SA President Zuma to attend Mugabe wedding

Simba Chikore traveling in a car that makes people “very very important”

By Nomalanga Moyo
SW Radio Africa
28 February 2014

South African President Jacob Zuma will be one of several regional leaders attending Bona Mugabe’s wedding on Saturday, his office has confirmed.

International relations spokesman Clayson Monyela said the SA leader will pay Zimbabwe a ‘working visit’ Saturday, and added that Zuma will attend President Robert Mugabe’s daughter’s wedding while in the country.

“South Africa and Zimbabwe share common historical and geographical bonds as demonstrated by the strong economic co-operation between the two countries,” Monyela said in a statement on Friday.

The wedding is expected to last 18 hours, and it remains to be seen how Zuma will divide his visit between work and play.

President Robert Mugabe’s office has tasked the state-owned Central Mechanical Equipment Department to hire hundreds of luxury vehicles for use by dignitaries invited to his daughter’s wedding.

The 24-year-old First Daughter is marrying pilot Simba Chikore in Harare, in what is expected to be one of the grandest affairs in recent times.

The glitzy tone for Saturday’s nuptials was underlined Wednesday when the groom-to-be Chikore rolled up for his bachelor’s party in a state-of-the-art Rolls Royce, with a number plate reading VVIP.

The party was held at the five-star Rainbow Towers Hotel, all courtesy of ZANU PF Cabinet ministers who were also in attendance.

Although the guest list remains a top secret, media reports estimate that 5,000 people have been invited, with several foreign dignitaries also expected to attend.

The venue has not been revealed but speculation is rife that the wedding will take place at Mugabe’s Borrowdale Brooke home.

A Friday NewsDay report said guests started arriving Thursday on coaches hired from national passenger firm ZUPCO, which were dropping them off at a school located not far from the Mugabes.

Shuttle buses will carry guests from Heritage Primary School to the plush residence, according to the Daily News.

Presidential spokesman George Charamba refused to say who exactly is footing the bill when asked by the NewsDay, raising fears that this will be passed on to taxpayers.

Harare residents are already unhappy after the government ordered the local authority to spend $1 million repairing the road leading to the Mugabe residence.

Social commentator Ellen Shiriyedenga said while Bona’s wedding is a happy occasion for her family it is also a private event which shouldn’t strain the public purse.

“Mugabe and his government should learn to tell the difference between party, government and private activities,” Shiriyedenga said.

“I think as Zimbabweans we should also begin to demand to know the source of the funds, and whether he is paying the parastatals whose services he is using.

“South Africans took their President Jacob Zuma to task over his opulent Nkandla home when they suspected that public funds were being abused, and that is what we should also be doing.”

Bulawayo-based political commentator Dumisani Nkomo said it will be unfortunate for ZANU PF to use public resources to fund a private wedding, particularly at this time when Zimbabwe is on the brink of collapse.

“But the problem is that it is hard to prove whether these are public or private funds. That is why we need a declaration of assets from public officials as intimated in the new constitution.

“Without that it is difficult to pin these officials down to anything because they will always argue that they have their own private investments,” Nkomo said.

Popular Congolese rhumba musician Koffi Olomide is set to be the star performer at the wedding. The controversial singer is wanted in France, where he faces rape charges and two years ago Olomide was found guilty of assaulting his producer.

A staunch Joseph Kabila supporter, Olomide has already spoken of his admiration for Mugabe whom he calls ‘a true patriot’.

“By asking someone with such a track record, one wonders what message the President and his wife are giving to their daughter. Perhaps that it is OK to abuse one’s position, abuse women and use violence? Olomide seems to fit right in the ZANU PF fold in this regard,” Ellen Shiriyedenga said.

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  1. super mondo says:

    judas zuma betrayed Zimbabwe for 30 pieces of silver. He knew about the rigging.

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      President Zuma could not have missed the wedding of the only daughter of the only surviving father of Zimbabwe and the only genuine/senior leader of a political party of this country. Besides, he was no where nearer the ballot boxes in Zimbabwe when elections were conducted in this country.

      President Zuma, however, had sight of the Zimbabwe’s election report which he endorsed without any reservations. This report that had been stolen by mischievous Boer justices, has now been retrieved and locked away in a very big security safe. No Boer judge will have sight of it again. It is now a closed chapter as far as we are concerned.

      If his endorsement of the election can be interpreted by this fool as ‘rigging the elections’, then this buffoon should realise that it is only the people of this country who voted and gave their unequivocal support to the continued leadership of Robert Mugabe.


        Just the sort of response that impoverished Zimbabweans have come to expect from our phoney lecturer, paid CIO stooge, and regime brown nose sycophant !

        Zimbabweans, as always, believe the exact opposite of what this naive fool says, if they want to know where the truth is to be found !

        The daughter of a billionaire state looter and genocidal psychopath, who has bankrupt and impoverished a nation, and reduced many of its rural people back to stone age hunter gatherers, should if she had any conscience, hang her head in shame at her father’s monstrous behaviour towards the Nation’s indigenous black citizens.

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          Just prove your allegations and we will thank you for it. Smear campaigns on Mugabe that have been known over the years, do not hold water at all. We are not fools. We know the truth.

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            ‘We know the truth’ ?????

            And so do the Zimbabwean people and the rest of the world.

            It may have passed you by, but Mugabe confessed on State TV to responsibility for the Matebeleland massacres, stating the genocide was a “moment of madness” !

            What more evidence could you want you hypocritical fool.

            Unfortunately, for Mugabe and his regime, US and UK intelligence is now so sophisticated their spy cameras can tell whether a coin dropped on the ground in central Harare, fell heads or tails up !

            These Zanu PF idiots are completely unaware that the international community, knows through their highly sophisticated banking and communications intelligence arms, much more about these criminals than they are currently letting on, particularly with regard to how the revenue from the diamond industry is being stolen !

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Are you now Zimbabwean and if not what motivates you to be this envious? Do you want some of the diamonds?
            Well, even if you shed those crocodile tears, we know that you do not represent the people of this country. All you want is a share of the wealth of this country that you and allies have been denied by Mugabe and associates. That is why you feel so aggrieved, envious and jealousy to see billionaires and multi-millionaires emerging from this country.

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            Lol ! I’d lay off the crack pipe if i were you !

            As the impoverished Zimbabwean people are only too aware, the only billionaires and multi millionaires in Zimbabwe are vindictive, embittered state looters like the effeminate narcissist Mugabe and his henchmen, who they know very well should be in chains up at the Hague being held to account for their appalling crimes, or serving life terms in their inhuman Zimbabwean prisons, not gallivanting around in $25 million executive jets at the Nations expense !

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            It like the Warvet is posing questions to a brick wall. It is a wast of his precious time and energy. Oh yes, you should be chained up at the Hague.

          • THE BLACK ARISTOCRAT says:

            I don’t debate with the repulsive, shameless, brown nosed sycophants of Military Dictatorships.

            The only person who should hang his head in shame is you for accepting payments to lie through your teeth on behalf of the regime of a deranged psychopath and international pariah!

            If there were any rule of law in Zimbabwe, the Zanu thieves would have long ago been criminally charged and prosecuted for stealing the Nations diamond wealth, and seen their proceeds of crime sold off, and the money used to provide an education and medicines for the children of the Nation who have been totally impoverished by the greed and theft of these hated and despised Zanu PF thugs!

    • wilbert says:

      The people of SA have made a fatal mistake by allowing Zuma to do this because he will no doubt try to bend the rules too to win the up coming elections. What goes round comes round!

  2. david taylor says:

    And Zimbabwe continues to collapse.

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