is in deep, deep trouble; the lifting of sanctions are not going to result in any economic recovery!

        • whichfool? says:

          So the answer must be to “restore the rule of law” in the eyes of those that lost our land….maya wilbert, no chance sunshine? Wilbert you keep your London and we will kep OUR land? NO party in Zimbabwe wishes to see those who lost our land return…they will farm in graves if possible?

          • wilbert says:

            We are talking about the rigged elections, it was ordinary black Zimbabweans who were cheated and not white farmers!

          • whichfool? says:

            So Roy Banditi and Ian Kay are angry because black Zimbabweans were cheated in the election that the tyrant at Harvestor House lost? Roy Banditi and Ian Kay and Cathy Bucket were never angry when 1000s of black Zimbabweans died in the 80s, in fact the CFU where busy calling Almighty Bob “the best Prime Minister ever”? Roy Banditi and Morgan CATCH even joined ZANU PF as black Zimbabweans were slaughtered? Real human rights where being abused and your current hosts Knighted Almighty Bob? Today after Land Reform you try and pull wool over our eyes by claiming those who lost our land are more concerned about black Zimbabweans…don`t be thick matey? As soon as the rhodies realised the game was up, they remembered the 1000s who died….wake up wilbert? Show me a rhodesian born and bred rhodie who joined the fight for Zimbabwe…Tim Stamps is a Scot? Roy banditi, Ian Kay and Diva Coltart fought to keep our land…they lost and black Zimbabweans will never be fooled by rhodies or those like you who are sent to do the bidding of the devil?

            Your ZEN and Vigil group are at war with our Land Reform…that is your gods only understanding of “restoration of rule of law”….rule of law is alive and well in Zim, just ask the US EX-Congressman facing Zimbabwean born and bred justice?

            We will never be fooled by your gods and the blood tears they shed over our land…go hang wilbert?

          • wilbert says:

            Is it only the whites who have been critical of this Mugabe dictatorship?

            Millions of black Zimbabweans are angry but of course they are all invisible to you. For 34 years Mugabe and you lot have treated us as no more slaves with no voice and no rights. Independence has brought freedom to Mugabe and you, his cronies, including the freedom to abuse the rest of the blacks.

            You can be sure of one thing, there are some blacks who refuse to be silenced and will be heard. We are not invisible and you can close your eyes but when you finally open them, you will find we are still here!

          • whichfool? says:

            Wilbert don`t try and be clever….when did the rhodies get angry with Almighty Bob? In fact it is the rhodies who were the very last to get angry with Almighty Bob….Land Reform wilbert?

            The millions whom you claim are visible to you in London…are there millions of black Zimbabweans in London….when was the last time you went to the country you say you are fighting for? You believe Zimbabweans are concerned about your campaign to “restore minority property rights i.e rule of law” on behalf of Roy Banditi?

            wilbert go home and see first hand and not just believe while you sit in London and collect wages from ZEN and Roy Banditi? You must not be a coward and take your fight direct to those you are fighting?

            wilbert the brave cyber freedom fighter…dofo mhani?

          • Tiger Shona says:

            Alias Chimwido’s Warvet. Shut up.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            What have I done wrong again, Tiger Shona? I am now a good boy, Tiger. Someone told me off today not to throw punches to my rhodie friends. I want to reform and behave, so help me God that all my rhodie friends follow suit.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Wilbert needs to read the verbal assaults that are being directed at him for the nonsense he regurgitates daily at that pirate radio station. Most Zimbabwean people simply want to eat him alive or castrate him to become a complete bullock or what is commonly referred to as a castrated male bovine animal.

          • wilbert says:

            The only Zimbabweans who would like to verbally or otherwise “assault” me are those who support the vote rigging. The millions of ordinary Zimbabweans who have been the victims of 34 years of corruption and brutal repression would be singing my praise if they had a voice. As for me no amount of verbal abuse and threats from Mugabe and his acolytes will make me change course from the path I have set for myself – to end the reign of this tyrannically regime!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Manje uchamama chete nekuita nharo nesu varidzi venyika, Wilbert. Unotoita dodi chete blaz. Usaite udofo nekuti uchamamiswa chete kana nguva yasvika, blaz. Uchasura chete Wilbert nekuti urimunhu wedu blaz

    • Larry King says:

      By appeasing Mugabe they are being rather naive and very short sighted. This is a worst example of sucking up to your oppressor in the false hopes that Mugabe will jump into bed with them. Their mission is selfish, purely intended to get their looted farms back from Zanu PF.

  3. whichfool? says:

    Roy Banditi kept silent when Mr CATCH organized the butchering of Amai Trudy Stevenson….Roy Banditi is a coward like you…some say boots on the ground not in London or Sandton…you bloody agent?

    • mike hondo says:

      Ask Patric chinny Chinamasa whose a coward , i bet you would not say that to Roys face

      • whichfool? says:

        Iwe dofo, where is Cde Pats, where is cowardly Roy Banditi…I kick rhodie inbred sgip for a living and Roy Banditi anomamiswa free and fair dofo Mike? If he has the balls to match his belly, tell Roy banditi to come on down and let us see how brave he is?

        • mike hondo says:

          Good for you! but a lion does not jump into a river full of snakes and crocs just to show how brave he is he is a bit more clever than you think and he would face arrest and prison for no reason as soon as he got off the plane

          • whichfool? says:

            If he has broken our laws, yes he must be arrested and have his day in court. To compare Roy Banditi to a whole lion is a mistake? Farting and screaming from SA will not help Mr Banditi? Imagine if Cde Mandela had done the same?

            The bottom line is that the inbred rhodie sgip will never ever have our land they lost, never ever?

          • mike hondo says:

            what law has he broken ? you can not just make up lies and call it the law ! I did not compare Roy to a lion i just used it as an example.Well yes you do have our land back ,now just stop messing it up then you buffoon

          • whichfool? says:

            It is not your land and has never been yours you unrepetant inbred rhodie gip?

  4. blaz wa blaz says:

    These guys know which side bread is buttered.

  5. Mongo says:

    These sanctions are targeted and Not on the normal populace, I am free to trade import export no problem, I agree with Wilbert completely weather it be to appease or puppet strings are attached they have something to gain. Lifting these restrictive sanctions will give them back the money they have looted from the countries coffers ( shame they must be missing Harrods, while the poor street kids compete for a few meagre scraps passed out of car windows by people who keep change in their car ashtrays for the tollgates) – this looting is in part what has caused the economic meltdown. Free and fair elections?? we still have not seen the voters roll !! WE NEED A TOTAL NEW FRESH START, BY PEOPLE WHO WANT TO MAKE ZIMBABWE GREAT – NOT THEM SELVES

  6. comrade shumba says:

    what utter idiots . Where have they been or more aptly what have they been smoking . I trust the spirits of all those people murdered will give u all sleepless nights . How spineless does one get when trying to save your own white skin !!!!!!

    • Tiger Shona says:

      I agree with you. But group that idiot CW in with them, as he is a similar spineless criminal

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        I do not think my rhodie friends, Mike Rook and Mike Hondo will agree to that, mate. These two white rhodies are my true friends. Our political views differ at times but our differences are not antagonistic. Not with Tiger Shona, Wilbert Muroyi (Black Aristocrat) and Larry Holmes who want to box me or eat me alive for my political views.
        Where is sekuru Dumbuzenene and Yepec? Is it true that sekuru Dumbu has been arrested while at a political rally in Harare? I have not heard from him for quite a while.

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