Mugabe slammed for wasting resources on birthday bash

Mugabe shows his commitment to not preserving wildlife

By Tererai Karimakwenda
SW Radio Africa
24 February 2014

The million dollar party celebrating Robert Mugabe’s 90th birthday has been slammed as a disturbing sign of greed and waste of resources, in a country where the majority are struggling to feed their families.

The ageing ZANU PF leader was honoured with a lavish party at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera on Sunday, attended by an estimated 10,000 guests that included musicians and athletes as well as political and religious figures.

The Sunday Mail newspaper said a record 90 beasts were slaughtered to feed the guests and dozens more live animals were donated to Mugabe by the ZANU PF provinces. A huge cake was on display during festivities, where Mugabe claimed to be in good health, saying he felt “energetic like a boy of nine”.

Former Zimbabwean diplomat and commentator, Clifford Mashiri, disagreed, saying Mugabe was wheeled around the party on the back of a truck instead of walking to greet guests and supporters. This was unlike previous years when he made the rounds on his two feet.

Mashiri said the ageing leader had also exposed his frailty during an interview aired on state television Thursday, when he was seen struggling to speak and rambled on for long periods after each question.

Mashiri also blasted Mugabe and ZANU PF for spending so much on a birthday party, while the country was still dealing with the devastating effects of recent floods and many have nothing to eat. Mashiri said the event was nothing for them to brag about.

“Whether it was him who pooled together the money or it was his inner circle, it’s a waste of resources at a time when ordinary people are suffering, including civil servants to whom he made empty promises of salary increases several times. It is unfortunate Mugabe doesn’t show any sensitivity to that,” Mashiri explained.

Ahead of the stadium celebrations, Mugabe attended a party organised by his office staff at State House Saturday. This was soon after returning from Singapore where he allegedly had an operation to remove a cataract in his left eye, although most commentators felt it was more than that.

The highlight of the office party was reportedly a gigantic birthday gift presented to him by the staff, in the form of a 1.2 ton chair carved in stone and adorned with gold, diamonds, ivory and several animal skins.

Dubbed the “Simbahwe chair”, this throne took two years to make and was reportedly a labour of love to honour Mugabe, by three artists who demanded no fee. Mashiri questioned where the gold, diamonds and ivory came from and how his staff could have afforded such an extravagant gift.

“It’s most unfortunate there is a cult of personality in Mugabe and as such some people are worshipping him. This is also a serious contradiction in the fight to stop the poaching and abusive killing of animals in the country,” Mashiri said.

The party did not disappoint in drama either. In what Mashiri described as “sucking up”, Vice President Joice Mujuru reportedly praised Mugabe as an icon then turned to his daughter Bona and said: “Bona, you are not the first daughter, I am the first daughter.”

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    Shameless behaviour and vomit inducing sycophancy, in one of the poorest countries in the world, which relies on food aid to feed its people who mostly walk around in rags, while its corrupt billionaire Zanu PF Politicians and Military Chiefs, arm their private army and secret police force to the teeth, in a vain attempt to protect their proceeds of crime. Only in bankrupt Zimbabwe !

    Historians will look back in 20 years time, on this shameful episode in Zimbabwe’s history, and ask the question, “how did they think they could get away with it?”, or not as was eventually proved to be the case!

    So how is it that so many Zanu PF politicians and service chiefs on low salaries, can afford, $20m private jets, 50 bed mansions, fleets of luxury cars, designer clothes, have butlers, valets, PA’s, chauffeurs, maids , luxury property portfolios and company share portfolios ?

    Answers on a postcard to the Police Fraud Squad and Tax Inspectorate. On second thoughts don’t bother, they are both run by their utterly corrupt Zanu PF party comrades!

    Thirty four years of ruling the roost by force, has deeply ingrained the belief in Zanu PF that they can continue to run the country as a military dictatorship – “Zimbabwe is mine” ranted the deranged hair dying geriatric psychopath when asked about democratic reforms. “nurse more medication screamed his doctors!”

    Believe me, there will be no dignified exits, it will not happen under any circumstances, it is just not in Mugabe’s and Zanu PF’s DNA. Like all corrupt mafia enterprises they will only climb down if threatened by overwhelming force.

    Why is it that the Zanuf PF elite has always had to rely on looting state assets to earn their outrageous wealth? The answer as most Zimbabweans know, is that they do not have the ability, skill or talent to earn it legitimately, and despise successful businessmen, even more than those Zimbabweans who will not vote for them at elections!

    Zimbabwe has no future whatsoever all the while their totally corrupt Mafia Enterprise runs the country with impunity.

    • Zim1 says:

      Well said mate.

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      One thing that has been very clear to all of us is that you are not Zimbabwean. You are a mercenary who is fighting a lost cause by rhodies who are fighting Mugabe to retain what they have often referred to as ‘their farms’ which have been taken back by their rightful owners. Trust me, this is a really tired story you have been regurgitating since the day you were engaged by this pirate radio station with no change in its wording. Reading the same story every time one visits this site is monotonous and boring. It is like watching the same old muppet show every day. Only individuals who have the traits bordering autism or Asperger’s syndrome do not mind watching the same muppet show daily for the 365 days of the year. People who have functional brains want variety.
      The hype and headlines to stoke up intense publicity over a party that ZANU PF organised without using public funds is hopeless. The party and it’s followers contributed towards the celebrations. The funds that are raised by the party or that which is donated by its loyalists is not designed to boost government expenditure. It is solely for its operations which have nothing to do with government. The is a fine difference between ZANU PF and the government that it runs as the ruling political party. These are separate entities, my friend.


        One thing that has been very clear to us all is that you are not Zimbabwean, but an immigrant, turned British National, now shamelessly living off the backs of UK taxpayers.

        Your sinister use of blatant lies in an attempt to mislead will get you nowhere !

        You know very well that businesses and individuals were strong-armed to contribute to the shameless partying of a hated and despised dictator by roaming mobs of Zanu PF paid apparatchiks !

        I have sympathy only for the 95% of the black community who are unemployed and living in poverty as a result of suffering under the yoke of 43 years of Zanu PF tyranny, and support them fully in their wish to elect a government that will bring about a return to the rule of law, the absence of fear intimidation and violence, and the end of corruption, a fair social welfare state, and a market economy free from the manipulation of syndicates controlled by a geriatric, effeminate little despot and his hated and despised party elites, and their brown nosed paid apologists and sycophants like you !

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          A mercenary is a person who takes part in the domestic conflicts of sovereign and independent states who is not a national or a party to the conflict and is “motivated to take part in the hostilities by the desire for private gain. This definition aptly describes you and what you stand for. A mercenary is motivated by the desire to make money at the expense of ethics and morality. Consequently, a foreign mercenary like you can never represent the interests or sympathise with the black people of Zimbabwe., a people who have been despised and ridiculed by the white people since time memorial. The world historians chronicle the the slave-master relationship that is still evident in this 21st century. Everywhere I have been to, be it the United States, Canada, United Kingdom which is no longer United as we are made to believe, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, the black people are the most abused, ridiculed and not wanted people although they contributed immensely for these countries to be what they are today. Thirst are all facts, you can not deny because these are glaring realities the black people experience everyday of their existence in these countries. You must be a very pious mercenary who cares about the welfare of Zimbabwean.

          • THE BLACK ARISTCRAT says:

            There you go again, tarring everybody with the same brush – facts not warped opinions dear boy are what matters – taking a pseudo intellectual like you on in a debate would be like taking sweets off a child!

            While some deluded African leaders may see Mugabe as a hero of the struggle against European dominance of the continent, in the end, the Zimbabwe of Robert Mugabe actually remains remarkably similar to that of its predecessor, the Rhodesia of Ian Smith.

            The white authoritarian tyranny of Smith relied on distinct forms of prejudice, and so does the black kleptocratic tyranny of Mugabe¯both abjectly refusing point blank to recognize the inviolable rights of man.

            In his thirty four years of dictatorial rule, Mugabe has shorn himself of anything his religious upbringing might have instilled. His genocide in the 1980s against members of the minority Ndebele tribe, his politically induced starvation of opponents. and the arrest, torture, and sometimes outright murder of those who speak out against his rule have all demonstrated a wanton disregard for what the Zimbabwean people want, and the Church in Zimbabwe¯teaches its flock.

            In 2005, the Mugabe regime uprooted several hundred thousand slum dwellers in a campaign to “re-ruralize” and impoverish political opponents. The operation was called Murambatsvina, or “wipe out trash”. What kind of politician dares use that word against his own people and expect to get away with it? It is beyond human belief and comprehension, that a black leader would talk about fellow black citizens in such a way!

            Mugabe’s persistent abuse of human rights continues unabated. Only when International leaders believe that collective humanity trumps the outdated and illegitimate “ideology of liberation” will the black indigenous people of Zimbabwe be finally saved from one of the world’s cruelest tyrants.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            You have always been irrelevant to meaningful debate. You bring in issues that have nothing to do with the subject under review and you think it is helpful. For you it is from one contradiction to the next contradiction. In my class that I teach political philosophy, I could have given you a very big zero for the nonsense that you write most of the time which are divorced from the topic for discussion. The question is does that surprise me. Not at all as this is characteristic of all mercenaries. They all have the same traits and commonalities that are motivated by the desire to make money at the expense of ethics and morality. They all share a high degree of commonality in their reasoning and a deficient willpower.

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            You teach ?????? I know we live in educationally devalued times, but i was not aware the standards have dropped so low!

            God help the students! You don’t know the difference between a fact and a opinion!

            Like Mugabe, you’re typical of many on the left, who have never a proper private sector job in their lives, know it all, and despise successful businessmen with a passion – because they don’t have the skill, talent and ability to do what hard working entrepreneurs do.

            Russia’s narcissistic, sinister dwarf Putin is no different – his MO is exactly the same as Mugabe’s – reduce the Nation to a Mafia State, imprison his political opponents and successful businessmen to steal their companies, rig elections, and then loot the state blind!

            History has seen it all before – and it always ends the same way – eventual impoverishment and bankruptcy of the Nation, and overthrow of the criminals masquerading as politicians !

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            At least you now know my profession and not the garbage you spew here day in day out that I am a CIO agent and informer for ZANU PF. I guess, you are now smelling the coffee we are all drinking in the United Kingdom, my country that is no longer united as we are made to believe, but a divided one with Scotland planning to secede from the UK any time from now. The Warvet is not too sure if the hedge fund manager is aware of this devastating political development.

            Chimbwido Warvet does not only lecture to university graduands but to hedge fund managers who come to university to have a feel of the world around them. Those who have been keen to attend can no longer be fooled and cheated by politicians who always tell us that all is great and beautiful when the country is economic doldrums.

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            There you go again making assumptions !

            For investment research purposes I find out what is going on elsewhere in the world by travelling to see it for myself – 104 countries visited to date.

            Helped me to spot very early the huge impact and tremendous opportunities that Globalisation would bring to the advanced and emerging economies.

            Despite what you may say, in 10 years, probably even 20 years time nearly all the current top 20 Nations in GDP terms, will still be the top 20 Nations, and most of Africa will still be impoverished because of misgovernance by Dictators like Mugabe !

          • Chimbwido Warvdt says:

            It does not impress me that you have travelled this much when there is nothing to show you learnt something from the visits. Your ignorance of the economic and political issues do not seem to support the claim that you have been to 104 countries. Which countries in the European Union have you visited so far, just to cut the long story short?

  2. mansa musa says:

    western propaganda. 90 beasts. gtfoh

  3. dumbu says:

    This is the last supper vakuru. Ko chisimukai tionezve zvamakangotimo muchigaro chepfuma yedu undundu .Gone are the days you used to jump here and there vanhu vachipururudza baba .

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      Va Mugabe havasi vanamujamba jecha semi sekuru. Ishumba yakamamisa varungu, njuzu ne madzimudzangara vachiri kuchema nanhasi sekuru. Asika chinokura chinokotama sekuru. Kana imiwo zvamaiita muriburu rairura makarekare zvakapera. Tose tinokurawo asi hazviite kuti titadze kukudza harahwa ne chembere dzedu. Imiwo muchita harahwa kana kachembere kasina chinhu sekuru. Asi uyu mukuru akura achingotonga nekuti pfungwa dzekutonga dzichiripo. Tsvangirai wenyu haana mukana wekukunda mukuru uyu papfungwa dzakadzama sekuru kana imi mungatoenda muchikoro muchidzidziswa na Mugabe mukatopasa magwaro eku university sekuru.

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