ZANU PF hypocrisy over Western countries

ZANU PF government and the United States Agency for International Development (USAid) jointly launched a $100 million food aid programme to benefit over 500,000 people

By Tichaona Sibanda
SW Radio Africa
20 February 2014

While Western governments have pumped billions of dollars into Zimbabwe in food, developmental and educational aid, this has not stopped the ruling ZANU PF government from continually lashing out at the so-called ‘imperialists.’

Over the last decade, financial help from EU countries and the US has ensured that no one in Zimbabwe has died as a result of hunger. A Twitter message from the US embassy in Harare on Wednesday said the country was the largest donor of humanitarian assistance in Zimbabwe, contributing more than $1 billion since 2002.

It would also be a mismatch to try and make comparisons to the aid Zimbabwe gets from its Western ‘enemies’ compared to their Look East partners or African counterparts. While help from the West has benefited millions of Zimbabweans, cash from China has mostly benefited an elite few.

The Chinese money has been used to construct ‘vanity’ projects – a multi-million dollar shopping mall and a defence and intelligence college, institutions that benefit those in ZANU PF.

On Wednesday the same ZANU PF government and the United States Agency for International Development (USAid) jointly launched a $100 million food aid programme to benefit over 500,000 people in drought-prone areas throughout the country over the next five years.

US Ambassador Bruce Wharton said the programme underscored his country’s commitment to Zimbabwe, while acting Agriculture minister Ignatius Chombo said the programme would go a long way in improving the country’s nutritional status.

According to Global Humanitarian Assistance, Zimbabwe is one of the largest recipient of official humanitarian assistance. Last year, the United Nations also launched a worldwide appeal for humanitarian assistance to Zimbabwe.

Alain Noudehou, the United Nations humanitarian coordinator in Zimbabwe, said then that the fund would be aimed at addressing ongoing food shortages, waterborne disease outbreaks and issues affecting Zimbabweans deported from neighboring countries.

The country was a net exporter of food to the region until President Robert Mugabe embarked on his violent and chaotic land reform program that turned the country into a basket case.

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    How do Zimbabweans know when Mugabe is lying ? His mouth is open !

    How do Zimbabweans know when Mugabe will next unleash his CIO and Police hit squads on the Zimbabwean people ? He will be speaking at a UN peace and security conference!

    How do Zimbabweans know Mugabe is looting the Marange diamond mines ? He very reluctantly and through clenched teeth passes on 2% of the total proceeds to treasury, telling everyone what a god given gift these diamonds have been to the saviour of our Nation !

    How do Zimbabweans know Mugabe will never allow an audit of his ‘one man one farm’ land reform policy? Because Mugabe took 14 farms for himself and six for his hated and despised wife !

    How do Zimbabweans know Zanu PF operates an apartheid health and education service ? Because the Zanu elite would not dream of using the services at home alongside their fellow citizens – they fly abroad at taxpayers expense for medical services and educate their children in expensive private schools in the West and East, while Zimbabweans are left to take their chances at the appallingly under-resourced Zimbabwean third world services.

    How do the mostly dirt poor unemployed Zimbabweans know that Zanu PF’s economic polices are bringing the country undreamt of wealth and prosperity? They can point up to the sky in awe as the Zanu elites $20m private jets fly over and say ” we may be in one of the poorest countries in the world, standing here in rags with a life expectancy of 35, starving, watching our children die of preventible diseases, regularly get beaten to a pulp by Mugabe’s secret CIO and Police hit squads, , BUT, ‘liberation’ has brought us the god given and enviable privilege of being able to watch our new masters in their expensive designer clothes fly around in these beautiful machines at our expense”!

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      Why not lift what i compiled before even if it is not relevant to issues under review. Nobody will never notice it, although bags with the US logo can easily be secured and filled up with sand and pictures taken to fool and cheat the world as has been the case before. Of course, the world can believe anything that is churned to it by this pirate radio station as not many people in the western world do not have the opportunity to visit Zimbabwe to see the food situation for themselves.
      So, here I go

      This is an issue that has been discussed at length and is very straightforward. It is either Mugabe attends the summit in his capacity as the Vice Chairman of the African Union or the European Union will go it alone. It is as simple as that.

      Well, the European Union had dithered or was nervously irresolute in inviting Mugabe but it soon discovered that without him, no summit could be convened in Brussels. A decision and invitation for Mugabe to attend the summit had to be arrived at and has since been extended to him by the European Union. It is too little too late to reverse the decision to serve the interests of a British member of the European Parliament, Geoffrey Van Orden, who is not very well known in the British circles and is not even a member of Parliament in the United Kingdom.

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