Mugabe urges long serving leaders to ‘give way’ for others

Mugabe holding on to power

By Tichaona Sibanda
SW Radio Africa
25 February 2014

President Robert Mugabe on Sunday showed how disconnected he is to reality when he blasted leaders for overstaying in power.

During celebrations to mark his birthday at Rudhaka stadium in Marondera Mugabe, in reference to provincial chairmen in ZANU PF, said: ‘Those in leadership who have stayed long and have produced no results must now give way and allow other leaders to take over.’

Outspoken leader of the MDC99, Job Sikhala, said it is ironic that a man who has been at the helm of ZANU PF since 1977 can say that.

‘He has been leader of ZANU PF for close to 40 years now and that alone disqualifies him from asking other people to step down when he is still there,’ Sikhala said.

He said Mugabe’s outburst could have been influenced by the factional infighting in the party, as he believed the provincial leaders had taken sides with the alleged factional leaders.

The factional leaders are Vice President Joyce Mujuru and Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, two party stalwarts battling to outwit each other in the hope of taking over from Mugabe one day.

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  1. MX 22843 says:

    If Dzasukwa would admit he is sick and steps down, the freefall of the economy would get a parachute. Dementia has set in big time dispite all the displaced support given by people on this and other sites.


    Act and speak like Robert ‘ do as i say not as i do ‘ Mugabe in a democracy and you would be taken away in straight jacket for psychiatric treatment !

    The man is a totally deluded fool, who has completely lost what little touch he had left with reality !

    And the geriatric deranged little tyrant is still dying his hair at 90 years of age – a display of breathtaking narcissism, that makes him look like a fool !

    What next? blonde highlights, face tattoos and designer shades !

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      What a miserable mercenary that considers having a youthful leader as David Cameron is a sign of economic prosperity. The UK economy is in crisis with its youthful leader.
      The age of any political leader on its own does not bring economic prosperity to any country but what comes out of the brains of men, you monkey.
      People make informed choices during their life time. Some decide to dye their hair, have tattoos all over their bodies and buy designer shades if they have money to spend of these luxuries. Some people even go to nightclubs to spend lovely times with friends at 90+ years of age. That is what life is all about. People have to enjoy it while it still lasts.
      There is, therefore, no age limit over what people can do during their life time. The sky should be the limit, my pikinini.

  3. Larry King says:

    Is Mugabe talking to himself, seems like it. At 90 he has very little left in him, physically and mentally. His decline in intellect was very profoundly noticed in a recent interview with ZBC which was laced with obvious questions yet he sounded so incoherent. So who exactly is Mugabe talking about, not himself? He is the only head of government Zimbabweans know of having survived since 1980. He has kept power to himself and carried with him the same old baggage by rigging elections. Mugabe has no moral authority to be lecturing on matters which he has transgressed.

    Mugabe should have gone a long time ago, he has done too much damage to Zimbabwe in a relatively short period. He has failed to govern with a team of officials who are as corrupt and daft as he is. He boasts of 6 degrees, Smith had one but he knew how to govern a nation which was racially fractured but despite this the country prospered. When the time came, after the writing on the wall became increasingly apparent and the war situation became hot, Smith threw in the towel. Mugabe still clings to power even though he has placed Zimbabwe in a perilous situation. The man is crazy.

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      I listened to every word that came from the mouth of Robert Mugabe very attentively and he never said any of the rubbish that is attributed to him by this pirate radio station. As usual, the allegations by this pirate radio station are malicious and can not be supported as the text of his speech is available for close analysis. Quite frankly, Mugabe has been quoted out context for the usual smear political campaigns associated with this pirate radio station in London against the Zimbabwean head of state and government. No doubt, Robert Mugabe is now an old man but his faculties are still as sharp as ever. Consequently, no one should be allowed to take advantage of his age to insult him simply because a rhodies consider that a 90 year old man as Mugabe should not govern this country when he was voted overwhelmingly by the people of this country. That is unacceptable and idiotic, my pikinini boy.

      • Bingo says:

        Good that there was someone listening. So this is what they mean when they say do as I say and not as I do. This son of Malawian, wife stealer, the one who was busy committing adultery while his wife was dying has no moral right to give lecturers on anything, sorry, the only thing he is qualified in is violence against his own people and genocide. I am as black as they come. Born of a Ndebele mother and a Shona father and proud to be a Zimbabwean. Mugabe has reduced us and the country to the laughing stock of the region and the world at large. Freedom fighter, what freedom did Mugabe bring except misery and death. Our once famous hospitals are now death chambers and Mugabe does not care because himself, his family and his ministers run out of the country for medical treatment. I am sure a day will when Zimbabweans will be afforded a chance to ask some of these people to answer some questions.

      • Larry King says:

        Call me “pikanini” or whatever, it hurts me not, you dont excite me one bit after all it comes from you a moron who prostitutes on behalf of a party which treats its own black people with contempt. I do not need to make any more comments your stupidity speaks volumes of what sort of rubbish you are and the rubbish you hold dear to.

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