Moyo branded “hypocrite” over tainted ZBC board members

ZBC board member Cleopatra Mutisi faces murder charges

By Tererai Karimakwenda
SW Radio Africa
20 February, 2014

The Minister of Information, Jonathan Moyo, has been branded a hypocrite and received strong criticism, following statements he made defending an alleged murderer and fraudster, both of whom he recently appointed board members at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC).

Addressing reporters on Wednesday, Moyo dismissed media reports that exposed the criminally tainted backgrounds of Cleopatra Mutisi and Gelfand Kausiyo, insisting they have the technical expertise needed to turn around the broke and scandal-ridden national broadcaster. This was after firing the previous board over corruption issues.

The wife of a Brigadier General, Mutisi is alleged to have ordered two soldiers to assault her 13-year-old nephew after accusing the child of stealing $70. She is now facing murder charges following the teenager’s death and is awaiting a trial date. But Moyo pointed to her skills as financial manager instead.

Kausiyo was accused of plagiarizing an SABC technical report in 2011, which was submitted as part of a failed KissFM application for a national radio license. It was later revealed Kausiyo had forged the report himself. The SABC fired him. But Moyo defended him saying: “Plagiarism has nothing to do with broadcasting.”

The comments were made after Moyo fired Dennis Magaya just hours following his appointment as chairman of the new ZBC board. Magaya had controversially earned an exorbitant salary as a business consultant at a ZESA subsidiary.

Former ZBC journalist Bekithemba Mhlanga said Moyo faced the dilemma of finding a board with “as less dirt as possible”. And by allowing the tainted and exposed individuals to carry on, he is discarding the same principles that he applied to the old board and to Magaya.

“He is now trying to hide behind the context of people being innocent until proven guilty and that people’s rights should not be violated and they should be given a second chance in life. This whole story has taken on a life of its own which Jonathan Moyo cannot control,” Mhlanga explained.

Despite their tainted histories, Moyo said Mutisi and Kausiyo’s cases had “no constitutional, administrative and/or moral issues” involved.

Zimbabweans responded with a barrage of comments on the state-run Herald news site, blasting Moyo for being a hypocrite.

One reader wrote: “Whilst we are urging others with “financial issues” to resign on ethical grounds, you are appointing others with “murder issues” onto boards. Incredible!”

Another ranted: “So why appoint people whose backgrounds are soiled? Board members should be exemplary in ways they conduct themselves at work and in their private lives.”

“I said it that people are in too much of a rush to praise this charlatan, Moyo, who is playing a political game to have his people at the trough. How can a person with issues of dishonesty be expected to clean up the house?” said another Herald reader.

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    Once again highlighting this man like his boss and party elite are nothing but low life thugs and thieving gangsters, incapable of representing Zimbabwe and it’s people in the wider world, in a responsible and respectful manner.

    Sadly, the structures of Zanu PF , like the Russian mafia and Latin American drug cartels, ensure only the most ruthless murderous thugs reach the top – its the same in any major criminal enterprise, that’s how they survive. They can’t change their thuggish and corrupt behaviour even if they wanted to, because if they did they would not be Zanu PF and would be destroyed politically.

    Motormouth Moyo, Mugabe, Zanu PF and it’s service chiefs are a total embarrassment to Zimbabwe and Africa, demonstrating beyond all doubt that these murderous savages and their private army and police forces cannot be trusted under any circumstances to look after the best interests of the Zimbabwean people !

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      ”… these murderous savages and their private army and police forces cannot be trusted under any circumstances to look after the best interests of the Zimbabwean people” said our hedge fund manager in the United Kingdom. It is a shame that this idiot talks as if he lives on planet Mars when he is living in a country that is crumbling around him or his very foolish nose. This idiot only sees the corruption and bad governance of Zimbabwe when his own country is in economic crisis in living memory that has been contributed by outright thuggery of the major banks of the country by the Wall Street right in London, the metropolitan city he resides. He does not see the millions of his country’s military forces that are scattered across the globe for the purposes of subjugating other independent and sovereign states while there are millions of unemployed people in the country he is domiciled. He does not see the crumbling of the health service of the country, the closure of firms and industries that are relocating to the Far East for reasons that the investment climate is not lucrative for meaningful business and does not appreciate that the ridiculous interest rate in the country are a serious blow and impediment to investment in the United Kingdom. This fool should first remove the blinders in his eyes that block his vision to see properly the goings on in the country he is domiciled and only will he have the decency and right to stand on moral high ground in attacking Zimbabwe’s leadership. It is a tall order that this fool can not satisfy.

      Ignorance of issues that matter is not defence guys.

      • peter matibiri says:

        Hurling insults does not make your point correct or not. Where is the anger coming from guys. Why not make your point be heard without hurling insults at others. The starting point gentlemen should be anger management. Don’t you think these vulgar language will rub off our children who read these web sites. I implore all Editors of online papers to start sensoring all insultive publications until people learn to write sensible things without insulting others. Look at what politicians have done to our communities when they encouraged us to beat the daylights out of our neighbours just because of our political differences. Now the is a culture of violence. Lets start building a nation of tolerant citizens. The starting point is NOW.

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          Well said but the hedge fund manager in the United Kingdom should take a lead if this is to be a success story. The Warvet is only reacting to the insults hurled at him by our honourable hedge fund manager, the so-called Black Aristocrat.

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            I like the Zimbabwean people who read this excellent source investigative journalism, will only ever cut you any slack, if you’re posts start containing some factual content, instead of the usual blatant Zanu PF propaganda, written solely in an attempt to mislead.

            If Zimbabwe is such a great place under Mugabe, why are you living in a country that like most of the rest of the world considers him a pariah, not to be trusted under any circumstances?

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Look my son, I am a British citizen. It’s irreversible.

            I should, therefore, advise you that the majority of the British people do not want the David Cameron government to host a pirate radio station in our country. That you are given moral and financial support by our government does not make you closer to the broad masses of this country who are taxed heavily with view to supporting and funding your activities in the United Kingdom.

            You and your colleagues at that pirate radio station should be aware that the British public opinion is total against your presence in this country.

          • succuba says:

            Why do you want to be Breeteesh WV rather than live in Zimbabwe ?

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Why should a Breeteesh citizen live in Zimbabwe, mate? Do Chimbwido Warvet to renounce his Breeteesh citizenship? Chinangwa chako ndecheyi blaz?

          • succuba says:

            was the question too difficult or is it the answer you are having problems with?

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Was the question I posed too difficult for you to give a response or is it that you can not handle the truth as usual?

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            “I should, therefore, advise you that the majority of the British people do not want the David Cameron government to host a pirate radio station in our country.”

            There you go again, crudely attempting to mislead – when will you ever learn!

            Where is your evidence to make such an assertion?When were the British people asked their views ?

            Answer: they never have been !

            What i can tell you, is all three of the largest British political parties consider Mugabe a pariah, for adopting a completely totalitarian and violent attitude toward any political opposition from earliest days.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Of course, that is the true position. We do not like the presence of your pirate radio station in our country. You have the financial and moral support from our politicians for their vested interests but you do not enjoy the support of the broad masses of this country whose view is that they are sustaining a pirate radio using station by using public which could be well spent in supporting the hungry and destitute in our country.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Of course, that is the true position. We do not like the presence of your pirate radio station in our country. You have the financial and moral support through coercion from our politicians for their vested personal interests but you do not enjoy the support of the broad masses of this country whose view is that they are sustaining a pirate radio by using public funds which could be well spent in supporting the hungry and destitute in our country. Ask the British nationals and they will tell you about their misgivings in giving financial support to a pirate radio station that does not serve their economic interests.

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            BRITS have for centuries been responsible for bringing democracy and the rule of law to more countries than any other Nation, and will always find money to help those suffering terribly under the tyranny of dictatorship !

            Particularly, the Mugabe regime that routinely abuse human rights, and use violence and intimidation to maintain a hold on political power, as they command little or no support at the ballot box!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            ”…. will always find money to help those suffering terribly under the tyranny of dictatoship…” Since when have politicians taken money from their own pockets to serve their vested/personal political interests? For all we know, politicians in the western world are servants of Wall Street that influences their appointments to serve their vested interests in the African continent and Latin America. Oh, I think this is too deep for you. I am sure you are going to come with all sorts of excuses – he is a CIO agent, ZANU PF informer, against the MDC-T, Mugabe stole the elections, voters roll, ballot box, MDC-T won the elections, electronic voters roll should be made available, Mugabe is a thief, he is a tyrant, dictator, he should get out of Zimbabwe, the British should have a stack in the exploitation of Zimbabwe’s diamonds, platinum, gold, emeralds, uranium and not Chinese who are crooks, oh no American forces should be sent to Zimbabwe to fight this dictator and put in place a regime that accommodates the west etc etc. Oh what a miserable idiot!!!!!!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            You do not need evidence when I am saying it as a British citizen. As I indicated earlier on, we have been coerced by politicians of this country to support and finance a hopeless cause we have nothing to do with. Tell me why the British citizens should be taxed heavily just to finance a pirate radio station in their country? That is immoral and uncalled for politicians who should serve our national interests to interfere with the domestic affairs of other independent and sovereign states. That can only be done by bullies, dictators and tyrants of the world that are well known. All countries of the world have different political beliefs, value systems and norms. Consequently, their people can never behave or act like the British, Americans, French, Germans or Greeks.
            As a matter of fact, the Zimbabwean people do not care whether or not all British political parties consider Mugabe a pariah. Zimbabweans also have an opinion on these political parties that have cause untold suffering to the human race across the globe. Millions of people in different parts of the world have perished at their own hands. Nobody in his full faculties can deny this as a fact because it is well documented for academic discourse. They are despised all over the world for the human suffering they have cause wherever their presence was felt. I feel embarrassed to be associated with this country when I consider the crimes against humanity that have been committed by our politicians in our name.

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            “I am a British citizen. It’s irreversible.”

            There you go again, attempting to mislead – will you never learn to check your facts first!

            FACT – The UK Home Office or the Home Secretary has the power to revoke British Citizenship under the 2006 Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act.

            FACT – Increasing numbers of British nationals are being stripped of their citizenship under these Home Office powers

            FACT – British nationality is considered a privilege and the home secretary has the ability to remove it from dual nationals when she believes it to be in the public good.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Oh no no no my gosh Aah, what an idiot who is on record for being full of sh.t. You are not a lawyer who is conversant with the laws of this country. If you were, you could sacrifice your clientele who can abused by the judiciary for lack of knowledge and their constitutional rights as British citizens.
            If those in power and authority could just strip their nationals of their rights as British citizenship on the basis that their nationality is a privilege, then this country could be regarded as a pariah state where government officials could anything to please their vested political interests. But this country observes the rule of law and for this very reason, nobody is stripped of his nationality/citizenship on flimsy grounds or for holding a political view that is at variance with their own. If laws are violated or breached by any of its nationals, the courts have a responsibility in prosecuting those considered to have breached the laws of the land. That is the correct position that we British are fully aware. You can therefore make those kind of threats to your colleagues at that pirate radio station who do not know the laws of this country and not to Chimbwido Warvet. Ignorance of law is no defence. You have to go back to school just to learn about your rights in this country even though you are not a citizen of this country. We give rights even to foreigners like you in our country. Ok? How embarrassing you can be, Wilbert Muroyi!!!!!

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            I deal in facts son – not worthless opinions like you !

            This is what happens when you come from a broken country that allows it’s brown nosed sycophants like you to be beyond the law – they think their own thoughts and beliefs are law !

            Even when they are totally wrong, (like you most of the time), they still think they are right !

            Just deluded fools, totally out of their depth – thats why Zimbawe is now the second poorest country in the world with the highest unemployment and lowest life expectancy !

            Rest assured son, so long as Zimababwe remains a country, it will never give the deranged, geriatric, hair dying narcissist Mugabe, what he craves above all else – a one party state !

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            My friend without the African continent and Zimbabwe in particular, you will not drive that car you are so proud of, can not have a house of your own, can not lead the life style you always talk about. It is the raw materials that come from the African continent that makes the world tick. All this noise you are making is all because Zimbabwe has shut its doors to foreign exploitation of its abundant natural resources which are the envy of everybody. Ask properly and you will be given but with this noise, the authorities in Harare will dig in more and you will die of starvation, my friend. I am now closing debate on this subject and moving on to the next chapter, if you can allow me, our hedge fund manager.

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            Son, there you go again, opening your mouth before engaging your brain!

            You might get away with fooling some of the people in Zimbabwe, that because you have undertaken some further education, you should know what you are talking about – in the West we will continue to expose you for what you are – ad ill educated phoney, singing propaganda for his dictators shilling !

            If you carried out a little research, you would quickly establish, that Australia and Brazil are by far the largest exporters of minerals to China and the West – Africa is nowhere by comparison !


        Ignorance??? As i said before, get somebody who understands economics to give you a basic introduction to the subject, as you are making yourself look a complete fool, because you do not have a clue what you are talking about.

        “does not appreciate that the ridiculous interest rate in the country are a serious blow and impediment to investment in the United Kingdom.” ???????

        Fact number one – Current UK interest rates are the LOWEST they have been in 370 years !!!!!!!

        Fact number two – The UK is on course to retain for another year its crown as the fastest-growing major European economy in 2014.

        Fact number three – The UK, which is expected to grow by 3pc this year, is “level pegging” with America for the title of the strongest-growing advanced economy in the world !!!!

        Fact number four – Advanced economies such as America, Japan and Britain will in 2014 contribute more than 40pc to global GDP growth.

        Fact number five – The stock market performances of the advanced economies have been wiping the floor with the major far eastern economies for the last 5 years – enabling the west to continue sending billions of dollars of food aid to bankrupt African economies destroyed by Dictators like Mugabe, which are now unable to feed themselves!!!

        Your posts like your party are a complete embarrassment to people of Zimbabwe and Africa, as your CIO propaganda is just making you look like deranged fool with zero credibility.

        The Zimbabwean people are far more intelligent, and can see right through the ridiculous propaganda of Mugabe and his gangsters and the ill educated apologists like you, as easy as looking through a clear plate glass window – that’s why they can only ‘win’ elections through industrial scale rigging.

        As a thoroughly repulsive individual willing to lie through his teeth for his Dictators undeclared shilling, it begs the question, if the UK is so bad why is a phoney warvet like you living here on benefits?

        Answers on a postcard to the UK Dept of Work and Benefits or the British Immigration Services

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          Look here son, I am a British citizen who is educating a foolish hedge fund manager who spends his time taking nonsense day in day out at the expense of running his crumbling businesses in the United Kingdom. While there has noticeable flight of capital from the United Kingdom to the Far East, especially China, Indonesia and India, this foolish hedge fund manager still looks for pies in the sky. Any serious investor would have nothing to do with such a risky hedge fund manager who sits on his laurels when everybody else is running away from the United Kingdom to make more money in the Far East.
          George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has been to China for the second time in less than six months and David Cameron, the British Premier has been there not so long ago. Never in the history of the United Kingdom have we seen a flurry of senior government officials visiting China. Such visits to a country they considered in the past as a pariah state, an abuser of human rights, tyrants and autocrats is unprecedented.

          Keep looking for pies in the sky and pray hard that Jesus Christ, the Messiah comes down to earth to save us from the economic crisis we are embroiled in right now, Wilbert Muroyi.

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            You really should lay off the crack pipe, you’re making yourself look a complete fool with your inane ranting !

            You need to wake up to the fact, that it is clearly evident from the reaction to your posts that nobody believes a word that you say.

            It amazes me that your CIO handlers are prepared to pay for such appalling quality work – i would fire you on the spot – it probably say’s as much about them as it does you !

            Blind leading the blind !

            It surprised no one when they took over Africa’s second largest economy and bankrupted it in within 30 years, reducing it to the 50th poorest country in Africa, and second poorest country in the World!

            A unique achievement, unparalleled in the history of global economics – and do you know, despite all this the Zimbabwe ‘Government’ still contains more millionaires than any other African country !

  2. Fact Check says:

    SW Radio, SW Radio, SW Radio! This is very interesting. What happened to basic ethics of any form of journalism, i.e.: check your facts with the source and give the right of response before going on to write such damaging remarks about someone, even your worst enemy? Really now Online Editor at SW Radio – For the record Kausiyo was never fired by the SABC, far from the truth. Those that know this guy very well will tell you that he rose through the ranks of the troubled SABC from entry level to occupying the top most position in the Technology Division of that organisation, especially for a foreigner that can only happen on pure merit, and there was no case or, as you put it in your story, offence, of plagiarism ever proven against Kausiyo. He resigned from the troubled SABC on his own volition on the 6th of August 2012, that is about 8 months after any form of plagiarism charges failed to stick against him. These politically motivated reports will never do SW Radio any good. Practice good journalism and you will become professional. Shame on you Online Editor at SW Radio.

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