Prophet Uebert Angel kneels before Grace

Prophet Angel knelt before Grace Mugabe

By Nomalanga Moyo
SW Radio Africa
24 February 2014

Flamboyant preacher Uebert Angel used President Robert Mugabe’s birthday bash Sunday to endorse the land grab scheme and to reveal his longstanding ZANU PF links.

Prophet Angel, as he is known to his followers, was seated with Mugabe on the front row, among the Who’s Who in ZANU PF, a NewsDay report said Monday.

“This country has land and there is no more land to be created. There is an opportunity the President has created for us and as youths, let’s take advantage and let’s be vigilant in getting what belong to us,” Angel said.

“Critics will be there and stories will be written (that) Angel has been swallowed by ZANU PF as if they know where I was before.

I was born to a ZANU PF father and we had a sister who campaigned for MDC, but we never fired her from home,” Angel is said to have told delegates at the party held in Marondera on Sunday.

After his presentation, Angel knelt before Grace Mugabe before he whispered an inaudible message to her and left the podium, the NewsDay reported.

Other ‘spiritual leaders’ who have openly sung Mugabe’s praises include the late ex-convict Madzibaba Godfrey Nzira and excommunicated Anglican Bishop Nobert Kunonga.

Angel’s fellow ‘prophet and founder of the United Family International Church, Emmanuel Makandiwa, has donated $10,000 towards the wedding of Mugabe’s daughter Bona, scheduled for March 1st. A few years ago, Makandiwa stirred controversy when he signed ZANU PF’s anti-sanctions petition.

Harare-based journalist Itai Dzamara said it was wrong for any religious leader to openly declare his political affiliation.

“A church leader has under his spiritual headship, people of different political persuasions and for that reason he/she shouldn’t openly declare nor actively support one particular political party,” Dzamara wrote on his Facebook page.

“Not to suggest a Christian can’t be a politician, but that a religious leader can’t actively participate in politics. The church must keep its distance from the political power, or government of the day to be able to play its role of oversight and ‘salt of the earth,’” Dzamara said.

Trevor Ndlovu, a Zimbabwean pastor based in Swaziland, told SW Radio Africa that in the Bible the role of prophets is to minister to people’s spiritual needs, while politics and leadership is the domain for kings and politicans.

“It is improper for a spiritual leader to publicly declare his political alignment because this can alienate congregants who hold a different political view,” Ndlovu said.

“The Bible says Christians must submit themselves to their rulers, but this does not mean aligning ourselves to those rulers and their political parties,” he added.

The mega-rich Angel dropped his family name Mudzanire after he founded Spirit Embassy church, whose doctrine centre on prosperity.

Both Angel and his contemporary Makandiwa command a huge following as desperate Zimbabweans flock for ‘economic and health blessings’ which are not free, but hinge on ‘seed-sowing’.

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  1. Takunda Chazovachii says:

    Spiritual leaders are not supposed to be involved in politics? The very reason why the world is crumbling today! Who said they should not? If there is anyone who can lead a country the right way, it is a spiritual leader with open spiritual eyes. This is written all over the bible, it is sad that the “journalists” are unaware of this. Look at Elijah, look at Elisha, look at King David and King Solomon. By the way, my response is solely to all the Christians out there, if you are not, please do not be offended. Peace.

    • Khumalo says:

      There is only one True person who has the wisdom and ability to lead your country out of this mess. He is very silent and powerful man. Lawyers, Judges, Doctors, and prominent business people IN Europe seek his counsel!!! I witnessed him speak in Zurich a few years ago and I wish he could do the same thing for your country. His name is Thabani Mafuya.

  2. JAMESMUGABE says:

    these foolish so called prophets got nothing to do with our Lord , they are satanic disciples ……

    • Takunda Chazovachii says:

      Show us the true one then! They called Jesus the same thing, and Jesus also said there will be people like you, we are not moved!

    • JOZI says:

      A satanist is anyone who dinies that Jesus is the Christ read your bible if you have one so how can a kingdom be divide against itself satan wacho anomira sei panogara pachipromotwa Jesu????ahhh vanhu ignorance is killing you muZimbabwe

  3. Larry King says:

    Its unheard of nowadays for a human to pretend he or she is a prophet or for morons like Mutasa to make Mugabe a god. It is sacrilege to proclaim prophet-hood or to ascribe partner to any of God’s true Prophets. In many countries to pretend one is a prophet or ascribe partnership to God is a serious violation, it is blasphemy and that person is put to death. Period. In Zimbabwe amongst the top notch in Zanu PF and also amongst their grass root supporters this type of blasphemy is encouraged. Mugabe loves to be treated like a supernatural he gets a kick from it and the praise singers get him to reward them for saying such nonsense.

    This silly man Angel is out to make money by performing tricks and there are morons who buy his falsities. Magician also perform tricks or hypnotist can put you off to sleep and make you do silly things neither of whom will say they are prophets By siding with Zanu PF he knows where his bread is
    buttered. He is a thug of the highest order and I bet he will change colors when Zanu PF becomes irrelevant.

  4. Cde Chinodhuukadhuuka says:

    The man said he was born from a Zanu father but he did not disclose his
    party status. These journos they always rush into conclusions to say
    that he confessed to be a Zanu member. Twisting of words to get
    attention is what these journos are good at. Zvino apa mataika.This time hamulume

  5. Zimbo for Life says:

    Let the man of God vote for the party he likes but in this case he did
    not even state which party he supports. Just because you like one or two
    items on my list does not make you my supporter. Mune kadhi remusangano
    here kana kuti ndozouya naro kuOffice kwenyu.

  6. Marunjeya says:

    Zvakambonzi chiiko naivo Prophet Angel? Ndirikushaya pavakati ini ndiri weZANU. Ndibatsireiwo pandimire pakaoma.

  7. Prosperity says:

    Muchafa muchikwangwaya nenzara nekuda kugara muchidadira maporofita . Kana zviri nyore zvekubira vanhu Mari dzavo through preaching gospel reprosperity madi mangotangawo enyu maChurch makwanisawo kupfuma saivo nemari dzacho dzamunoti vanoba. Musaswere muchitaura zvisina basa regai varikukomborerwa vakomborerwe

  8. Junior Delgado says:

    u are looking for stories here and surely you will please yo readers but
    comeon nyaya dzenyu dzaakubhowa. Leave my papa alone and please he is a
    great prophet, whatever comes form his mouth is spirit filled, as per
    the spirit leds saka u can discuss whatever you want but God had a
    reason for it

  9. Marunjeya says:

    Zvakambonzi chiiko naivo Prophet Angel? Ndirikushaya pavakati ini ndiri weZANU. Ndibatsireiwo pandimire pakaoma.

  10. Munoda Wafa says:

    As zimbabweans we should be greatful for what God gave us vakatipa
    muporifuta mukuru vauebert Angel anokwanisa kutibatsira pamwe
    navatungamiri vedu saka tikava opposer tininge taitei he was right when
    he mentioned that we should take advantage of whats in our country that
    includes him aswell saka ndichiti mashoko makuru avakapa kwatiri
    especially kuyouth let us surely take advantage of this. Ndatenda.

  11. Adam Sandler says:

    Ignorance of foolish men describes people who are willfully
    ignorant of God’s truth, foolishly disobedient to God’s Word and are
    criticizers or critics of Christians. Those who speak against Christianity are
    ignorant and foolish. They take a foolish and ignorant position and attack the

  12. Steel Pulse says:

    King David told you wani how to behave in the midst of Greatness. that’s
    Y Prophet Angel achidyawo nekukokwa naPresidents coz he knows how to
    behave in the presents of Greatness. vanaElijah vaitoti Raramai
    nekusingaperi peri Mambo. he told you wani loud and clear that critics
    will be there and nonsense will be writen heeee Angel swallowed by Zanu
    pf. go Prophet Go. President also acknowledged the presents of Prophets
    in this country when government fails they will seek divine

  13. Steel Pulse says:

    I salute Prophet Angel

  14. Pliers says:

    Prophet Angel has Swag and has vast knowledge of the scriptures

  15. Roki says:

    Be faithful—and leave the results with God.The sun that hardens clay to
    brick, Can soften wax to shape and mold; So too life’s trials will
    harden some,While others purify as gold

  16. Junior Delgado says:

    Prophet Angel ma1. No other prophet i know who does it better! Hamuna kunyatsondinzwa ndati kuti Major chiporofita

  17. Jesus4Life says:

    Sssss….. Prophets of old gave counsel to kings and the kings sought
    counsel from the prophets for the benefit of the people being led. God
    spoke and still speaks through the prophets. As you have said you stand
    corrected, if you actually look at what the Prophet said, he was stating
    his background that he was born to a father who supports ZANU yet even
    still, the same father raised a daughter who supports MDC yet they’re
    still a family! The moral of the story being it doesn’t matter which
    political party you support, we should still love each other and be
    united! Obviously critics and papers are quick to twist the words to how
    they would like it to sound…

    So yes it is imperative that these leaders receive counsel from God as
    the lives of millions are affected by the decisions they make….and for
    President Robert Mugabe to publicly say what he said, that’s gotta speak
    volumes in its self!

  18. kwekwekwe says:

    chazunguza manyepa apa whose law says politics and church
    hazvipindirani. can you pliz answer me. David, Abraham. Moses, Joshua
    Samuel in the bible were they politicians or church people. If you get
    this right then you will realize that the will of God for every nation
    under the sun is for it to be ruled buy a spirit filled christian coz he
    is the one who is able to understand the will of God upon that nation
    and thrust it upon it

  19. Jesus4Life says:

    Modern day pharisees, you remember how you criticised Jesus when he
    dined with the tax collectors and whores and all sorts of sinners,
    saying it is the sick who need a doctor…… Now you’re back again
    criticising those whom Jesus sent to minister to…. Shame on you!!

    The pharisees thought they were the righteous ones, be careful lest you
    become deluded like them, as some of you have already shown to be!

  20. Jacob says:

    Kuporofita kukanganisa here? kudaidzwa kubirthday kukanganisa here?
    kupiwa mukana wekutaura kukanganisa here? kutaura zvaunoda kukanganisa
    here. musarwadziwe.

  21. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Who are we to question the informed choices people make in respecting their leaders or the First Lady of this country? Nobody has been forced to kneel before the First Lady and if the prophet decides on his own free will to kneel before the First Lady, nobody should be allowed to question his democratic right for as long as his actions do not impinge on the democratic rights of others. Leave the prophet alone. It is his right to do so that no one can take away. Ok madofo?

    • troxy says:

      People like you are derailing the revolution.Why condone actions of people who are living @ the expense of the general public?

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