Government abandons land-grab beneficiaries

Joseph Made

Joseph Made

By Mthulisi Mathuthu
SW Radio Africa
21 February 2014

Government has all but abandoned beneficiaries of its controversial land grab exercise, telling them to approach the banks as it will not fund this year’s winter crop season.

Reports this week said agriculture minister Joseph Made revealed to the Senate that the A2 farmers should not look forward to any assistance from the government this year.

According to The Source online newspaper Made said: ‘The financial resources are limited. There will be no support for A2 farmers. Go and kneel down in front of your banks.’ Made added that the government is currently paying back companies it owed for inputs, particularly fertilizer companies to whom it owes millions of dollars.

This must have come as a blow to the A2 farmers who the government has been supporting with inputs and equipment for about a decade. The A2 farmers are large scale farmers who were awarded the land seized from white commercial farmers under the controversial government exercise.

Economic analyst Masimba Kuchera said the development was symptomatic of the broader financial problems faced by the government. Kuchera said the government ‘clearly does not have money.’ He added: ‘It is a systemic problem cutting across the sectors. If there is no money to pay teachers then what it means is that there is no money to finance agriculture.’ Kuchera said the farmers will find it difficult to obtain money from the bank because the banks view the A2 farmer as ‘risky business.’

When the government seized the land from its original owners, the white farmers still retained the title deed, the legal document that gave them ownership of the farm.

The government then just handed out bits of land to various people and there has been no land audit, so no one knows who legally owns what.

It has been reported that the ZANU PF government has handed out some 99 year leases to A2 farmers in the belief that they will then be able to source loans from the banks. But these leases show that the land officially belongs to the state and so banks will not lend money to an individual who has no collateral to back up the loan.

It was reported last December that a ZANU PF report, made available to the party’s conference in Chinhoyi, said the farmers will have to wait before they use the land as security for borrowing loans. According to reports ZANU PF fears that if it converts the 99-year leases into ‘tradable security’ that would make it easy for the white commercial farmers to regain their seized land.

Last month Bankers Association of Zimbabwe president George Guvamatanga told legislators at a post budget seminar that money held by the banks belonged to depositors and it would be wrong to lend it to farmers based on a 99 year lease which he said exposes banks in the event of defaults on repayment.

34 Responsesto “Government abandons land-grab beneficiaries”

  1. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Once again the terms ‘ government abandoned the land grab beneficiaries’ are a clear abuse of the English words’ in an attempt to hoodwink and deceive the world. In fact, this pirate radio station that is despised by British public opinion should inform the world that government has indicated its desire to stop financing its commercial farmers after more than 14 years of assistance. The idea of trying or attempting to sanitise the land that was stolen from its rightful owners and telling the world that it was invaded or use the terms, ‘land grabs’ can never be accepted by people who know the political history of Zimbabwe. It serves no purpose to deceive or cheat the world that already knows that my people took back their land that had been stolen at the barrel of a gun for close to two centuries by foreigners. That is the correct position no one can change as it is well documented for serious academic discourse. A pirate radio station in London can not be trusted to inform the world on Zimbabwean issues that matter as it has a well known sinister agenda that is now too tired and weak to cheat or mislead the world. Rhodies who are the architects and brains behind this hopeless pirate radio station in London can never come back to Zimbabwe and be commercial farmers again. They had their time which the abused and now there are new players in the agricultural sector who should be heard by the world.


      There you go again with your sinister use of blatant lies in an attempt to mislead !

      How how can 99.99% of the British electorate despise a radio station they have never even heard of !!!!!

      You know very well they have certainly heard of the murderous tyrant Mugabe, and if asked, as democrats, would overwhelmingly support helping any Nation achieve a return to the rule of law, the absence of fear, the end of corruption, a fair social welfare state, and free markets without intimidation from syndicates controlled by a geriatric, effeminate little despot and his hated and despised party elites.

      As for the former white farmers, many have been welcomed into neighbouring African countries with open arms, and are now responsible for producing the very food aide being sent to Zimbabwe because humiliatingly, it is no longer able to feed itself as a result of Mugabe’s idiotic policies, despite have a government with more billionaires and multi millionaires than any other Nation in Africa !

      Oh the irony – the former white farmers and huge numbers of black Zimbabweans who went with them, must be laughing at Mugabe and his thugs so hard their ribs hurt!

      Why would anyone want to return to country with its infrastructure so destroyed it would take the best part of $100 billion dollars and twenty years, to return it to anywhere near what was handed over to Mugabe and his thugs in 1980.

      A question for you – Why do you think Mugabe and his thugs at taxpayers expense shamelessly send their children to hugely expensive schools and universities in the West and East, and fly abroad for their own private medical care?

      Answers on a postcard to the Zimbabwe Fraud Squad !

      “Your people” – your pathetic, deranged ramblings fool no one ! After 34 years of Black tyranny, when democracy finally does come to Zimbabwe, if the people were aware you had previously been taking the hated Dictators shilling to mislead them, it would be a very wise move to stay in your UK benefits bolt hole and never go back.

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        We can agree to disagree as I do not share not even a word you have uttered. I am fully aware that you can not handle the truth as you have immoral and vested interests in this matter.

        • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

          Not surprisingly, for deluded fools like you the truth hurts.

          We’ll take that as game set and Match !

          Hopefully, Mugabe’s repulsive CIO will soon replace you, and bring some competence back to his UK based CIO managed propaganda effort – since you have shown yourself to be far too inexperienced and intellectually inadequate to perform such a role with any credibility – having proved totally ineffective and out of your depth !

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Oh what a miserable rat!!!!!! Attempting to ambush the Warvet when he is busy responding to other nonsense you post daily is not helpful. As a matter of principle, the Warvet will always go back to check on all the posts. You can never pull a fast one on Chimbwido Warvet, you monkey.

      • wilbert says:

        You are much too kind! You do not expect someone like Mai Mujuru, Obert Mpofu, Philip Chiyangwa or even Mugabe and his wife to hang on much longer to the billions or millions for long once the regime collapses, do you? Indeed this is why this announcement by Minister Made is a shock to all of these looters.
        Regime change means no more fresh loot and their fortune will immediately start to disappear like morning mist under the African sun! None of these individuals earned a penny of the fortunes they have and the day the direct and indirect subsidies are cut they start sweating immediately!
        Mark my word many of these Zanu PF millionaires are going to die as poor as a church-mouse!

        • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

          ‘You do not expect someone like Mai Mujuru, Obert Mpofu, Philip Chiyangwa or even Mugabe and his wife to hang on much longer to the billions or millions for long once the regime collapses, do you? ‘

          No i don’t. Probably, like most of the Zimbabwean people, i would like to see the lot of them sent in chains up to the Hague to answer for their unspeakable crimes against defenceless men women and children, whose only crime was to support another political party.

          • wilbert says:

            The Hague has no death penalty, and that is the only reason I am not hot about ICC. I know the death penalty is barbaric but one has to admit that we are not dealing with civilized people here. I hate them all for forcing the whole nation to the barbaric level.

            When you read posting by the likes of Chimbwido and many others you immediately realise that you are dealing with animals not human beings. Remember these thugs murdered over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans – over 30 000 in 34 years!

            If hanging a few of them is the only way to get the message through to these animals that they must stop behaving like animals or they will be treated like animals then so be it.

            If we shy away from the tough decision to drive the message home are we not storing up more trouble and blood shed for future generations? History has a habit of repeating itself!

            I say allow Chimbwido a handful of his barbaric fiends their day in Court, take them out and hang them and then scrap the death penalty from the statute book! Agreed?

    • Larry King says:

      We do not need you to tutor us on a language which is also your second choice and you should cease pretending English is your forte. I am in no mood to argue with you on semantics on the word “abandoned” These farms or what used to be viable farms do not legally belong to these “abandoned” “farmers”. The grabbed white farms were dished out to Zanu PF chefs and supporters. The whole land grab exercise was ill conceived it was haphazardly executed hence this is what we get turmoil in agriculture the life line of an thriving economy.

      Banks do not dish out loans as if its free candy. They operate on sound business ethics and practices which is to protect their customers deposits. The maverick black Zanu PF farmer or so called farmer was selected to farm a former white farmer’s farm which he was forced to give up but the legal title to the land hangs in the air. So Mr Moron how the heck do you expect banks to loan a bunch of illegally settled “farmers” without any secured collateral assets which these guys do not have even a cent of.

      When you say “your people” you are obviously referring to foreigners but silly fool that you it includes you as well since you are a British citizen. “Sanitize” the land what the f#ck are you saying it shows after all you are not as good as you pretend to be in mastering a language foreign to you. What academic discourse are you referring to the one taught by the CIO. God bless Zimbabwe we are fearful of an institution that employs you to instill fear and makes false propaganda for a party that has no clue on how to govern. This is the reality on the ground, it does not have to be documented its visible even to the blind.

      I do not know how you can give ZBC a pass by criticizing outside broadcasting stations as lacking creditability for speaking the truth. What does ZBC offer for it to be a good newsworthy alternative, nothing. All your chefs including your dear leader Robert Mugabe tune into satellite television they leave the rubbish that ZBC churn out for the poor Zimbabwean to reject as Zanu PF lies. You are a proud Rhodie too most whites who have since left Zimbabwe have or had dual citizenship they were like you also British The world does not pay attention to you or Mugabe they are sick and tired of Zanu PF and its directionless path its been pursuing since 1980

      Yes the whites had their good days in Rhodesia, they dedicated themselves to the country they made a home off. As a result of their total commitment and excellent governance they built a beautiful country with the help of hard working, honest blacks. What has your Zanu PF done in 33 years? They have done nothing except destroyed all that was left by Ian Smith. Ian Smith is dead and so are many whites its now Zanu PF that we are stuck with. God bless our people and pray we have the guts to do a Ukraine here in Zimbabwe.

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Oh what a monkey talking nonsense as usual. A Ukrainian world boxing champion, Vitali Klitsiko, is in all likelihood going to lead this country as its President because the Ukrainians have a genuine cause and grievance. What cause or grievance do rhodies have in Zimbabwe to be of any serious debate on this forum? The answer which all rhodies know, except you is there is absolutely no cause or genuine grievance at all. You can go to Zimbabwe right now and try those monkey games and see how fast you will leave this country. My people will simply deal with you in ways you will not forget for the rest of your life. They will skin you alive and eat your balls, my rhodie boy.
        You do not have a country. We do not want rhodies in the UK and you are not welcome in Zimbabwe either. So what are you now that Ian Smith is dead? A man/woman of no fixed abode is not a threat to anyone. Ok?

        • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

          “We do not want rhodies in the UK”

          Listen son, what gives you the right to speak for the British people !

          Like Mugabe and his henchmen your arrogance knows no bounds !

          Rest assured, the British Immigration authorities are only too happy to have educated, hard working people come to the country, rather than people who have to airbrush their past in order to fraudulently secure citizenship, solely to live on benefits off the backs of hard working taxpayers, because their own country’s government has destroyed the country!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            I tried to respond but the powers that be could not allow a nice piece that was really a killer. What can I say. Of course, as a pirate radio station, they have to be discriminatory. They decide what suits their interests and throw away the ‘killer applications’.

          • wilbert says:

            And right they are too; you can write all your “killer” nonsense on the Herald. After years of writing the same rubbish even the Herald must be sick and tired of it; I note it is the one publishing all these corruption scandals!

            Regime Change is in the air!

            You can sing it to the tune of “Love is in the air!”

            Oh yes, and you are indeed being foolish to deny that change, regime change, is in the air!

            Chimbwido, you and that tyrant’s reign of terror is over!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Then get ready to take the next flight to Zimbabwe and see what happens. You were foolish enough to parade yourself by foolishly displaying that stupid photo you have now removed from this site. The removal of that foolish photo from site can not assist you as the damage has already been done. Now the security guys in Zimbabwe know the guy behind the foolish commentaries in this forum who incidentally, moonlights as a hedge fund manager in London. Just go to Zimbabwe and see their reaction to your homecoming. I am certain they will skin you alive and eat your fcking impotent balls that are causing your erectile dysfunction.

            Now you are very well known in Zimbabwe just like the other foolish so-called journalist in Botswana, Tanonoka Whande.

          • wilbert says:

            I am not scarred of you or your fellow murderous Zanu PF thugs. I am planning to visit Zimbabwe and will not change my plans.

            34 years of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption has bankrupted Zimbabwe causing unimaginable hardships to the millions of ordinary Zimbabweans but also to Mugabe himself. There are no cushy jobs to give away and the money to finance all the dodgy schemes from which the ruling elite have benefited in the past has dried up. This is happened at the worst time for these Zanu PF spoilt brats!

            Mugabe is telling his party ruffians and morons, most of who have never done an honest day’s work these last 34 years they have to join the nation’s 80% unemployed and sink or swim. This is like being thrown out of the house just hours before night fall and a savage storm breaks!

            The ruffians and morons are already fighting each other and as the reality of a grim future ahead begin to dawn on them the fight will intensify in its
            savagery. It is the fight to the death!

            As I said, Zanu PF is imploding and what the nation has to be careful about is that the tyrant and his gang of ruffians do not drag the nation over the edge with them! All those Zanu PF
            thugs who survive the implosion will be hunted down and held to account for the blood on your hands! As I said; it is not over until the fat lady sings, until justice rules the roost!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            You may have changed your name for your convenience but that stupid facial looks will not change. You do not need to supply details as you are already in the country’s database. I wish you the best of luck that they will not skin you alive and eat your fcking impotent balls.

        • Larry King says:

          At least monkeys have senses and good ones too. You dont have any good attributes which monkeys have, all you have is a human anatomy devoid of essentials that makes you even lower than a monkey. You bear certain monkey characteristics jumping from one tree to another. The whites came and have since gone and in 100 years you will not have changed you are still jumping from trees.

          The few Rhodies you talk about who remained in Zimbabwe are the old who had their good days and Zimbabwe also has guys like you who professes to be Zimbabwean where you can live comfortably and then say you are British. Your claim to the latter serves your sinister motives and is meant for your security, scared that when the crap hits the fan you can use this fake nationality so that you can make a quick exit. So much for your divided loyalty calling Zimbabweans my people. How can we be “your people ” Instead you are just full of s@it capable of doing harm to “my people” Zimbabweans by putting fear in us because we have your dreaded CIO hound us day and night.

          Zimbabweans are truly civilized, proud of who we are despite the hardships we face. They do not eat proverbial balls of any Zimbabwean or anyone else or skin people alive. That is left to you cannibals in Zanu PF you have done more killing since 1980 then Ian Smith did in his last few years. Also where I live or where I am entitled to make a home is not for you to know. I know I am Zimbabwean and a proud one too.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            No you are not, I declare. If you were, then you would do the right thing and not to fool around like a baboon or monkey that can mate with its mother. People who are patriotic and appreciate the difficulties of their country do not parade their weaknesses in public. They do it in behind closed doors, you monkey. All countries of the world have economic problems, corruption is even in the United Kingdom and the United States but the nationals of these countries do not behave as rhodies do. They are in their own league quite divorced from the rest of us. They hold utopian views that one can not find on mother earth but on Utopian Island only. I am now closing debate on this hopeless subject and moving on to the next chapter. I know I will meet you there. Ok my rhodie boy?

          • Larry King says:

            Who is being boyish if its not you, stupid. Comparing the corruption in Zimbabwe with western countries in a David and Goliath context does not help to further your aimless and fruitless cause. You are ashamed and embarrassed to compare the Smith era which was almost free of corruption with the present black Zanu PF government of Robert Mugabe where corruption has become severely pandemic. What utopian views are you talking of. Only idiots like you and your Robert Mugabe who think you are omnipotent believe in a utopia. Keep dreaming you fool

  2. Larry King says:

    We do not need you to tutor us on a language which is also your second choice and you should cease pretending English is your forte. I am in no mood to argue with you on semantics on the word “abandoned” These farms or what used to be viable farms do not legally belong to these “abandoned” “farmers”. The grabbed white farms were dished out to Zanu PF chefs and supporters. The whole land grab exercise was ill conceived it was haphazardly executed hence this is what we get turmoil in agriculture the life line of an thriving economy.

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      ”The whole land grab exercise was ill conceived it was haphazardly executed hence this is what we get turmoil in agriculture the life line of an thriving economy” said my rhodie friend. This is foolish mate.

      You were so selfish and greedy buddy. That explains why you were kicked out of those farms your father and ancestors had stolen from my people. And how foolish was it that you wanted to hold on to the land which was not yours in the first place but still wanted to eat alone using our labour you did not pay and in some cases paying very little? Well, you got what you deserved and now you are just shouting at the top of your voice with no one listening to you, except this pirate radio station in London.

      • wilbert says:

        So you think Mugabe and his cronies were not being greed and in taking more than one farm and in the case of Mugabe 13 farms for him and his family! There is no way these morons are going to be allowed to hang on to their loot.
        Those found guilty of human rights violations, “kicking (innocent) people until they bled profusely” for example will lose everything including the little piece of land given to them by the tyrant for their dirty work!

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          This is really a very tired story Wilbert that you can not prove. For many years you have spewed this garbage which can not be supported by empirical evidence.
          Mugabe is now 90 years of age and has no need for 13 farms as has been widely reported by this pirate radio station in an effort to tarnish his name. If you think otherwise, you can be helpful in providing the names of the farms that have been occupied by Mugabe and family. All farms in Zimbabwe have colonial names still attached to them to enable the readership to find details for themselves. It is simply not enough to tell us that Mugabe has too many farms without supporting your claims. Give us evidence for us to believe you, otherwise you should shut the fck up if you can not support your foolish claims.

          • wilbert says:

            What are you blubbering about “All farms in Zimbabwe have colonial names”! Since when was “Gushungo Dairy” a colonial name!?

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Wilbert, you clearly show ignorance of gigantic proportions. The Deeds Office still keeps the colonial names of the farms and of course the new names of the current farmers. The Deeds Office has all the historic records of farms that were occupied by the former commercial farmers of this country and you can not fool Chimbwido Warvet as he was once worked in close liaison with the Deeds Office some years ago. If details can not be found at this office, we still have information from the Archives Department in Harare. No important historical document has been thrown away by the Mugabe government, that much is true.
            Alternatively, you can give us the new names of the farms that are owned and controlled by Robert Mugabe and we can cross check with the records held by the Deeds Office to establish the names of the former commercial farmers. If Robert Mugabe has 13 farms as you claim, we can easily find the truth and evidence that can not be denied by Robert Mugabe. The ball is now in your court to provide more details for investigations to be carried out as soon as possible. You will then shut the fck up thereafter. Ok?

          • wilbert says:

            How many times have the people of Zimbabwe called for a land audit, the EU even offered to pay for it? If the Mugabe had nothing to hide then why has he refused to have the audit?

            More recently and of even greater importance to the nation; people have asked the regime to release the voters roll. Again the tyrant has stubbornly refused! We all know he rigged the July 2013 elections and the voters roll is the smoking gun!

            There will be a thorough investigation of all the looting, vote rigging and political beating, rapes and murders once we have regime change. Mugabe and Zanu PF are drowning in their own mess, the regime is imploding! The writing is on the wall, people like you are merely clutching on straws hoping that would be enough to stop you going under!

          • Chmbwido Warvet says:

            I have heard about this rhetorical nonsense before. I am therefore only interested to know the names of the 13 farms you allege are owned by Robert Mugabe.
            Zimbabwe’s land audit is carried out only at the behest of the people of this country and when their government is ready to carry out this exercise. It can not be imposed on Zimbabwe or paid for by the EU when the government of Zimbabwe has not asked for its assistance.

  3. wilbert says:

    The schemes had been used by Mugabe to benefit party loyalists
    who had already benefited to the farm allocations. Years of rampant corruption have destroyed the nation’s economy;, corruption has killed the goose that laid the golden egg. Zanu PF loyalists used to getting money left, right and center will now find all these schemes have dried up.

    These loyalists will have to make do without all these hidden sources of funds, they will have to forego their expensive lifestyles – that is going to be tough for them after all these years of unfettered luxuries.

    • chimbwido Warvet says:

      ”…These loyalists will have to make do without all these hidden sources of funds, they will have to forego their expensive lifestyles – that is going to be tough for them after all these years of unfettered luxuries”, says Wilbert Muroyi.

      For nearly 14 years of unbridled assistance from government, these commercial farmers should be thankful for the moral and financial support they got from their government. Now is the time for the commercial farmers to move on and use own resources for their farming operations. Quite frankly, the farmers knew that this moral and financial help was not going to last forever. Consequently, they will not have any ill-feelings towards their government for the steps it has taken for them to take the responsibility for their own farming activities.

      Those farmers who are ill-equipped to deal with the changed circumstances will now leave the farms to pave way for others who did not make it last time. It is this straightforward. None of the farmers will feel aggrieved that their government has betrayed them or reneged its promises to the farmers or having been abandoned after close to 14 years of consistent financial and moral support. That is far from it, Wilbert.

      • wilbert says:

        Which farmers are you talking about, the Zanu PF looters? They the farms and everything on the farm for nothing and yet they still need government to buy the farming input, farming equipment, etc. Loans they never paid back most of which was the RBZ $1.2 billion debt. And these farmers still failed to produce enough to feed the nation.

        No with no more help of course production will drop even more!

        Do not talk as if the government had any choice in end the hand out; it did not. Zimbabwe is facing a serious economic melt-down the regime is broke, B R O K E – broke!

        “Those farmers who are ill-equipped to deal with the changed circumstances will now leave the farms to pave way for others who did not make it last time,” you say. Sure thing, those farmers will leave the farms and join the unemployed; right!
        You are naïve and so are many of your Zanu PF fiends. The reality of the economic melt-down and the regime change that is to follow have not hit home yet; but is will!

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          Well, the economic meltdown you have raised is now a common feature I see everywhere I go, be it in the United States, a former superpower and the United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Iceland and Canada. Portugal, the former colonial power of Mozambique, Angola and Guinea Bissau, is now being bankrolled and sustained by Angola. I am not too sure you are fully aware of the global economic crisis to be debating on this too far complicated subject for you. You look at Zimbabwe with telescopic lenses while you leave a country close to you with serious economic issues which used to be known as the British empire which now resembles an empty basket case whose leaders make fools of themselves by telling the world that the country is now the tenth most growing economies of the world. One wonders what this means as what is being said by UK senior officials does not translate into reality on the ground. If the United Kingdom was the tenth most growing economies of the world as we are made to believe, we must begin to see an improvement in the life styles of the people, more people getting jobs that are commensurate with their qualifications and health delivery systems of the country not falling apart, hospitals not being asked to cut backs on essential services, patients in hospitals having to do with poor food whose standards have fallen down relative to the food patients were offered five years ago, few nurses and doctors are being employed with so many nurses coming straight from universities without jobs. You live in London where this decay all round is taking place but you have the audacity to tell the world that Zimbabwe is so broke. I am not being critical of the United Kingdom because it is my country but what I have said are glaring realities of the day. No country of the world can beat its chest that it is the best positioned to satisfy its people. That is far from it.
          No doubt, Zimbabwe has economic problems just like most countries of the world today but life goes on. Its commercial farmers will make do with their own resources if they still have the interest in carrying out their farming activities. They have been bailed out for far too long by the taxpayers and it is time for them to go it alone.

          • wilbert says:

            If you think the economic melt-down is in the USA is in the same league as that in Zimbabwe then you are not serious. The formers has 9% unemployment rate and the wealth to ensure that those out of work are taken care of. Zimbabwe has 90% unemployment rate and even those in employment are barely surviving as it is now common for lowly paid staff to go for months without pay.
            Of course, it is to be expected from the likes of you Chimbwido to be indifferent to the misery and despair millions of Zimbabweans are facing. The tyrant has just spent $1 million of his birthday bash when five kilometres away from stadium the mortuary has the remains of a woman who died in child-birth one of the five such deaths happening everyday around Zimbabwe. Next to her body that of a child who died of preventable diseases – one of 100 such cases happening everyday around the country.
            Life expectancy was 68 years in 1980 when Mugabe came into power and today is has dropped to a mere 34 years. The country’s health service has but collapsed because of chronic under funding.
            Marondera Hospitals caters for the health needs of 2 million plus and yet in the last five years it would be luck if it got $1 million – yet the regime as much on Mugabe’s birth day party!

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