Zim 2002 election report vanishes from SA Court

The 2002 Zimbabwe presidential elections report has gone missing

By Nomalanga Moyo
SW Radio Africa
19 February 2014

A highly sought-after report on the controversial 2002 Zimbabwe presidential elections has vanished from South Africa’s Pretoria High Court.

The report is at the centre of a legal battle between the SA government and the Mail & Guardian newspaper, which has been fighting for its release since 2008.

Earlier last year, SA High Court Judge Joseph Raulinga ordered President Jacob Zuma to hand over the report to the M&G within 10 days.

This was after the judge had read the report and concluded that it cast doubt over the legality of the Zim elections – which were ‘won’ by ZANU PF’s Robert Mugabe.

The SA presidency however appealed the order, just as they had done with three previous rulings to make the document available to the public.

It is unclear how the report detailing the findings of two SA judges, sent by then-president Thabo Mbeki to observe the 2002 Zim elections,vanished.

But Judge Raulinga, who was keeping it in his office, told both legal teams last week that he had his suspicions and was investigating, the M&G said Friday.

According to the newspaper: “Between December last year and February this year a senior state attorney had made several unsolicited and unsuccessful attempts to retrieve the report from the judge’s custody, in his absence.”

The SA Presidency claims that the missing copy was the only one it had.

The South African newspaper maintains that it is important to make the confidential report public to enable SA, a key player in regional politics, to understand what went wrong in the 2002 election.

“If our President (in 2002) was informed by two eminent judges of serious problems with that election and reacted in the way he did, which was effectively to endorse that stolen election, then there are things the current administration can learn,” Nick Dawes, then editor at the M&G newspaper, told this station last year.

Current SA President Zuma was among the first regional leaders to endorse last year’s July 31st election which was again controversially ‘won’ by Mugabe and ZANU PF, sparking an outcry from many Zimbabweans who condemned the poll as neither free, fair, nor credible.

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    “Between December last year and February this year a senior state attorney had made several unsolicited and unsuccessful attempts to retrieve the report from the judge’s custody, in his absence.”

    Really, that was rather naughty !

    Anyway, most Zimbabweans do not need a report, to tell them about the appalling atrocities many of them suffered from Mugabe’s military dictatorship, because they continued to dare to vote the wrong way in elections since 2000 – as their experiences are likely to be far worse than those detailed in the report, which are most probably, just the very tip of a very large atrocities iceberg.

  2. mike hondo says:

    This for me is a huge scanal as the ANC has held on to this report for too long and we want to know if they have evidence of the election fraud from 2002 because we must have the whole story. Obviously it is in the past so if its not important why have the dark forces been putting up all the flack and the more they hide things the more people want to know isntit !?

  3. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    if any Zimbabwean still wants an election report, the correct procedure is to approach the Zimbabwe government and its apparatus with that request clearly indicating the reasons to study the South African report on the conduct of elections in this country. Once a South African document leaves Zimbabwe, it is no longer the property of this country but that of the South African government. Obviously, the Zimbabwean government will be given a copy of their findings which it will keep for its own records.

    The South African government does not have the mandate or obligation to give its report on the conduct of our elections to any other party who does not have the need to know. It is not even a report that should be debated in South African courts because it is none of their business. That the report has vanished is proper as it seems to me it was obtained by the courts for a sinister motive. That it was removed from the courts, clearly underscores this very fact. It is spot on.

    • succuba says:

      Try asking for an electronic copy of the voters roll!!!

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        I have no need for it. I was completely satisfied with the conduct of the general elections in Zimbabwe. It is you who is spending sleepless nights over the voters roll you want to study almost a year since the elections were conducted in Zimbabwe who should ask for the electronic copy.

        • Tiger Shona says:

          And you will not argue the point, as you are in cahoots with all the crooks.
          Trying to cover up on all the thieving, stealing and murdering.
          Go, answer, and lie some more.
          Most everyone here see right through all your lies, whether you want to admit it or not.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            If you want my assistance in retrieving the document, you have to be nice to me. I can easily get it for you only if you have the decency not to rebuke me. I was not involved in its compilation but I have the influence to get it for you if you stop crying like a baby. Ok?

          • Tiger Shona says:

            So much for some of the things you said earlier. And admit what is happening; You are getting your backside kicked.
            I can see that you are not dumb, but it is obvious that you are in cahoots with the criminals.
            You are not fooling anybody.

    • Common Sense says:

      Approach the Zimbabwean Government for the election report.. ? Clueless as usual. They have every desire NOT to have the report (or any factual report) released to the Public domain, because it will expose the fact that they stole the election and did not win.

      Perhaps one day when ZANU-PF lose and are removed (and it will) you will actually shut-up because your organisation won’t be able to bully from your cowardly perch

    • Yepec says:

      Indications are that you must at once, stop taking crack. The confusion over the ownership of a document written for the South African Government by two S African, High Court judges, sent to Zimbabwe by former South African, President Mbeki, is a pointer to the danger you are seriously facing.

      The only recourse the Zimbabwean Government had on the document’s ownership is to write one itself and then make a copy for the South African Government or a refusal of entry into the country by the two judges (they would not have observed or written a Report on the 2002 elections).

      Furthermore, It should be remembered that the original copy is in Pretoria not Harare and that the ones sent to the courts, were nothing but copies. So, how can it be a legal Zimbabwean document? Let it be emphasised that the talk is on copies not the original document

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        As usual, it is not possible to have a meaningful discourse with Yepect. His understanding of issues that matter is very limited. He does not write coherently and more often than not, it will be like talking to insane children and adolescents. It is not worth it, to consider anything said as it is a mumbojumbo as usual. It is a shame.

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